How to Use Headphones With Traktor

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Headphones are at the same time the smallest and most significant part of a DJ’s equipment. figuratively speaking, they save dj’s lives and are the key step from your software, mixer and controller to the speakers that deliver the end result to the crowd. Connecting … Read more

Why Turning Off iPhone Headphone Safety Might Be a Horrific Mistake – Headphonesty

Turn off headphone safety iphone 12 pro max

iPhone’s headphone security feature has been controversial and irritating, but there are reasons why you shouldn’t turn it off just yet. iPhone headphone security feature, released with ios 14, aroused many different emotions among users. to some, the feature is admirable because it’s meant to keep people safe. on the other hand, the constant alerts … Read more

How to Connect Your Smartphone to Your Homes Wi-Fi

About a third of all respondents in an AARP technology survey released this month told researchers they had problems with their video calls dropping or freezing. about half say they use their mobile phones to make or accept these calls. spotty cell phone service has a simple solution that many may not know about: connect … Read more