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Headphone mounts are an often overlooked part of gaming setups and many users avoid them altogether. modern headphone stands protect expensive headphones from damage and have additional features to increase their functionality and practicality. Many of the best headphone stands have built-in USB hubs for users to plug in their keyboards, mice, and other devices. Some headphone stands even have built-in audio ports and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) so users can plug in their headphones directly and enjoy virtual surround sound.

these are the best rgb headphone stands.

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best overall

asus rog throne qi

the asus rog throne qi is a practical solution for storing headphones and has other useful features too. Its base features a built-in wireless charger, so users can charge their phones while gaming without searching for cables or free USB ports.

In addition to wireless charging, ROG Throne Qi is packed with features to create a more comfortable gaming experience. It has built-in digital-to-analog (DAC) and a 3.5-millimeter jack so users can plug in their headphones and configure virtual surround sound and equalizer settings through the Armory Crate app. There are also two USB-A 3.1 ports for users to plug their mice, keyboards, and storage devices directly into the headset stand.

Like all ROG products, the ROG Throne Qi boasts impressive build quality. It has an all-black plastic construction with a large base and rubber feet to keep it in place. At 7.48 inches long, the neck is tall enough to fit most headphones, and the v-shaped hanger keeps them in place. the clear plastic piece that goes up the stand steals the show. This design element features a diagonal cutout with a ROG logo illuminated by RGB lighting.

Ample RGB lighting adds style to the ROG Throne Qi. lighting runs along the base and up the bracket. there are 18 individual zones with multiple presets such as static, breathing, and rainbow. lighting is configured with the asus aura app and syncs with keyboards, monitors and other devices.

Despite all the useful features, the rog throne qi still has a couple of flaws. The dock doesn’t have a USB-C port, which is becoming more common in modern headsets. Although the headphone stand can only be powered via USB, it does require a power adapter for wireless charging to work.

best color options

razer base station v2 chroma

Users who are bored with all black devices and want to add some color to their setup can check out the razer base station v2 chroma key. It comes in three colors, including black, mercury, and quartz. black is self explanatory, quartz is rose and mercury is silver.

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Many features in the Chroma V2 Base Station mimic the Qi of the ROG Throne. There is a built-in DAC with a 3.5-millimeter port so users can plug their headphones directly into the mount. Like the Rog Throne Qi, there are two USB-A 3.1 ports and no USB-C ports. One area where the two earphones differ is the lack of wireless charging on the v2 chroma base station.

razer took a different build approach compared to asus. Instead of using plastic, the company gave the Chroma Base Station v2 a durable aluminum construction. The mast is a single piece of aluminum with a flat top, and is much taller than the ROG Qi Throne at 10.94 inches tall.

the v2 chroma base station has discreet rgb lighting, which may be more attractive to some users. there are only eight lighting zones on the edge of the base with nothing on the neck. Like other Razer products, users configure the Base Station 2’s lighting presets with the Chroma app.

razer base station chroma v2 is as expensive as rog throne qi, but has different strengths. The Chroma Base Station V2 lacks the wireless charging and RGB lighting of the ROG Throne Qi, but it has a sturdier build and comes in several color options.

better build quality

st100 corsair

Corsair’s st100 is a sturdy headphone stand with excellent build quality. The entire unit is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, so it should have a long lifespan. Compared to the Chroma V2 Aluminum Base Station, the ST100 has a thicker neck and the hanger is notched to keep the headset securely in place.

just like the other headphone stands mentioned so far, the st100 has built in usb ports and a 3.5 millimeter jack. There are two USB 3.1 ports, but they are not placed together like on the Chroma Base Station v2 and the Rog Throne Qi. instead, there is one port on the top of the base and one on the right side. Another feature shared with the other headphone stands on this list is the built-in DAC. users can plug their headset directly into the stand to experience virtual 7.1 surround sound.

another standout feature is the rgb lighting. lighting from the st100 runs along the base and illuminates the corsair logo on the collar. There are nine lighting zones with presets controlled through the icue app.

Although the st100 has similar features to the base station v2 chroma and rog throne qi, its build quality helps it stand out. On the other hand, it suffers from the same drawbacks as the others, such as its price and the lack of a USB-C port.

the best versatility

cougar bunker s rgb

cougar’s bunker s rgb is an innovative headphone stand with multiple mounting options. its standard configuration is a conventional headset holder with a neck and hanger connected to a base. The Bunker S RGB shines thanks to its ability to mount horizontally in a PC case or on a wall to save space. If users want to attach the bracket to their PC case, they need to remove the longer neck and exchange it for the shorter one included in the box. After changing necks, users can mount the headset stand to their computer using a suction cup mechanism.

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Thanks to its unique design, this headphone stand looks different than the others on this list. It still has a completely black finish, but the circular base is much thicker to accommodate the suction cup mechanism. All parts, including the base and both necks, are constructed of plastic but have a durable feel. The higher neck has a u-shaped hanger to secure the headset in place. there is a semi-circular plastic piece at the end of the shorter neck to prevent the earphones from falling off.

The Cougar Bunker S RGB may have more mounting options, but it’s less feature-rich than the other headphone mounts on this list. It only has two usb 2.0 ports and no 3.5mm jack or dac. Although the RGB lighting on the base is intense, it is controlled by a button on the device and is limited to 14 lighting effects.

This headset is an excellent choice for users looking to save space by hanging their headset on their PC. it may lack the functionality of its rivals on this list, but for about half the price, it’s hard to complain.

best budget

the shadow of the bowed nation

Budget-conscious users looking for an affordable headphone stand with a futuristic design can check out the leaning nation’s tnshadow. Despite its reasonable price, the TNShadow still includes a mouse bungee and eye-catching RGB lighting. users can also choose between black and white color options.

Compared to the other headphone stands on this list, the tnshadow has a different design language. Its oval-shaped neck measures 9.96 inches tall, with a five-inch gap in the middle. there is no separate hanger and the headset sits on the neck. Instead of a flat base like the alternatives, the TNShadow has a star-shaped base with two USB 3.0 ports between the legs.

an exclusive feature of tnshadow is the mouse bungee. Users can plug their mouse into one of the USB ports on the base and run the cable through the bungee in the middle of the oval. By running the cable through the bungee, users can reduce clutter and ensure their mouse doesn’t get snagged while gaming.

one of the main reasons to get the tnshadow is the rgb lighting. lighting strips run along both sides of the neck, with smaller strips on each leg. there is another led under the base that illuminates the desktop. Like the Bunker S RGB, there’s no software to set the lighting, and a button on the base controls the seven preset colors.

tnshadow lacks some advanced features offered by rivals like st100 and rog throne qi. however, the tnshadow makes up for its shortcomings with a built-in mouse bungee and low price.

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