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part i: why is my ipad stuck in headphone mode?

It’s easier to understand why your ipad is stuck in headphone mode when you have an ipad with a headphone port than if you have one of the newer ipads without a headphone port. If your iPad has a headphone port, there could be a number of issues, from dust and lint in the port to a bad port and software issues that could cause your iPad to get stuck in headphone mode. Much is easy to understand, but if you have one of the newer iPads without a headphone port, you may be wondering why the iPad is stuck in headphone mode when there is no headphone port on the device. This is most likely due to bluetooth connection issues between your ipad and wireless headphones or software issues on the ipad.

part ii: how to fix ipad stuck in headphone mode?

an ipad stuck in headphone mode could be due to problems with the headphone port. But what about iPads that don’t have a headphone port but are stuck in headphone mode? To that end, we’ve categorized solutions based on iPads with and without headphone ports, as well as common solutions that work for all iPads with or without a headphone port.

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ii.i: for wired headphones (ipad with headphone port)

for ipads with a headphone port where the ipad is stuck in headphone mode, there are specific solutions you can try to see if that fixes the problem. here goes.

fix 1: clean headphone port

The first thing to do for an iPad that is stuck in headphone mode is to examine and clean the headphone port to remove any dust, dirt, or lint. use a cotton swab to wipe away any dust, but if you see any residue or lint, use a pair of tweezers, or look down at the port and gently tap around the port to loosen and remove it. check your ipad to see if the problem is gone.

fix 2: connect and disconnect headphones

This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s easy. If there was no visible dust or debris in the port, the next thing to do is simply plug in the headphones. the ipad should still be in headphone mode, but now take them out. it may just exit headphone mode and allow you to use the ipad speakers normally again.

ii.ii: for wireless headphones (ipad without headphone port)

It can be disconcerting to think of an iPad stuck in headphone mode when there’s no headphone port available. But, there are wireless headphones available, both from third parties and from Apple. there may be a problem with the particular wireless headset you are trying to connect or, in this case, disconnect.

solution 3: check your bluetooth headset: are they on or off?

This would sound crazy again, but sometimes, it’s quite possible that we’re wearing a third-party pair of headphones and take them off our ears and forget about them, but the fact might be that they’re still on. and connected to ipad. what will that do? You guessed it: It will make you think your iPad is stuck in headphone mode when it’s simply connected to your own headphones. how to fix this? third-party headsets come with a button to turn them on and off, usually. use that button to turn off the headphones and enjoy sound from your ipad speakers again.

fix 4: unpair headphones

now sometimes things get unnecessarily complicated, pardon the pun. so the ipad just refuses to come off headphone mode right? The next thing you can do is unpair the headphones and ideally that should get the ipad stuck in headphone mode and go back to using its own speakers.

here’s how to unpair wireless headphones from ipad:

Step 1: Just in case, use the button on your headphones to turn them off

step 2: on the ipad, go to settings > bluetooth and touch the circular information symbol on the name of your headphones

unpair wireless headphones from ipad

step 3: tap forget this device

step 4: tap forget this device one more time.

ii.iii: common fixes for ipad stuck in headphone mode

The fixes below apply regardless of whether your iPad has a headphone port. These fixes are either simple, like a reset, or a bit more complex and time-consuming, like resetting your ipad’s settings.

fix 5: disable bluetooth

if you are using wireless headphones, regardless of an ipad with or without a headphone port, you can disable and re-enable bluetooth so that ipad stuck in headphone mode will disconnect.

step 1: go to settings > bluetooth and disable bluetooth

switch bluetooth off

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step 2: wait a few seconds, see if the ipad comes out of headphone mode, then turn bluetooth back on.

fix 6: force restart ipad

a forced reboot almost always fixes things. it is the simplest potion for the most complex digital maladies our beloved hardware could be afflicted with. Here’s how to force restart your iPad stuck in headphone mode:

ipad with home button

restart ipad with home button

Step 1: Press and hold the power button, and when the slider screen appears, drag it to turn off your ipad.

step 2: press and hold the power button to reboot the ipad.

ipad without home button

restart ipad without home button

Step 1: Press and hold any of the volume keys together with the power button until the sliding screen appears. drag the slider and turn off the ipad.

Step 2: Press and hold the power button until the ipad reboots.

fix 7: clear all settings

sometimes settings are corrupted to the point where ipad stuck in headphone mode can’t get out of it. we can try to erase all settings and reset them to factory defaults in an attempt to restore ipad speaker functionality. here’s how to clear all settings on your ipad:

step 1: go to settings > generals > transfer or reset ipad

step 2: tap reset

step 3: tap reset all settings

reset all settings ipad

step 3: tap reset all settings.

this will reset all settings on your ipad and the ipad will reboot. you may need to set some settings again.

fix 8: clear all settings and content

A more complete reset is to reset all settings and erase the contents of the ipad. that will restore the ipad to factory defaults, without the need to connect the device to a computer. Here’s how to clear all settings and content:

step 1: go to settings > generals > transfer or reset ipad

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step 2: tap to erase all content and settings

Step 3: Follow the steps to erase all content and settings and restore ipad to factory defaults.

Note that this will delete everything on the ipad, but it will not delete anything that was in icloud, including icloud photos. anything you manually transferred to the ipad and that exists on the ipad’s local storage will be deleted in this process.

extra tip: fix ipads quickly using dr.fone – system repair (ios)

what if you want to repair ipados without deleting user data? there is a tool for that, called wondershare dr.fone. This amazing tool is a single app consisting of several carefully designed modules that serve to help you with specific problems like unlock your phone with screen unlock, backup your phone with phone backup, transfer content from one phone to another by phone transfer and now, to repair ios and ipados easily without erasing user data, the module called system repair. Here’s how to use dr.fone – System Repair (iOS) to easily fix iPad stuck in headphone mode and fix any software issues:

Step 1: Download and install dr.fone

step 2: connect your ipad and launch dr.fone

wondershare drfone interface

Step 3: Choose the system repair module. once loaded, you will see two modes: standard and advanced. start standard mode which will repair ipados without deleting user data.

pro tip: use dr.fone – phone backup module (ios) and backup your user data before repairing ipad using system repair.

drfone system repair

Step 4: On this screen, you will see your ipad listed along with the firmware version:

drfone device firmware information

Use the dropdown menu to choose the firmware version to download and install on your ipad.

Step 5: Click start to start the firmware download.

Step 6: When the download is complete, the firmware file will be verified and dr.fone will wait for your input:

fix ipad stuck in headphone mode

step 7: click fix now.

drfone system repair complete notification

After the process is complete, the ipad will be reset to factory default settings and your issue will be resolved.

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