thxaaa-888 headphone amplifier with thx aaa technology;

6 watts into 16 ohms, 3 watts into 32 ohm headphones at lowest thd+n;

Reading: Smsl sh-9 balanced headphone amplifier

frequency response from 0.1hz to 500khz(-3db);


thd<0.00006% ;

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ultra-compact design, perfect for desktop systems;

balanced stereo headphone output;

balanced stereo line input;

high precision resistors for temperature stability;

pop-free design with high quality relays;

low noise, high precision 256 level relay volume control;

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*in actual use, to make the volume more linear, additional levels are protected.

2-position switchable gain control;

full protection with dc, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and

thermal protection on the headphone amplifier;

high efficiency ultra low noise power supply.

1.9-inch LCD screen

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