Klipsch Heritage Headphone amplifier/DAC at Crutchfield


Overview: The Klipsch Heritage headphone amplifier features audiophile-grade internals with a beautiful aluminum and walnut exterior. The headphone amp has a sleek black extruded aluminum chassis, sandwiched by two pieces of genuine walnut veneered MDF. the front panel switches, knobs, and controls are made from anodized aluminum and are weighted for a quality feel. Front and back panel connections are gold plated for maximum signal transfer. The Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amplifier comes with an AC adapter with US, UK, EU, and Australian plug adapters, plus a USB A-B cable.

d/a converter: the heritage headphone amp is equipped with an audiophile quality reference ess90128k2m ess sabre32 digital-to-analog converter (dac). This high-resolution DAC is capable of sample rates up to 192Khz/24-bit, making it the best choice for processing your digital audio sources. Other sample rates supported by the DAC include 44.1Khz, 48Khz, 88.2Khz, 96Khz, and 176.4Khz; 16 bit and 24 bit. dsd support includes 2.8mhz, 5.6mhz and 11.2mhz files. the front panel leds will indicate the sample rate being processed for digital sources, bright white for pcm sources and blue for dsd files.

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usb interface: the headphone amplifier uses the xmos asynchronous usb audio interface to transfer audio from usb sources. This interface allows the amplifier to lock the audio stream to its internal clock for pristine, jitter-free audio. USB driver software for the headphone amplifier is provided on the Klipsch website. With an optional Apple Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter, or USB On-The-Go (USB OTG) adapter, you can connect your iOS or Android device directly to the headphone amplifier and bypass the device’s built-in DAC. p>

Dual Amplifiers: The unit has dual class AB TPA6120A2 amplifiers from Texas Instruments to deliver a strong, clean signal to your headphones. having dual amplifiers minimizes crosstalk between channels and increases the total power output to the headphones. The tpa6120a2 amplifiers have a very high signal to noise ratio to provide a super quiet signal. the output of the headphone amplifier varies depending on the impedance of the connected headphones:

inputs and outputs: the heritage headphone amp features a variety of inputs, both digital and analog. On the rear panel there are USB (type B), optical (toslink) and coaxial digital inputs, as well as RCA stereo analog inputs. front panel outputs include one balanced xlr-4 output and one unbalanced 1/4″ output. rear panel stereo rca analog output can be configured as fixed or variable. knob on front panel.

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controls: the headphone amplifier has a rotary input selection dial on the front panel that allows you to choose usb, optical, coaxial or line input. 2-way output switch lets you toggle between headphone output (xlr-4 or 1/4″) and line output (stereo rca). headphone output is muted when switch is set to line out .gain toggle switch lets you choose between lo-z (0 gain) and hi-z (+10db gain) if needed for “hard to drive” headphones large rotary power/volume control lets you set the headphone volume and turn the headphone amp on or off (the amp turns off when the rotary control is turned fully counterclockwise.) the volume control is disabled when set to an output fixed.


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