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best escape from tarkov headphones/earphones – tarkov guide

what is the best tarkov headphone/headset exhaust to use for raid perk? know the differences, pros and cons of each active viewer in tarkov to discover your best option.

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if you’ve been wondering if headsets do anything in tarkov and why headsets are a common recommendation for new players, then the answer is yes, and they can indeed give you a huge hearing advantage in raids. Allowing you to clearly determine enemy position, eliminate ambient noise, and in some cases muffle your own movements (from your ears only), you’ll regularly see engaged Tarkov players taking advantage of them to listen in on player movements and capitalize on that vital information. By combining this improved hearing with choosing the right ammunition and the best armor for your Tarkov raids, you can greatly improve your odds of extraction.

This is a topic that Veritas explored in depth with his traditional tarkov science experiments in 2020 and is a great starting point for understanding the mechanics of this element space.

with expanding options since its original test veritas reviewed this topic in 2021 and I recommend you watch this video as well before reading any further as it may allow you to do a blind sound test for all major gaming headsets and demonstrate the differences of the tarkov headphones. Players can perform a similar test in Escape From Tarkov offline mode by taking all available headsets into a raid with them.

Currently, there are 8 total headsets implemented in Tarkov, and for the purposes of this headset tier list, I have focused on the top 6 options only because they are the top options. the ops-core fast rac headset has not been considered as it is used only in specific circumstances and the digital walker xcel 500bt headset has been excluded as it was introduced in late 2020 and as of 2021 is still not consistently obtainable for make it an affordable option at 2-3 times the cost of the other headsets below with no clear benefit (although great flexibility for the rich gamer).

what are headphones doing in tarkov?

The purpose of the earphones in tarkov is to improve your ability to hear important (often silent) noises in the game which, in turn, give you information about enemy movements that are close to you. this can include doors opening, looting, healing, footsteps, and other movement indicators while making your own noises (but not the noises of the tarkov friends in your squad) quieter.

veritas covers the 3 main mechanics that active headsets use in tarkov to achieve this; reduction, compression and equalization of the ambient volume. To summarize your video above, they serve the following purposes:

  • Ambient Volume Reduction: Reduces the sound of unimportant game noises such as wind, rain, birds, and other Tarkov ambient noises.
  • compression: increases the volume of soft sounds while muffling louder sounds to create a more compressed sound wave.
  • equalization: modifies and even completely cuts off sounds based on their associated frequency.

With the above in mind, the best headphones for tarkov steps will be those that have high ambient volume reduction and compression, which is an important consideration in this guide.

tarkov headphone differences

tarkov headsets can be a confusing mechanic for new and intermediate players alike, often requiring dozens, if not hundreds, of raids to learn the subtle tarkov headset differences between the available options.

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These differences include value for money (starting at around ₽13,000), dealer availability (important after a clean), and how the headset treats sound using the 3 mechanics described above. the weight also differs slightly, however this is only a minor consideration and is unlikely to affect your raiding experience with the current tarkov weight mechanic.

I’ve ranked each of the headsets below based on these factors to determine the impact on your raiding experience, but it’s important to note that ultimately the best tarkov headset escape for you will involve some personal sound preference item. (using the veritas video above is a great start on top of the raid experience).

That being said while Veritas provides a great sound test you’ll likely come out with 2 or 3 on your list of favourites and this guide of the best headsets in Tarkov will explore additional elements of each. With over 500 hours of Tarkov gameplay (survival stats at the end of this article) I’ve experimented broadly with all the available headsets to reach these conclusions. You’ll also find some useful links to community polls that have been completed over the years that have thousands of Escape From Tarkov player votes at the end of this article if you are still unsure. tarkov-headsets-gssh01

6 – gssh-01 active headset

Starting off the list of best headsets in tarkov is the gssh-01 active headset, which is one of the most common headsets available with its early trader level affordability and occasional scav generation. Unfortunately, as one of the first exposures to headsets for new gamers, this set can quickly turn your headset off and leave you wondering what the point is.

