How To Fix Bluetooth Headphones When Only One Side Works (Solved!)

Bluetooth headsets that only work on one side are a common problem for users.

so when this problem is a highly searched term on social networking sites, how to fix bluetooth headset is a highly searched keyword.

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To repair bluetooth headset, you need to reset the headset first. If the earbuds only work on the right or left side, please try to reset bluetooth and pairing. check your mobile/pc audio settings if that doesn’t work. otherwise, we believe the problem is due to your sound.

Read the following article to find out more about the solutions. the article explains how to fix bluetooth headphones that are not connected and sound choppy.

How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones when only One Side Works

How to Fix Bluetooth Headphones when only One Side Works

Why Do Bluetooth Headphones Only Work On One Side?

connection errors

Bluetooth headsets with connectivity issues are a common cause of only working on one side. bBluetooth wireless headset and transmitter often have difficulties during the pairing process.

one of the two gadgets, for example, links to the other. although certain bluetooth headsets allow multiple devices to be paired at the same time, this is still not common.

or the connecting line is obstructed, usually due to long distance and numerous barriers, as well as other interfering signals.

broken ear

This condition is clearly visible to the naked eye. at this time, you should consider the severity of the fracture.

If the breakage is minor, you can repair the wireless by isolating the problem with tape. Otherwise, we recommend that you replace your bluetooth headset.

error with audio file

Not all sounds can be heard through the headphones. For more information, consult the manufacturer’s manual and the specifications of your bluetooth headphones.

Alternatively, a bad sound file could be the main cause. Some audio files are set to play on only one side of the headset. as a result, it incorrectly believes that the other side of the headset is not available.

a problem with the toilet

many people keep their headphones in their pockets and don’t clean them regularly.

When headphones get a substantial amount of dust, sound production suffers. As a result, dirty headphones are also the reason they only work on one side, even if both fail sides.

midpoint problem

This is usually defined as a problem with sending sound signals wirelessly and hearing problems. both audio features are available on headphones. as a result, you can rate the quality of your audio halfway. simply connect an auxiliary cable plug to the audio jack or auxiliary jack on your phone.

Suppose you have an aux cable connected to an aux cable jack, plug port, aux jack, or headphone jack, and music plays without any problems. then your headphones have a problem with the midpoint.

Also, determining if your bluetooth headset has the common midpoint issue on the one hand is a simple process. Also, because Apple AirPods and similar devices are completely wireless, this concern does not apply to them.

No matter what the problem is with your headphones, troubleshooting and finding a solution for your headphones is simple. Also, knowing enough about a headset can help solve and eliminate your problem.

dirt on your wireless headphones

Are you worried that one of your favorite bluetooth headphones is having trouble with one ear when playing audio? also an audio file or audio source file is inaudible to you and you are stuck in the middle.

Meanwhile, you’re eager to fix the headset, but you’re stumped on the troubleshooting. a culprit could be the dirt in your environment, which interrupts the sound of music playback, beats or your favorite music, not only the floor around you, but also your ears.

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As a result, earwax will build up in earphones or headphones. additionally, blocked earphones can reduce the functionality of earphones that work from the side.

how to fix headphones when only one side works

Even if the bluetooth headset is properly connected to the smartphone, the headset will only work on one side. a broken cable could be the source of the problem, preventing one side from playing a sound. For more information, check out the embedded video below.

when your bluetooth headphones won’t connect

1. browse the user guide

In fact, some headphones automatically convert to pair mono songs on first use. Many people believe that Bluetooth headsets are widely available without installation. this statement, however, is not entirely correct.

win cramer, CEO of jlab audio, a company that specializes in producing low-cost wireless speakers, had a headache when his bluetooth headphones failed to connect a second time. So if you try to connect and the bluetooth headset transmitter doesn’t show up, we think it’s time to read the user manual again.

when you buy bluetooth earphones, you will be given a paper or very comprehensive user manual. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to put the headset into pairing mode.

Normally all you need to do is press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Some wireless Bluetooth headsets, on the other hand, use a different mechanism. touch-controlled headphones, for example, require a separate connection.

2. other devices must be unplugged.

bluetooth headsets are designed to connect to a single transmitter by default. In other words, your bluetooth headset will not be able to connect to both devices at the same time.

the bluetooth headset will not connect to any other device once connected to the ipad. it’s a standard principle found in most headsets.

however, some bluetooth headsets have evolved and can now connect to multiple playback devices at the same time.

so if your bluetooth headset isn’t working, try unplugging it from another device. their single-ear headphones are probably one of the most popular models.

When you disconnect your bluetooth headset or wireless headset, it will return to its previous pairing mode. now you need to select the transmitter and connect it.

3. remove the device from another bluetooth headset.

Similarly, your transmitter does not support connecting two bluetooth headsets at the same time. as a result, make sure they are not connected to any other headphones.

