Fixed iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode Water Damage or after iOS 16 Update in 2022

last updated on June 28, 2022

We have all witnessed the incident when someone makes a video call to you, you want to listen to some songs or watch videos on your iphone, but the audio doesn’t seem to come out of the speakers. Most of us panic and freak out because iphone is not working properly and come across such problems. however, the main reason is that the iphone thinks an external earphone, headphone, or speaker is connected and tries to project audio through it even when nothing is connected.

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therefore the iphone automatically activates headphone mode in such a case, rendering the audio inaudible from the device’s built-in speakers. This may be caused by dust, lint or moisture build-up on the headphone jack, software issues caused by upgrading the operating system or some application, unplugging the bluetooth speaker, headphone or earphone while you are on a call or listening to music, using damaged or poor quality headphones. we have selected this article that shows fixes to get iphones out of headphone mode using some simple and practical methods listed below.

fixes for software-related issues-

Sometimes bugs and glitches associated with newly released operating systems or some apps that interfere with system settings can make the iphone feel like it’s connected to a headset or any other external audio device, even when it’s not. so the simple solution to fix this issue is to get the iphone out of headphone mode using the following methods.

#1. connect and disconnect your headphones

The most practical, easy and quick solution to the problem of an iphone stuck in headphone mode after falling in the snow or for any other reason is to carefully remove the headphones from the headphone jack 3.5mm cable and plug it back in. Internal electrical connectors inform iPhone each time a headset is plugged in. therefore, removing the headphones from the jack will allow the circuit to break. this will send the information to iphone that a headset is disconnected and will take the device out of headset mode.

#2. verify the audio output settings.

The next thing to consider in this list of fixes to get iphones out of headphone mode is to check and change your iphone audio settings. If your device’s audio settings are set to output the audio from a bluetooth device or headset, then you won’t be able to hear the audio from your iPhone speaker. If this is the problem, you can solve it by changing the audio output settings by connecting it to an external bluetooth speaker or any other audio source in the following ways.

step. 1→ Navigate to your iPhone’s settings panel and tap bluetooth.

step. 2→ Then turn on your iphone’s bluetooth by flipping the switch and turn on your bluetooth speakers.

step. 3→ now, pair and connect the external bluetooth speaker with your iphone. (play a video or song to check if the connection was successful).

step. 4→ Finally, disconnect the external speaker by turning off bluetooth on your iPhone and check if the headphone mode is deactivated.

On iphones running ios 11 and later, users can use the airplay button in the control center section to verify that the iphone is selected as one of the audio output devices. If this setting is enabled, click it to allow your iPhone to project sound from the smartphone’s speakers.

#3. enable and disable airplane mode.

suppose you use airpods or any other bluetooth headphones or earphones with your iphone and face the issue of iphone stuck in headphone mode after falling in snow even when the headphones are not connected. In that case, the ideal is to enable and disable airplane mode on the iphone. Turning on airplane mode temporarily disables all cellular, voice, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections, allowing the smartphone to reset all system settings. the easiest way to turn on airplane mode on any iphone is through control center.

  • iphone se second generation or earlier-

step. 1→ unlock your iphone and swipe up from the bottom.

step. 2→ look for the option with the symbol of an airplane and click on it to activate it.

step. 3→ Finally, wait a few seconds and tap the airplane button again to turn it off.

  • on iphone x or 11-

step. 1→ First, open Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen.

step. 2→ click the airplane icon to activate airplane mode.

step. 3→ wait a moment and touch that icon again to disable airplane mode.

#4. reboot iphone

Another simple but effective method to resolve “phone thinks earphones are plugged into water damaged iphone” issue is to restart or restart the iphone. restarting the iphone will force it to refresh and reload all settings and system settings to their default values. Please follow the instructions given below to restart your iPhone.

  • reset iphone se 1st generation, iphone 5 or earlier

step. 1→ First, long press the power button on the top of your phone until you see the power off slider.

step. 2→ then slide the bar towards the power off option to turn off the iphone.

step. 3→ Now, touch and hold the power button again until the apple logo appears on the screen to turn on the iphone.

  • reset iphone se 2nd generation, 8, 7 or 6

step. 1→ First, touch and hold the power button until the power off slider appears on the screen.

step. 2→ drag the bar next to the shutdown action.

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step. 3→ once again, long press the power button until you see the apple logo.

  • restart iphone x or 11

step. 1→ press and hold the power or volume button to see the power off slider.

step. 2→ then slide the slider to the power off action.

step. 3→ Finally, press and hold the side button to turn on the iphone.

#5. reset network settings

The final solution in this list of fixes to get iphones out of headphone mode in case of software related issues is to reset the iphone network settings. We can reconfigure all pre-existing saved connections and settings, such as bluetooth headsets, by resetting network settings. This will allow iPhone to reset all algorithms related to audio settings and resolve this issue. To reset or set your iPhone to default network settings, take note of the simple process mentioned here.

step. 1→ Go to the general tab in the configuration menu.

step. 2→ scroll down to the bottom of the window and tap the “reset” button.

step. 3→ then tap the “reset network settings” button and confirm it in the confirmation window.

Completing this method, all wifi, cellular, bluetooth and other connections will be reset and the passwords related to them will also be removed from your iphone.

fixes for hardware-related issues-

if you happen to drop your iphone in the snow or water, drop it on the ground by accident, or if the headphone jack has dirt or lint on it and you are witnessing the problem that the headphone mode does not turn off even when the headphone is not connected, please follow the solutions listed below.

clean the headphone jack.

