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You will find many horror stories on the internet about headphones. Some people think that wireless headphones cause cancer. others believe that noise-canceling technology is bad for the brain. We know one thing: listening to audio at high volumes can cause permanent hearing loss. but can headphones change the shape of your head?

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is a common question, especially on quora and reddit. People worry that wearing headphones for long periods of time may be changing the shape of their skulls. the gaming community is particularly prone to asking this question. so much so that there’s even a term for it: player dent.

and it’s understandable. Few people use headphones and headsets as regularly and for as long as gamers. tyler1 is a twitch streamer who raised concerns during a broadcast with this photo. the link opens in another window but you can clearly see an indentation at the head of it.

It’s not just the players who care. think about it. many of us use our headphones regularly. we exercise in the gym with them. we use them to get through the workday or during long study sessions. we travel in them. we use them when we are traveling or to relax. should we also worry about what they are doing to our skulls?

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no, the headphones won’t change the shape of your head. not permanently, anyway. the human skull is very hard. the earphones don’t exert the level of pressure that could leave a permanent mark. what you are actually seeing is an indentation in the skin of the scalp. it just looks like there’s a dent in the head. It is part of the skin’s elasticity. look at most of the pictures of this online: it’s people with shaved heads. the bleeding is more noticeable. For those with hair, it’s more common to perceive a dent on the head when it’s really just a flattening of the hair strands.

remove the headphones and your head should return to its normal shape relatively quickly. if your hair has flattened, wash it. it is like wearing a headband around the wrist. once you remove it, the deep indentation disappears and the skin returns to normal.

It is also important to remember that the skull naturally has bumps and bumps. no one’s head is completely smooth. run your hand through your hair and if you’re looking for an indentation, you’ll probably find it. one that may have been there all your life, but has barely been noticed.

but there are times when notches on the head require a professional medical opinion. If the dent doesn’t go away, even when you’re not wearing headphones, talk to your doctor. several conditions that could be in play. for most people, a bloodletting is harmless. but rule out anything that could be a medical condition if in doubt.

Notches can be a sign that you need to adjust your headphones. the clamping pressure is higher on some brands of headphones. it is also common when the headphones are new. try adjusting the headband for a more comfortable fit. taking regular breaks from headphone use can also help. or adjust them so they sit on a slightly different part of your head. some people also stretch their headphones (often when they first buy them) to loosen them up. this can be done by placing the headphones on the box they came in for a period of several hours or by placing them on a row of books. be careful not to overstretch them. clamping pressure is what helps keep the headphones secure on your head. the last thing you want is to have earbuds that slip right out of the box. adding extra padding to the bottom of the headband can help. some people also wear a thin beanie-style hat.

Protecting your head is important, but so is protecting your headset from moisture damage. sweat kills headphones. it seeps into the pads and makes them smell horrible. it can also lead to cracking and peeling. earphone covers are covers that are easily placed on the earpad and help prevent moisture from entering. they come in a range of fantastic designs and are machine washable.

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See also: Samsung Galaxy A02s Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

See also: Samsung Galaxy A02s Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

See also: Samsung Galaxy A02s Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

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