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adi-2 dac is the home and hi-fi optimized version of the adi-2 pro, a top quality studio ad/data converter. With lots of fresh ideas, innovative features, and numerous useful functions, the ADI-2 DAC quickly became the benchmark. Combining high-end da conversion with two exceptional headphone iem outputs and a remote control, it has received countless rave reviews for its sound, flexibility, and technical capabilities.

The current version of the adi-2 dac comes with an extended remote control, improved da conversion and an adapted analog output stage for even better noise and distortion values. To target home and hi-fi users, RM swapped some of the pros’ studio features with those typical of home and hi-fi. With a tailored feature set and greatly simplified operation, RMe is proud to introduce the ADI-2 DAC. Based on the technology, concept and features of the adi-2 pro, the dac concentrates on da conversion with the best high-end quality, together with two exceptional headphone and iem outputs.

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ADI-2 DAC Features

the dac

Packaged in the compact half 19″ form factor, this little gem is packed with the best high-end electronics, offering reference-class conversion of spdif coax, spdif optical (adat compliant) and usb to rca, xlr, trs and mini-trs.

As the most versatile DAC available, the ADI-2 DAC offers balanced/unbalanced analog I/O, an extreme power headphone output, a very low noise IEM output, constant fs clock, output level control 4-stage hardware, DSP-based signal processing, external power supply operation, class-compliant USB support, sample rates up to 768 kHz, as well as DSD playback. SPDIF input signal can even be recorded via USB; as you would expect from rme, the dac is a true 2 channel full duplex audio interface.

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improving da

The updated ADI-2 DAC uses ESS’s ES9028Q2M in a special circuit variant developed by RME engineers that allows the chip to perform at its best. With noise levels of 123dba, distortion below -120dB or thd+n of -116dB, the device delivers outstanding measured values ​​and allows the IEM output to reach a sensationally low noise level of -121dbu. in addition, there is +2.5 db of digital headroom, so high peaks between samples do not produce any audible distortion. the reserve in the volume setting results in a still undistorted analog output signal, even with a volume setting of +2.5 db. there are no significant changes in operation, features and behavior compared to the predecessor, so neither the appearance nor the name have changed. all differences are explained in the detailed adi-2 dac manual.

super low noise level for iem lovers

The headphone revolution brought not only hearing aids but also iems (in-ear monitors) back to the attention of audiophiles and music lovers. modern iems have benchmark sound that easily rivals bulky on-ear headphones, making them not only a mobile alternative, but also an interesting solution for the home.

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Modern elements are extremely sensitive and operate on very low voltages. as a side effect they uncover background noise from the player, dac or headphone amp. when rme developed its extreme power headphone stage, care was taken to keep the basic noise floor as low as possible. which was later confirmed in many revisions (mostly black background…). even when used with iems.

I still wanted to make sure that even the most sensitive element combined with the most sensitive listener receives the full dynamic range on playback. furthermore, capable outputs, such as extreme power outputs, are not completely safe against malfunctions and can blow up ears or iems.

rme’s solution: add the most advanced iem output imaginable as a second phones connection on the front of the adi-2 dac. its background noise floor is astounding 10 db lower than extreme output power (black hole background…), output impedance is close to zero ohms, thd hits new record lows, on/off included clickless shutdown, as well as increased volume, and the sound quality with any iem is simply amazing. We’re sure you’ll love it!

ADI-2 DAC IEM Output

lights out!

a studio converter with all the lights off? defective. but on a dac it was one of the most requested features by our adi-2 pro hifi customers. here we go: display, function keys, volume knob, even the standby button – they all turn off after 10 seconds without user operation when auto-dark is activated in the unit’s menu. Touching any button or control will turn on all lights for 10 seconds. Remote auto dimming can also be turned off/on, and using any button on the remote turns the lights on for 3 seconds. once again: we are sure you will love it!

ADI-2 DAC DarkMode

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