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Almost all regular users of headphones (wired or wireless) are familiar with the problem of faulty hearing. you know, that problem that sneaks up one morning when you try to listen to your song or watch a movie with your headphones. but you realize that the right or left ear no longer works. Yes! that same problem can be annoying, especially when you know you don’t have the energy or the financial budget for another headset yet.

Your headphones could be great and the problem could be with your device. but, don’t worry, depending on the problem, you may not need to get a new headset. So, before you hastily throw away those beautiful headphones, take some time to diagnose the problem with your headphones. we’ll show you how to diagnose and fix the infamous “a wireless headset is not working” problem. fasten your seat belt and let’s get started.

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how to fix bluetooth headset when only one side works


  • Try One: The first step in repairing bluetooth headsets is diagnosing what the problem is. Before beginning any troubleshooting efforts, start by testing your headphones with other apps and devices on your phone. most likely the app you are using the headphones with or your device in general is the problem. so start by using another app on your phone. For example, if you noticed the problem while using your phone’s media player, exit the app and try playing a video on YouTube or another streaming music platform. if you see any difference, then your media app needs repair.
  • Try two: if, after using another app, you still listen to music on only one earphone, connect another earphone to your device. This diagnostic method helps to check if the wireless data transmission is ok or broken. so once you connect another headset to your device and it works fine then you probably need to change your headset as it might be faulty. On the other hand, if this new pair of earphones still has one side of the earphones that doesn’t work, your device might be the troublemaker here. in this situation, you want to check your device settings to fix the problem.
  • try three: if you can’t get a different pair of earphones, try trying two with, connect your headset with someone else’s phone, tablet, or laptop. If the bluetooth headset on one side doesn’t work, it’s time to fix the headset or buy a new one. If you don’t want to fix your headphones, read on, we’ll show you how.

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  • step one: repair your phone if it’s a problem. start by rebooting your device. once it has restarted, reconnect the headphones. if the problem persists, check the last time you updated your device.
  • step two: your audio settings could also be the culprit. If your mobile phone is the problem here, and you have tried the first step but to no avail, check your audio settings. either you turned on the “mono setting” or the audio balance scale was moved to the extreme left or right. these two audio settings could be the problem. if any of them is the problem, restart it. mono and audio balance settings are in the accessibility option in your mobile device’s settings list. flow to mono and audio balance settings on ios devices and android devices requires you to go from settings to accessibility and audio/visual (on ios devices). on android devices, it is usually tagged as audio and text on screen.

problem with the handset.

  • Step 1: If the problem is the headset, start by resetting it. initiate a wireless headset reset by turning the headset off and on. If it’s a pair of bluetooth headsets, you may not be able to reset them in the same way, depending on the headset model. however, please re-establish the connection by removing the headset from your device’s bluetooth list. then, re-pair your earbuds with your mobile device.
  • step two: let’s say your bluetooth earbuds are both wireless and wired, and develop the right or left headset not working problem; you are probably experiencing the midpoint problem. when this occurs, it means that your audio could not be successfully transmitted wirelessly. the best way to fix this problem is to use the headphone cable to fix it. connect your device to the headphones using the audio. keep plugging and unplugging your headphones until audio can finally be streamed wirelessly to both ears. if both ears receive the sent audio, then you most likely have the midpoint problem.
  • step three: it’s probably time to clean your headphones. If you’ve run through the diagnostic tests above and you’re sure the problem isn’t with the headset, proceed to clean it. all you need is a dry cloth to clean or a cotton swab.

how to fix headphones with no sound

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If, after connecting your pair of headphones to your phone, laptop, or tablet, you get no sound, don’t panic. Instead, the next time your headset isn’t picking up audio from the music or movie that’s playing, here are a few things you can do to fix it.

  • turn up the volume on the device you are playing audio from.
  • turn up the volume on your headphones as well (if applicable)
  • check to verify that your headphones are properly connected to your device.
  • If your headphones are a rechargeable type, you may want to check if they are fully charged.
  • If the problem persists, connect your headphones to another device . if there is still no sound, then you have a faulty headset.

how to take care of your wireless headphones

As an active user of the pair of headphones, you should take care of them to prevent problems from arising. Taking good care of your pair of headphones is essential to the long life of your headphones. here are some tips to help you.

  • clean your headphones from time to time. You can clean the body with a soft damp cloth and soap. But when you clean the earphones, please use a dry cloth or brush. Unless waterproof, avoid getting water in the earphones.
  • Remove the earphones before going to bed. Sleeping with your earbuds or headphones on could damage them in no time, not thanks to your awkward sleeping position.
  • Store your earbuds in their case when you’re not using them.
  • When charging your headphones, check them from time to time so as not to overcharge them. Also, be sure to only charge your headphones with compatible cables.

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last words

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Bluetooth headsets are gradually being integrated into our daily lives as human beings. great in-ear headphones make it easy to go anywhere with your music, podcasts, movies, etc., in your ear.

The best part is that different brands have invested money and time in developing high-end, pocketable earbuds. so, depending on your pocket, you can invest in any model of your choice. Whatever you choose, be sure to master the dos and don’ts by heart.

you will be able to properly maintain and care for your headphones. Also, when you encounter technical issues like wireless headset not working, etc., you should be able to address it directly after reading this article.

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