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lg is teasing its new “velvet” smartphone and over the weekend released a video showing off the design and a key spec. LG says that this “velvet” phone is the first in “a new product roadmap” and that the company is “moving away from alphanumeric designations” in its branding. In other words, the LG G series is dead and this is the phone that the LG G9 would have been.

We’re mainly here because the rumors were true, and this “flagship” smartphone doesn’t have Qualcomm’s most expensive chip, the Snapdragon 865. Instead, it’s shipping the Snapdragon 765. If you’re tired of seeing smartphones with With sky-high prices, the Snapdragon 765 devices should take smartphones down from the stratosphere while still maintaining the speed and features of the flagships. The chip is popular in China and other more competitive smartphone markets, but in the US, we haven’t seen a phone with the 765 yet. The Nokia 8.3 has a Snapdragon 765G and will launch worldwide sometime in the summer. of 2020, and the rumored google pixel 5 also uses the chip.

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The Snapdragon 865 is a two-chip solution, with the usual computing components in the main SoC, while LTE and 5G connectivity live on a separate modem. a two-chip solution is larger, more expensive, and consumes more power than the typical all-in-one configuration. installing the extra modem and extra millimeter wave components in devices is pushing OEMs to make bigger devices with bigger batteries to power the more power-hungry components, and all of that is driving up the price of phones smart.

on the other hand, the snapdragon 765 is a strange quirk in qualcomm’s lineup. It is not the flagship chip, but it has a more advanced design: an integrated 5g modem. The Snapdragon 765 dials down the 5G modem a bit to get theoretical speeds of just (only!) 3.8Gbps down, while the separate modem in the 865 can theoretically hit 7.5Gbps down. the 765 itself is cheaper, and the single-chip solution should also help reduce the size and power use, and thus ancillary costs, of the rest of the phone.

The video mainly highlights the design of LG’s new phone. the front has a u-shaped notch and slim bezels. The back has three camera lenses and skips the “rectangular camera block” design trend seen on Apple and Samsung phones. instead, just cut a few circular holes in the back of the glass. the back comes in four colors: black, white, green, and what looks like a trendy color-changing red/orange option.

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unfortunately the screen is curved along the left and right sides, like a samsung or oneplus phone. lg highlights this in the video by focusing light on the phone and glass, causing the curved sides of the screen to pick up a ton of reflections, and that’s the problem, lg! a screen that catches glare from overhead lights is bad and is one of the most annoying aspects of a curved screen. curved screens also distort whatever you’re looking at along the curve, since websites and apps are designed to be flat.

The bottom edge of the phone should make some people happy by sporting a bottom speaker, USB-C port, and headphone jack. After Samsung removed the headphone jack from its flagship devices, LG has been one of the few teams left and still ships one in a high-end smartphone.

teases from lg indicate velvet should be released soon. Korean media reports say the phone will be available on May 15.

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