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Call it paranoia, but I’ve often felt a bang on the head after wearing my headphones and listening to music for a little longer than is probably healthy.

I know the rules and I know the risks of hearing loss, but sometimes my headphones are so comfortable I can’t help but go overboard.

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however, after removing them, often due to a slight pressure headache, I can definitely feel a definite dent, right where the headband rested. could this really be a dent caused by my headphones, or am i just noticing it for the first time?

This made me a little nervous and I was wondering if there are any health risks.

according to most, the most likely answer is that there seems to be a dent in your head. this may be due to pressure from the earphones, causing hair on the earphones. it’s very unlikely that the headband will dent your head.

That makes sense, right? It could definitely be my hair, which is clearly ironed when the headphones are removed, which could be causing the illusion that there is a dent.

Let’s look at some facts and possibilities.

can headphones dent your head?

Wearing headphones cannot change the shape of your head or skull. If you discover a clear dent see a doctor, it could be a sign of an underlying condition. Too tight headphones, especially with metal rims, can cause a slight impression on the skin. this will return to normal quickly.

your skull is very hard. so rest assured that no matter how tight your headphones are, they can’t actually dent your skull. however, they can leave an impression on the skin, which can make it feel as if the skull has been dented.

have you ever seen how some people get these dents on the side of their head when they take off their glasses?

now, the same thing can happen with headphones that are too tight. however, it will take a long time for this to happen, and you will have to use them in exactly the same place each time.

But just like with glasses, if you get a new pair or wear contacts for a while, the skin will tighten and the dents will eventually go away.

As with many other problems you may experience with ill-fitting headphones, adjusting them may be the obvious solution.

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If you can adjust the length of the headphone band, try pushing the top of the headphone band up and off your head to reduce pressure on your head.

If this doesn’t work and it’s still too tight on the sides of your head, consider replacing them and getting a more comfortable, adjustable pair.

Heavy headphones can also cause a natural split in the hair, and some people have mentioned that their scalp feels a bit dead after a few hours of use.

this is definitely not good, but it won’t dent your skull. prolonged pressure on the head can cause a headache.

trying different headphones can help you find the one that’s most comfortable for you. Before you replace yours yet, trade with your partner or your teens to test yours.

just make sure you clean your headphones properly before wearing or returning them.

You should see a doctor if you find a cleft in your skull

a dent in the head could be serious. there are a number of reasons why you could possibly be experiencing this.

also known as depression of the skull, it is best that you seek professional help immediately because it could indicate an underlying medical condition.

on the other hand, you could have suffered an injury (that you are not aware of), or it may even be genetic.

The following conditions could be a possibility (again, talk to your doctor):

■ congenital cranial indentation

When you were born, you basically had a hole (sutures) in the top of your head until you were about two years old.

This stays open so the bone is flexible enough for the brain to expand as it grows.

Sometimes these joints close too soon and the brain continues to press against the skull, giving the head a dented appearance. this condition is called craniosynostosis.

Babies can also be born with a cleft in the skull caused by the birth process or the position in which they were placed in the mother’s womb.

■ gorham’s disease

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This condition is also known as Gorham’s vanishing bone disease and phantom bone disease.

Although Gorham’s disease is a very rare skeletal condition, it is often diagnosed when doctors find a visible dent, caused by bone loss, in the skull.

This condition occurs because your bone mass is replaced by other forms of spongy tissue.

■ Paget’s disease of bone

This disease can make your skull look jagged or dented very easily. This condition occurs when your body’s normal recycling process is disrupted, where old bone tissue is gradually replaced with new bone tissue. this leads to excessive bone growth in the skull as bone mass builds up.

■ cancer

There have been very few cases where doctors have discovered cancer from seemingly innocent depressions in the skull.

In these cases, the skull depressions and skull irregularities were caused by a bone-destroying cancer, such as multiple myeloma.

■ trauma

Many athletes have hurt themselves on the sports field, including serious head injuries, only to find out later.

An injury like this to the skull is called a depressed fracture and requires emergency medical treatment.

The dent actually indicates that a part of his skull has fractured and points towards his brain. this is also a common injury sustained in car accidents or with a severe blow to the head.

wearing headphones will flatten your hair

Everyone I know has complained about headphone hair at least once. wearing headphones will easily mess up your hair, especially if you have oily hair.

You might very well think your headphones are giving you a dent in your head when they’re really just giving you a dent in your hair.

here are some tips you can follow:

  • wear the headphone band on the back of your head instead of on top. this way, there won’t be any pressure on your hair.
  • Wear a cap over your hair and place the headphones over the cap. (that is, if you don’t mind having hat hair).
  • adjust the headband so it sits farther away from your hair and therefore doesn’t cause dents.
  • if you have long hair, you can tie it into a ponytail.
  • if you are already sitting with headphone hair and want to get rid of the dent when you take them off, moistening it will bring it back to its normal shape.
  • You can also apply styling products to your hair every time you wear the headphones and restyle your hair just the way you like it.

a final thought

there’s no way the headphones will dent your skull. If you discover an actual dent on your head, you need to have it examined by a doctor to make sure it’s nothing serious.

Before you do this, make sure it’s not just a dent in your hair caused by a tight headband.

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