Because when your phone is on, it’s easy to reconnect to previously connected bluetooth headsets. As long as the two devices are within range of each other, they will connect automatically. To avoid this, delete the old bluetooth connection from the phone’s memory.

go to bluetooth audio settings in ios and tap the i icon next to the bluetooth headset you want to delete. then press the “forget device” button to remove them from the device.

you do the same for android devices. the only difference between these two operating systems is in their symbols; operation and placement are identical.

4. bridge the gap

When you’re listening to music and one of your headphones suddenly stops working, the sound cuts out. we think this is because it is too far from the transmitter or the connection line is obstructed.

Although most bluetooth headsets can be connected within a range of 33 to 100 feet in open space, this distance is only valid in open space. that is, there are not many impediments, or there are too many Wi-Fi signals interfering with the transmission.

The best solution to this problem is to connect the transmitter to bluetooth headset. Also, avoid using other signal generators.

when the headphones don’t work for other reasons

1. load

Bluetooth headsets require a battery to function. For the headset to work properly, we recommend that you fully charge the battery. Due to the headset battery being low, you will experience some pairing issues and

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Bluetooth headsets will not work. If you charge your earphones, it has the possibility to work with the right earphone and the left earphone.

some headsets continue to work even when the battery is almost depleted. however, it will quickly deplete and degrade sound quality. charge the batteries even if they are only partially charged.

2. check that two devices are compatible with each other.

Bluetooth headsets, like most other technological elements, have undergone a process of modification that has resulted in numerous advances. Many varieties of Bluetooth headsets are now equipped with a variety of current features to meet everyone’s needs.

Bluetooth 5.0 is currently the latest technology used in some headsets. Bluetooth headsets can be connected to most gadgets thanks to this technology.

However, outdated bluetooth headsets cannot connect to various transmitters, such as phones and computers.

Please check if your bluetooth version supports it before troubleshooting the headphone. then make sure that the two devices, including bluetooth headsets and a phone or computer, are compatible with each other.

3. check if the headphones are clean.

A clean and dry pair of bluetooth headphones should have good sound quality. sound cannot be played if the bluetooth headset has dust, wax, or lint on it, resulting in a situation where one side works but the other doesn’t.

So the first step is to make sure your bluetooth headset is clean. People typically keep single-ear headphones in their jeans pockets, shirt pockets, or backpacks. this action causes dust and lint to accumulate on the bluetooth headset.

so if you notice dirt, wipe it off with a dry cloth. if the device gets wet, use a microfiber towel to absorb the water and dry it.

4. examine the audio format

some older audio formats are incompatible with current bluetooth headsets. This is because the headset only works on one side.

because the problem is not always with single-ear headphones, you should investigate to find the root cause. old audio formats can cause interference, causing both sides of the headphones to stop working.

5. reset

Each model has a unique set of specifications. that is why they work in different ways. what you need to do now is to carefully study the parameters of your device.

Users of some bluetooth headsets can reset all settings. consult the manufacturer’s directions for use to accomplish this.

Most Bluetooth headsets on the market today generally include the following implementations. the user must first ensure that the headset is powered off before resetting it. press and hold the power button for a few seconds if your headset has one.

Some custom bluetooth headsets with touch control will have their own startup method. If that doesn’t work, try pressing the volume up and down buttons at the same time.

6. check the balance of the audio jack on the connection.

Many consumers are unaware that wireless headphones like iPhone, Mac and Windows PC allow you to move the sound to the right or left side of the earpiece. Operators have made this capability available for hearing-impaired users.

then if your bluetooth headset only works on one side despite trying the methods listed above, the problem could be caused by a clumsy installation. the parameters have been adjusted. the remedy is to adjust the stereo sound by going to the transmitter settings.

how to maintain bluetooth headset technology

  1. always use compatible, original or fixed cables when connecting.
  2. to avoid short circuit, please clean and remove dust with techniques and without water.
  3. remove your bluetooth headset of charging when fully charged. because overcharging shortens battery life.
  4. Purchase genuine, up-to-date bluetooth devices with warranty. In addition, if it has a guarantee, any damage that occurs during that period of time can be resolved by the company. most warranties are for one year. Also, don’t divert attention from simple advertising techniques. then you will have to deal with the agony of wasting your money.

final thoughts on how to fix bluetooth headset when only one side works

To fix wireless earphones or bluetooth earphones that only work on one side, start by resetting your earphones; If this doesn’t resolve the issue, resetting your bluetooth and re-pairing is your next step. If it doesn’t work, check your mobile/pc settings to make sure the headphone setting isn’t set to mono, or the problem is with the audio itself or connectivity.

To begin a more in-depth troubleshooting, you must first determine if the problem is caused by the headphones or the media device that the headphones are connected to. To do this, disconnect the bluetooth wireless headset from this media device and connect it to another device to determine if the problem is with the headset or the media.

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frequently asked questions (faqs)

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