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why i decided to review the sennheiser rs120 headphones

i have owned a pair of sennheiser rs120 headphones for over five years. I use them daily and have many thoughts about them. I’m going to explain what I like and what I don’t like about these headphones.

Reading: Sennheiser rs120 wireless headphone review

sennheiser rs120 headphone information

these are wireless headphones

the sennheiser rs120 headphones are wireless. you connect the bracket and the connector of the audio receiver.

The connector on the audio receiver is a 3mm audio plug and this is the standard format used by almost all audio devices.

these are radio headphones

You’ve probably heard of bluetooth audio devices. the sennheiser rs120 headphones are not bluetooth.

they use radio frequencies, and this means you have to adjust them for the audio to play correctly.

headphones need batteries

The headphones come with two triple a rechargeable batteries. these batteries are charged by placing the headphones in the holder.

what i like about sennheiser rs120 headphones

audio quality is great!

I love the sound of these headphones. there are some of the best headphones I’ve ever used.

headphones have a long wireless range

radio transmission allows a wide reception range.

Unlike my cheap bluetooth headphones, I can walk around my house and even walk outside without losing signal.

the price was good

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the sennheiser rs120 headphones are a good compromise between quality and price.

Heard slightly better sound with more expensive headphones, but these sound good for the price. that’s the main thing to keep in mind.

what i don’t like about the sennheiser rs120 headphones

the static problem

If you don’t send any audio to the headphones, they make a very annoying static sound. this sound also occurs when the headphones are not tuned.

This sound is quite annoying and I had to adjust the use of my headphones due to this problem.

First, I don’t leave my headphones on when I’m not using them. doing this removes background noise.

If background noise is playing, this fixes the static problem when there is no audio.

setting up these headsets takes more effort

These headphones are a bit more complicated than standard headphones or bluetooth headsets. First, you need to plug in the station and its power supply.

then you need to connect the audio receiver to the station and then to the device you want to get the audio.

After that, you need to adjust the frequency of the headphones until the audio sounds good. there is a switch on the bracket that you can also use to help find the correct frequency.

The first time I set them up, it took me over 15 minutes to determine the correct frequency. that doesn’t help until you make loud and annoying static plays in the background.

you can’t bring them with you out of the house

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Although you have the freedom to move around the station, you can’t use these headphones on the go. it is impossible to use them while traveling.

Since I use sennheiser rs120 headphones on my computer, this doesn’t bother me as much.

but I need to buy a cheaper pair of headphones for working out and traveling. you will not have problems to take standard or bluetooth headphones everywhere.

load support is kind of annoying to use

You must place the earphones in the holder in a certain way. Or they don’t charge! This has happened to me several times.

I now charge my batteries at an external charging station. charging the batteries is much easier this way.

batteries will run out of charge

Headphones are the main way I get sound from my computer. I have to remember to charge my headphones frequently.

I charge the batteries while I sleep.

my general opinion on sennheiser rs120 headphones

i like my sennheiser rs120 headphones

once i got used to how they work i loved my sennheiser rs120 headphones. I use these headphones every day and they work great.

I recommend sennheiser rs120 headphones

If you don’t mind adjusting radio frequencies, these headphones are great. I recommend them for computers and home entertainment.

The only tradeoff is the fact that you can’t use these headphones while traveling.

© 2019 eric farmer

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