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Nothing is quite as frustrating as an overly quiet pair of earbuds. That’s why we’re discussing the primary causes of quiet earbuds, specifically, the Skullcandy brand and how to easily fix the problem.

The most common solutions for silent skullcandy earphones are to reset the earphones, tap them slowly to reduce the volume and then repeat the process to gradually increase the volume on the other earphone, remove excess blockage by cleaning and blowing on your headphones, & successfully re-pair your headphones with each other.

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Now that you understand the main solutions for the quiet skullcandy headphones, let’s explore this in more detail. read on for quick and easy solutions to your volume problems.

the speaker blocked

The main reason skullcandy headphones are quiet is because of trapped earwax. This may sound off-putting, but rest assured, it is extremely common. Frequent use of headphones tends to increase earwax production. What? our ears are meant to self-clean and expel earwax, so every time you use your earphones, you’re blocking that process and therefore more earwax than you’d expect ends up in your earphones. the wax blocks the speaker and because the speaker is so small, any buildup can significantly affect the sound.

The good news is that there is a very simple solution. start by removing the small protective rubber cover from your headphones. underneath you will find the small speaker and earwax. Using a tissue, wipe the speaker until you see no more earwax. place the small rubber cover on top and test the sound.

slowly lower the volume on your headphones

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Many users have found that simply turning down the volume by tapping their earphones slowly until it reaches the lowest possible volume, then repeating the process with the other earbuds by tapping slowly to increase the volume fixed the issue.

re-pair your headphones with each other

A common reason one or both of the skullcandy earphones sound low is because they aren’t synced up properly with each other. Here’s how to fix the problem:

  1. put both earbuds into the charging case.
  2. remove the earbuds from your list of bluetooth devices (on your phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.)
  3. turn off bluetooth on your device.
  4. remove only the left earbuds from the case.
  5. touch the center of the earbuds until a red light appears on your earbud (normally there should be one red light in four taps)
  6. put the earbud back into the case.
  7. repeat the exact same steps with the right earbud.
  8. remove both earbuds of the case and ; place them in your ear (note: it is crucial that you place the earphones in your ear when you remove them from the case to pair them).
  9. your earphones will beep to indicate that the earphones are paired.
  10. you will get a voice message that says: “your device is now pairing”, indicating that your headphones are searching for your device.
  11. turn your device’s bluetooth back on (on your phone, tablet , smart watch, etc.)
  12. select your headset in your device’s bluetooth list to pair your device.

software configurations

many phones have built-in settings that limit headphone volume. this is simply a protective measure as loud music can damage our ears. If you want to remove the setting, you can do so simply by accessing your device’s software controls.

for ios devices, go to your settings, then “sounds and haptics” and finally “headset security”. turn off “reduce loud sounds” if it’s on and test your sound.

if you have an android, go to your settings, then “sound” and “volume”. adjust the 4 slider options to your desired sound level.

other possible solutions:

If your skullcandy headphones are still silent after trying these two solutions, you may have another problem on your hands. try the following:

plug problems for wired headphones

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skullcandy wired headphones can be quiet because they are not plugged in properly or the connector is not clear enough to establish proper sound. To fix this, use a q-tip or similar to clean the headphone jack. make sure its connector is well plugged into the socket and test its sound volume.

bluetooth connectivity problems for wireless headphones

if your bluetooth connection has not been established correctly, it could affect the volume of your skullcandy headphones. in this case, you will need to reconnect. restart your device as well as your wireless earphones and reconnect bluetooth. often this is quickly fixed with a reboot and a new connection.

the problem of small ears

Unfortunately, earbuds aren’t always one size fits all. On occasion, people with very small ears may experience volume issues with their Skullcandy headphones. earphones work by sending sound into the ear canal. if you have ears that are too small for the headset to fit properly or your ear canal is very narrow, the sound may be quieter than for others. in this case, you may want to look into headphones designed to solve this specific problem.

old age

Just as we start to wear out with age, so do our headphones. headphones aren’t made to last forever and if they get quieter over time, it could be because they’re just wearing out. if you use them frequently for extended periods, in inclement weather conditions like snow, rain or humidity, you may find that they get quieter sooner. in this case, you may need to buy a new pair to get back to the volume you want.

why does one earphone sound louder than the other?

again, check both earbuds for earwax buildup. make sure both are cleaned regularly. If this does not resolve the issue, it could be another software problem. Go into your device settings (navigation to these for your specific device can be found online) and there will be a volume slider for both skullcandy earphones. make sure the right and left are even.

final thoughts

skullcandy earbuds come in all sorts of styles and designs and can be both wired and wireless. Sometimes the headphones can be silent for various reasons. the main reason simply boils down to earwax. try cleaning your headphones to increase their volume capacity. the second common reason is due to software volume restrictions which can be fixed by adjusting your device settings. We hope this article has helped you so you can listen to your music as loud as you need!

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