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Finding your headphones in a bunch of tangles can be a source of great annoyance and frustration. Twisted headphone cables are not only difficult and time consuming to untangle, but they can also get damaged over time if it happens repeatedly. In this article, we’ll discuss how to prevent headphone and earphone cables from getting tangled or twisted.

headphone cables can become twisted due to daily use and frequent adjustment of their position. simply keeping them on a desk or in a storage bag without folding them properly can cause them to bend, twist, or twist. kinks and twists don’t correct themselves unless you manually adjust them.

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Over time, due to constant twisting and stress build-up due to kinks, the flimsy plastic wire shield can become damaged and tear, ultimately exposing the copper wires inside. If left unprotected, copper cables can develop micro-fractures that can affect sound quality and cause headphones to stop working.

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It’s possible to prevent headphone and earphone cords from twisting or tangling once you learn how to wrap them properly and store them properly. here are some ways to achieve what you want:

1. Store your headphones in a case or carry bag

Headphone case

Storing your headphones in a large bag doesn’t secure them into place properly. As a result, the headphone wires often get twisted or tangled throughout the day. This can even impact the overall lifespan of the product. Another common mistake people do is to store their earphones inside their pockets which can put more stress on the wires.

The best way to store headphones and earphones is to use the special headphone case or carrying bag that comes with it. Dedicated earphone cases contain slots that are designed to properly secure the earphones in place to prevent cables from twisting and protect them from external damage.

It’s also a good idea to store your headphones inside a headphone carrying bag, as they limit the movement of the headphone cables. just be sure to roll or fold them properly before putting them in the bag.

2. follow the “over and under” cable winding method

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Inexperienced users often try to wrap headphone cables by following the spiral of the cable as it looks neat. however, it is an incorrect way to wind the cables as each coil leaves one twist. this is easier to see once you unwind the cable. instead, you should follow the “over and under” cable wrap methods. here are the steps:

  • hold the cable in your left hand and make sure it is facing you.
  • slide your hand down the cable and make the first coil.
  • then place your hand on your chest and make sure your thumb is pointing down. then, take the wire and make the second coil by repositioning the wire in your left hand creating a twist.
  • after that, just alternate between the normal coil and the twisted coil. make sure the loops remain the same size. you will notice that when you unwind the cable, the regular and twisted coils cancel each other out.

3. follow the ‘8’ cable winding method

  • Hold the earbuds between your thumb and three of your fingers.
  • Then wrap the cord around your three fingers until you have 3-5 inches of cord left.</ li
  • after that, remove two of your fingers from inside the wrapped part, but be sure to keep your index finger inside so the wrapped section is easier to hold.
  • finally, make a Loop the remaining section of wire around the wrapped section and tuck the end of the wire into the wrapped part to secure it securely.

4. follow the double fold and knot method

  • Take the entire length of the headphone and then double it.
  • Fold the headphone again and then carefully stretch them out.
  • Next, take one end and pull it over and under the other end to create a simple loop.

5. use a rubber band

  • Follow any of the headphone folding or coiling methods listed above.
  • Then, loop a rubber band around the wrapped headphone to secure them properly.

6. wrap your headphones around an object a long object like a pencil

  • Find a long object like a pencil, a candlestick, or even a hairbrush. whatever you can keep on your desk and find easily.
  • then wrap the headphone cord around the long object to prevent it from tangling when not in use.
  • >finally, tuck the headphone jack into the final loop to properly secure it in place and make it easier to remove the loop later.

7. use velcro or self-adhesive cloth tape

  • Fold the headphone or coil it using any of the methods listed above.
  • Take a small strip of velcro or self-adhesive fabric tape and wrap it around the coiled headphone to secure it into place.

8. wrap your headphones around your phone

  • Simply wrap your headphones around your smartphone and then tuck the end of the headphone wire into the final loop to make sure it doesn’t get unwrapped by itself.

9. use a binder clip to bend your headphones

  • Take a medium-sized binder clip and put the headphone jack all the way through the binder clip. Stop once you reach towards the end of the headphone drivers.
  • Next, wrap the remaining length of the headphone wire around the binder.
  • You may also use the binder clip to adjust the length of the headphone by using it as a clip.

10. create a headphone stand with an old credit card

  • Take an old credit card, expired top-up card, or even a sturdy cardboard.
  • Next, create two cuts of about an inch on the top and one at the bottom.
  • After that, punch three holes at the end of the cuts — one for the headphone jack and two for the speakers.
  • Next, put the two headphone speakers into the two holes you cut and start wrapping the wires around the card. Towards the end, make sure to tuck the headphone jack into the last hole.

11. use a paracord so your headphones don’t get tangled

Caution: Follow this process only if you are comfortable cutting the headphone cables and reattaching them later. any mistake may cause your headset to stop working.

  • First, you need to separate the microphone and headphone cables. To do that, use a pair of scissors to cut the headphone cable within an inch of the microphone around the bottom and top. so you would be left with the microphone and three separate cables.
  • Next, take the paracord and cut it into three sections by measuring the length of each section of the cut headphone cables. then pull out any loose strands from inside the paracords.
  • after that, place the individual headphone cables through the empty paracord covers. once this is done, seal the ends with heat shrink tubing by carefully heating them with a lighter. alternatively, you can use heavy-duty tape.
  • Next, you need to connect the individual headphone wires with electrical tape. be sure to follow the wire color codes to connect the individual wires correctly. Before applying the electrical tape, make sure to burn off the plastic coating. otherwise, the earphones may not work properly.
  • check if the earphones work, then apply another shrink tube. finally fix all headphone wires with hot glue or instant glue.


The tips mentioned above will help you prevent your headphone cables from getting tangled or twisted. however, if you want solutions to straighten your headphone cables when they are twisted, tangled, or coiled, you can refer to the following tips to return them to their natural position:

steps to straighten headphone cables when they are twisted or coiled

This method only works when you are sure the headphone cables are only twisted or coiled and not tangled in loops that you need to manually untangle. here are the steps.

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  • Hang the headset upside down by holding the audio jack with your fingers. make sure the earphones do not touch the ground.
  • slightly twist the earphones in the opposite direction of rotation and let gravity unwind the cord naturally.
  • after some time , use your index finger and thumb to stop the momentum of the rotation and straighten the headphone cables.

steps to straighten headphone cords when they are tangled

  • spread the headphones on a flat surface and make sure they are unplugged from your smartphone or any other audio source.
  • locate the headphone audio jack and follow carefully the end of the cable to find the closest loop. earphone users also need to locate individual earphones.
  • slowly begin the untangling process by separating the knots with your fingers and running the loops in the opposite direction. you can use a pencil or pen to pull the knots that are tighter.
  • repeat the process until all the knots are open and the headphone wires are completely untangled.

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