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bose is known as one of the world’s leading electronics companies, noted for its production of high-quality noise-canceling headphones. However, while many users can intuitively connect their Bose headphones to their smartphone’s Bluetooth, I’ve seen many discussions about the difficulty of getting the Bose headphones microphone to work on a computer. but what is the problem?

Below, I’ll explain how to properly connect and use your bose headset’s microphone with your computer, as well as troubleshooting steps to follow if it doesn’t connect the first time.

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how to use bose headset microphone on computer

To set up your bose headset on your computer and get the microphone to work properly, follow these steps:

  1. disconnect all bluetooth devices from your pc. it is important to start over every time you connect your bose headphones to your pc. go to settings and disconnect any bluetooth device that is currently paired with the computer, even if your bose headphones are already connected from a previous session.
  2. open the bose headphones. move slide the headset bar to the center position to open the headset and access the bluetooth button.
  3. enable pairing. slide the power button all the way to the right to enable bluetooth pairing a flashing blue led light on the earbud will indicate that the earbuds are ready to pair.
  4. pair the earbuds. open system settings on your pc, click “add bluetooth or other device”. this will provide a drop down menu of all bluetooth devices the pc is eligible to connect with. choose your bose headphones to pair with pc. you should see a message that says “voice connected, music”.
  5. open your computer’s sound settings. in the task ribbon at the bottom of your computer, there will be a small icon in the form of a loudspeaker. right-click this icon and select “open sound settings”.
  6. select bose headphones for audio input. even when your headphones are plugged in, the microphone built-in computer is the default recording device. under the input header, click the dropdown arrow under “choose your input device”. select the option that says “bose handsfree headset ag” to enable microphone recording from your headset.
  7. verify functionality. once you have configured all of these settings, verify the functionality of both your sound and input by pressing the “test” box on the system settings page. the sound bar should bounce blue if the headphones are working properly.

troubleshooting bose headset microphone connection with pc

Although the steps mentioned above are easy, some users still report that they are having difficulty getting their bose headset microphone to work with this pc. The following troubleshooting steps should resolve your issue:

disconnect bose headphones from bluetooth

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The headset is probably connected to your pc from a previous session or connected to a different bluetooth device which replaces the new pc connection.

To disconnect the bose headphones from the pc, you must:

  1. click the windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. click the settings icon (looks like a picture of a gear).
  3. click devices.
  4. click add bluetooth or other device.
  5. a drop-down menu will appear with all bluetooth devices in range. if one is connected, click on it to highlight it and select the disconnect checkbox.

There is also the possibility that your bose headphones are still connected to another bluetooth device, which could explain why the microphone is not working, even when your headphones are connected to the computer. To clear all bluetooth connections from your bose headphones, follow these steps:

  1. download the bose connect app to your smart device.
  2. turn on the bose headphones.
  3. open the app and wait for it to locate available bose bluetooth devices.
  4. tap the bluetooth icon below the product image.
  5. tap edit on the connections screen.
  6. click the “x” next to the device name to remove a device from memory.
  7. tap disconnect to confirm .
  8. select all done with device memory cleared.

double check your settings

If none of the troubleshooting steps above work, consider this: When connecting your bose headphones to a computer, it’s essential to go into the sound settings and specifically select them as the sound input device. Even when the headset is connected to the PC, the computer’s built-in microphone is the default recording device, so the Bose headset must be selected for the microphone to work.

use a microphone adapter

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While the solution to this issue is relatively simple for most users, requiring no more than a few clicks in the sound settings, other users have reported ongoing difficulties getting their bose headset microphone to record . In this case, we recommend a microphone adapter to help capture high-quality sound from Bose headphones.

add an inline microphone adapter

On some of the older Bose headsets, such as the QC25, the in-line microphone may not be compatible with your PC. When this is the case, recording issues can be resolved by choosing a replacement in-line microphone adapter to connect your Bose headset to your computer.


bose is known for its high-quality headsets that enable hands-free communication. However, some users report problems getting the headset microphone to work properly with their PC.

when this is the case, it is essential to go into system settings and make sure bose headphones are chosen as the preferred input device. If this still doesn’t resolve the issue, follow the steps above to erase the headset from all bluetooth devices and start over with a new connection.

Having trouble connecting your bose headphones to a mac? see this article for troubleshooting steps.

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