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apple is known for making products that are difficult to handle. Of course, this means that they create top-of-the-line devices when it comes to security. however, it also restricts them when it comes to the interaction between certain devices/gadgets. for example, you should be very picky when choosing a usb headset for your mac because it might not be compatible.

yes, usb headsets work on mac. however, there is a small workaround to make them work. you will have to go to settings with your usb headphones already plugged in. once inside go to the output/input tab and click on your usb headphones from the list of available devices.

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how to set up usb headset on a mac?

to set up usb headset, you need to go to system preferences > sound > input and output. choose the name of your usb headset. sometimes displayed as a voip device, c-media audio device, or other device.

all apple devices support class compliant usb audio. this means that class-compliant devices work without the need for any drives. However, if you don’t hear any sound from your USB headset or if the microphone isn’t working, it means one of two things.

Either the operating system has not detected your usb headset or there is something wrong with your driver. Here are some steps I usually take in case my USB headset doesn’t work when I first plug it in.

1. after plugging in the usb headset, click on the apple icon located on the top left corner of the screen. you can also click the settings icon directly.

2. now select system preferences.

3. Navigate to the hardware row and click the sound icon.

4. a new window will open with three tabs, sound effects, output and input.

5. If you are trying to fix your usb headphone audio output, go to the output tab and select your device. Note that USB headsets may be listed under a different name, such as voip device, c-media audio device, or other device.

6. adjust the volume to your preference.

7. If your microphone is not working, go to the input tab.

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8. the device will appear with the same name it had in the output tab.

9. Click the device name to select it.

10. adjust the volume to your preference.

11. Proceed to close the sound window.

In case the line-in port and internal microphone are already listed and the devices are still not detectable by the operating system, you may have driver issues. you must call support for further assistance.

how are usb headphone jacks on mac different from other devices?

The one thing that sets a mac apart from all other devices is the mini audio line out jack (also known as a 3.5mm headphone jack). the single port can transmit analog and digital audio to a set of separate speakers or headphones.

all macbooks come with a standard 3.5mm minijack. newer generation computers can transmit audio simultaneously and accept microphone input from the same minijack.

I just use a 2.5mm or 3.5mm to usb-c adapter for headphones that don’t fit. the adapter plugs into your “audio line out” minijack. Please note that while using an adapter, you may lose hearing in one of the earphones, and even if both earphones work, the stereo sound will degrade to mono.

what to do when usb headphone not working on mac?

Restarting your mac is the most common solution for usb headphone malfunction.

although macs are famous for their easy to use interface, they come with their fair share of issues, including usb audio error. I have faced this numerous times and have used a different method to fix it on several occasions. Let’s take a look at some of those tips and tricks:

1. unplug your headphones and plug them into another device to make sure they work.

2. Check if your headset’s built-in volume controls are enabled or not.

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3. Dust buildup on the 3.5mm port can often prevent it from recognizing the headset. use a small rubber air blower to get rid of dust. however, it’s best if you use a can of compressed air instead.

4. any device connected to your mac can funnel sound away from your headphones. unplug all ports including hdmi, thunderbolt and other usb devices except headphones.

5. reset the sound driver on your mac. open ‘activity monitor’ and find ‘coreaudiod’ in the list of processes. terminate the process to restart it automatically.

frequently asked questions

what to do if usb-c headphone not working on macbook pro?

the best way to solve the problem is to go to system preferences > sounds > output > locate and select your headphones.

If the usb device is not present in the list above, please try unplugging the headset and restarting the system.

how to use two usb earphones at the same time?

1. If you have limited USB-C ports and you need one of them to charge, you can buy an adapter to connect both earphones and additional ports.

I recommend the elexlinco usb c hub adapter because it’s cheap and it works. plug it into your macbook or mac.

2. now go to application > utilities > midi-audio setup. a better way to access the midi settings is to click the magnifying glass icon and type ‘audio midi settings’.

3. There should be a little more icon in the bottom left corner. click on it and choose ‘create a multiple output device’.

4. You can rename the new entry by double clicking on it.

5. now go to system preferences > sound > production.

6. You should be able to see the newly created multiple output device. select it to listen to the audio in both headphones.

parting thoughts

apple has a history of being uncooperative with other devices outside of its ecosystem. Hopefully this article will shed some light on the subject and help you resolve any issues you may have been having with your Mac or MacBook. stay tuned for more helpful tips and tricks in the future. Until then, stay tuned!

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