This is because the GSSh-01 stands out from the other options here as it makes your own noises significantly louder compared to the other headsets and the lack of general ambient reduction. This can result in your own running and bush collision driving you insane with loud noise especially on a lush map like Woods. The lack of significant amplification of enemy player noises (although there is still some compared to none) also results in a non-significant difference that makes most players question whether headsets do anything in Tarkov. Because of this I find it hard to recommend bringing these into a raid even at the low cost unless they are a winner in the blind test for you. tarkov-headsets-m32

5 – opsmen earmor m32 headphones

added in patch 12.10 at the end of March 2021 to the form tarkov escape headset category, these have a sound similar to the peltor comtac 2 headset for most gamers. like the gssh, although above this headset it lacks significant reduction of its own noises which makes it difficult to use in practice as it will often muffle any enemy movement with its own.

However, a huge benefit of the m32 headset is early availability from dealers (tier 1 skier) which, combined with reasonable pricing, can make it an early gaming option. the ability to level up the skier by purchasing these is also a nice early game perk and takes some of the headphone purchase money away from the other in-game merchants.

however, the biggest drawback of these is that they conflict with popular hats (eg ssh-68) which makes them impractical for most situations.


4 – walker’s razor digital headphones

the walker’s razor is actually a pretty good overall tarkov headset with a solid sound similar to the tactical sport peltor and sordin which also appear in this tier list. That being said, though the razor tarkov headset is not currently available through vendors and can only be obtained from raids.

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This shortage has two major problems, as it drives up the price on the flea market, unnecessarily increasing the cost of your overall cargo (although in later stages it can be as low as an extra ₽5000). it also makes it difficult to acquire enough affordable supply to use and test the headphones regularly as you level up to learn the small subtle differences in sound and maximize the advantage of the headphones.

So while the sound quality and advantage is there it’s hard to recommend over the top 3 options below given the cost of entry on this headset during the Tarkov levelling process. tarkov-headsets-tactical-sport

3 – peltor tactical sports headset

In my opinion, the first wearable headset on this list of best tarkov headsets is the peltor tactical sports headset. like the razor, although he’s disappointed by the availability locked behind a high tier 4 ragman trader. accessibility issues aside, though tactical esports are often a fan favorite and provide a balance between the comtac 2 and the sordin, although a little more on the bass side.

The Tactical Sports in particular offers a balanced increase across all sound ranges that keeps the sounds similar to their native no headset versions which provides a pleasing sound experience and makes it one of the easier headsets to use without significant adjustment. This seems at ends though with the fact that you’ll unlikely get a pair until late game which relegates it to third on my recommendation list of the best headset for your Escape From Tarkov raids. tarkov-headsets-comtac

2 – peltor comtac 2 headphones

Another fan favorite in the best headphone rankings is the comtac 2 and another early experience gamers are likely to have due to its availability, ruble price and even trade-in that make this a ragpicker staple. level 2.

With the ComTac 2 you’ll get a good amount of ambient sound reduction to help you hear other PMCs or Scavs while muffling some of the noises that you make. Often described as the treble headset you’ll find more treble to the game sounds and creates a distinctive pinging (sometimes scratchy) sound atmosphere. Overall it’s a good reliable workhorse of the headset slot and one you’ll likely use regularly as you loot it from players or take it into raid yourself. tarkov-headsets-sordin

1 – msa sordin supreme pro-x/l active headphones

my favorite and possibly a favorite of the tarkov community when it comes to the best headphones is the sordin. Although Ragman Level 3 is required to unlock these headsets, they are still competitively priced making them a staple of player builds from mid to late game.

By increasing the bass across the board, you’ll find deeper sounds that are pleasing but slightly alter common sounds, requiring adjustment. By reducing ambient sounds, limiting your own sounds to your ears, and boosting subtle in-game noises with added bass, the Sordin, like many of the other headset options here, will allow you to pick up more sounds from your enemies.

That said, both the sordin and comtac 2 are capable tarkov headsets with preference largely for you based on the youtube sound test sound preferences at the top of this article. For many in the Tarkov community, this often boils down to a debate between sordin and comtac.

with this tarkov helmets guide you will now understand what helmets do in tarkov and the tactical advantage they provide. while the above recommendations are a great starting point, i encourage all tarkov players to experiment to find their favourite, as there is clear evidence that everyone has different tastes in headphones in the community with various reddit polls reflecting this .


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