Why does only one headphone work on my beats

beats headphones are known for the superior quality of the music they deliver to your ears. Although they are a little more expensive than the others, they are worth every penny for their great quality. After purchasing this headphone, some of the users have complained that one side of their beats headphone is not working.

The problem could be due to a simple misconfiguration here or there and fixing it will allow you to hear from both sides on your beats wireless headphones. let’s take a look at all the fixes when one side doesn’t work on 3/2 beats only.

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method 1. make sure the connector is fully and correctly plugged in

The first thing you’ll want to check is if your headphone cable is fully and correctly plugged in. it may be that you plugged in the cable halfway and the headphones are not receiving signals from one side. therefore, it is strongly recommended that you check and make sure that the cable connector is fully plugged in. if necessary, pull out the cable and plug it back in properly. hopefully it should solve the problem for you.

For your wireless-only beats, you can insert the sound cable and then check if the sound can be heard from both sides. if ok, remove the sound cable while playing music. then restart your headset and reconnect bluetooth.

method 2. make sure your device is playing music

It could be that the problem is not related to the headphones, but to the device you are trying to play music from. maybe your device is not generating audio signals properly and therefore one side of your beats headphones is not working.

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To correct the problem, what you can do is check and make sure your audio device is playing music. you can check it by playing music using the device’s speakers and see if you can hear anything. If you can’t, the problem is with your audio device and not your beats headphones and your device needs to be repaired for both sides of your beats headphones to work.

method 3. configure audio settings on your device

Most devices you use to play music have some kind of audio setting that allows you to select which device you want to route your audio to. If there is something wrong with that setting or you have changed the audio path, you will face the problem that one side is not working on your beats headphones.

A simple solution to the problem is to launch the audio settings panel on your device and make sure all settings are correct. if they aren’t, change them and make sure your beats headphones are chosen as the output audio player.

method 4. try a new device to play music

It could also be that the device you are using as an audio source has some serious problems and thus cannot send audio signals to your beats headphones. To make sure that’s really the case, you can test your headphones with your other devices.

Just connect your beats headphones with your other devices and play some music files. if you can hear on both sides of your headphones, the culprit was your audio device and not your headphones.

method 5. update the operating system on your device

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Almost every device under the sun receives OS updates and should be installed for the smoothest operation of your device. If you haven’t installed the latest updates on your device, the older version of the operating system could be causing problems with your beats headphones.

To get the latest updates on your device, you can launch the app or panel that usually downloads and installs updates to your device and update your device with the latest software version available.

updates on an ios device can be installed from settings > generals > software update.

method 6. return the product to the seller

If none of the above methods worked for you, your beats headphones might have problems and need to be replaced. you can contact the seller you bought the headphones from and ask them to replace the faulty unit. they should be able to give you a new unit of work.

the end result

We hope the above guide will help you fix beats solo 3 wireless one side not working issue so that you can listen to music smoothly on your device. if nothing works, you have the option to contact the company and let them help you.

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