If the headphone jack is dirty or has lint or something stuck inside, you may have trouble connecting your wired headphones to listen to audio. this could also cause the iphone to get confused about the earphones being inserted even when they are not, thus showing earphone mode enabled. Anyone can clean the headphone jacks on their smartphones by following the methods below.

use compressed air to clean the headphone jack-

This method uses compressed air to remove all dirt, lint, and debris from your iPhone’s headphone jack. buy or get a can of compressed air at any computer or office supply store.

step. 1→ Aim the nozzle of the can at the headphone jack.

step. 2→ press the button on the top to spray the compressed air into the headphone jack.

step. 3→ repeat the second step 3 to 4 times to properly clean the port.

use a cotton swab to clean the headphone jack-

step. 1→ make the swab thin by removing the cotton from the ends so that it can easily penetrate the 3.5mm headphone jack.

step. 2→ insert the swab and twist it slowly inside the headphone jack to remove any dirt and lint.

step. 3→ remove it and clean the dirt from the swab. repeat this until the swab comes out clean.

using a beaten clip-

step. 1→ Stick a small piece of sellotape to the end of a clip with the sticky side out.

step. 2→ place the paper clip inside the headphone jack and gently wiggle it to remove any lint and debris.

check for water damage.

if your iphone got soaked in the rain or dropped into water and you see headphone mode on even when no headphone is connected, this issue arises because the phone thinks the headphone is plugged in and the water damages the iphone . Rest easy as there is a quick way to easily check your iphone for water damage.

step. 1→ eject the sim card tray with the sim card eject tool.

step. 2→ Now, turn on a little light on the headphone jack of your iphone.

step. 3→ If the light illuminates a small red dot inside the headphone jack, your iphone has suffered water damage. the red dot is a liquid contact indicator (lci) that glows in the event of water damage.

what to do if all these fixes don’t work?

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If, even after trying and using all the solutions or fixes explained above, you are still unable to resolve the issue that your iPhone cannot turn off headphone mode, you should contact Apple’s online support portal. After contacting support staff, they will diagnose your iPhone for the reasons causing this issue and guide you through the process to resolve it effectively.

Although the headphone mode is very useful and interesting, getting stuck in this mode even when the headphones are not connected can be very annoying. so use and imply the methods explained in this article on the solutions to get iphones out of headphone mode. All these fixes have been tried and tested by tons of iphone users, so you can completely trust that they will work.

frequently asked questions→

how do i take iphone out of headphone mode?

→ all the solutions listed in this post can help you get your iphone off headphone mode.

how to disable headphone mode on an iphone without headphones?

→ You can try the easy and helpful solutions in this article to disable headphone mode on iphone without headphones connected to the phone.

How do I disable the headphone warning?

→ Anyone can turn off the headphone warning by turning off headphone notifications in their iphone settings.

why is my iphone stuck on headphone audio?

→ as mentioned earlier in this post, the reasons why iphone gets stuck in headphone mode are as follows:

accumulation of dust, lint or moisture on the headphone jack, software problems caused by updating the operating system or some application, disconnecting the bluetooth speaker, headphones or earphone during a call or listening to music, use damaged or defective devices. quality headphones.

can you manually disable headphone mode on iphone?

→ yes, you can manually disable headphone mode on your iphone by simply unplugging the bluetooth headset or unplugging the wired headset from your device. If there are no headphones connected, but headphone mode is still enabled, you can disable it by following any of the solutions listed in this article.

how do i disable headphone controls on my iphone?

→ there is no practical method to turn off headphone control on your iphone. If the headphones are causing some problems, then the cable and the switch are misaligned and can’t be fixed. try using different earphones to see if the old ones are faulty. you can also try blowing out the compressed air inside the headphone jack to clean it.

Why does my phone say it’s connected to the headset when it’s not?

→ If there is lint, dirt, or any other material stuck in the headphone jack, it is normal to see a pop-up saying iPhone is in headphone mode even when no audio devices are connected.

how do i change my iphone from headphones to speakers?

→ you can change your iphone from headphones to speakers using control center:

step. 1→ swipe up from the bottom of your iphone screen to open control center. On iPhone X, 11, and later, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen.

step. 2→ touch and hold the audio card in the upper right corner, then touch the icon to open a menu with many devices.

step. 3→ select the speakers from which you want the audio output.

after requesting troubleshooting for unstuck headphone mode – none of the hints worked for you, so I think you need to make an appointment at the genius bar at your local apple store to have it evaluate.

There are different reasons why your iphone is stuck in headphone mode and why your phone’s speakers are not working. therefore, sometimes you get the sound of a phone call, then it is only through the headphones or in speakerphone mode. Let’s say if you’re trying to press the volume rocker, it says headphones when none are plugged in.

after drop in water i mean water damaged hardware issue with headphone jack or after ios update to ios 15 latest version. . I hope my technical hands-on will help you get stuff out of your headphone jack.

put your iphone in airplane mode and wait 15 minutes for your phone to fix itself and get out of headphone mode.

  • to put your phone in airplane mode: launch control center and touch the airplane button that appears on the wi-fi card.

Take a q-tip to clean your iphone’s headphone jack. this returns the volume to normal.

You can also take a bud and dip it in lighter fluid or deodorant and then clean the inside of the connector. this way it will almost work to remove solid particles like sand, debris, any grease that prevents the jack bearings from working.

update your iphone to the latest version ios 15.5 or later.

check for an update – open the settings app – tap general – tap software update

many users said you have to call someone with your iphone headphone jack on and press speakerphone so once to hang up, turn your iphone on silent and then turn off.

You must go to voicemails and play it to hear them on speakers.

In case your iphone or ipad gets water damaged and gets stuck in headphone mode, grab a hair dryer and let it flow for 10 seconds. this fine worked in my brother’s case.

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