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In the not too distant past, you used to be able to buy a smartphone knowing that any pair of headphones you bought would work with it. From the most questionable $10 earbuds to the best bluetooth headphones, there was no mystery involved. they would just work.

That’s no longer the case, thanks to the unfair but slow death of the traditional headphone jack. Smartphone makers have been itching to ditch the tried-and-true audio output mechanism for the past few years, and Samsung finally caved in with the Galaxy Note 10.

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yes, you read that right: even samsung is dropping that 3.5 millimeter from the sky for its next big phone. If you don’t want to go over to the Bluetooth side of things or use a dreaded dongle, you need to know which currently compatible phones from Apple, Samsung and Google still come with headphone jacks.

That’s where we come in. here are the phones from those three companies that run the latest software and still have headphone jacks.


if you have an iphone and use wired headphones, you basically have two options. you may not like any of them.

your first option is to use an old iphone. Apple removed the headphone jacks from iPhones starting with 2016’s iPhone 7. Unfortunately, that’s the oldest model that Apple still sells on its website. However, you can still get a slightly older iPhone somewhere else, install the latest iOS firmware, and still enjoy your wired headphones from there. easy.

the good news is that the current iteration of ios is compatible with the iphone 5s and later. That means you can step back decently in the evolution of the iPhone and still stay up-to-date with software, all while using a headphone jack.

the bad news is that ios 13 will be out later this year and will cut support for everything before iphone 6s. once ios 13 comes out, the 6s, 6s plus and se will be the only iphones compatible with ios 13 with headphone jacks. there is no guarantee that they will still be compatible with ios once the 2020 iteration comes out.

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Your second option is unfortunately to just get airpods or other bluetooth headsets. this could be a battle you can’t win.

to review, the iphones with headphone jacks and software support right now are:

  • iphone 5s (until ios 13 comes out)

    iphone se

    iphone 6 and 6 plus (until ios 13 comes out)

    iphone 6s and 6s plus


    Google’s line of pixel smartphones is interesting in this regard because the presence of a headphone jack was actually a selling point for the first pixel in 2016. It was compared to the new iphone 7 without a jack and could seemed more attractive. to some in comparison.

    and then google immediately removed the connector from the pixel 2 and pixel 3 models. so much for having principles, google.

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    The fact that there aren’t many google pixel phones makes this an easy list to pick. these are google pixel phones with headphone jacks:

    • google pixel and pixel xl

      google pixel 3a and 3a xl

      the pixel 3a came out recently and we gave it a high rating, so it could be one of the best phones that still has a headphone jack.


      samsung might be the easiest list to put together. The Galaxy phone maker has been one of the few to resist including headphone jacks on most of its smartphones. It was a point of pride for loyal Samsung customers, until we found out this week that the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 won’t have a headphone jack.

      That makes the Galaxy Note 10 the first major Samsung phone to launch without a headphone jack, at least in the US. A handful of other Samsung devices have come without 3.5mm jacks in recent years, as compiled in a helpful list by Sammobile. still, none of them are as big as the note 10.

      It’s worth noting that the Galaxy Fold also lacks a headphone jack. this will only be a problem if that phone ever comes out.

      To sum it up, wired headphone users are pretty safe to buy samsung smartphones, as long as it’s not the new galaxy note 10 or galaxy fold.

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