Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working (Heres How to Fix It!)

Sure, it’s not the end of the world, but it can still be very annoying to sit down at the end of a long day to relax with your favorite shows and discover that your Toshiba Fire TV remote control is not working. If you found that your Toshiba Fire TV remote is not working, don’t give up hope just yet!

toshiba fire tv remote not working

if your toshiba fire tv remote is not working, remove the back panel, remove the batteries and press and hold the power button on the remote for 30 seconds. then press all the buttons and tap the remote against your palm several times. try a new set of batteries.

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turn the remote control on and off with and without batteries

This solution is likely to work for about 50% of you.

Simply remove the batteries from the remote and then press and hold the power button on the remote for 60 seconds. after the full minute has elapsed, press all the buttons on the remote several times. replace the batteries and then try the remote again.

The reason you need to press the power button on the remote is to drain it of any residual power.

Even when the batteries are removed from the remote, it can still store some electricity inside the capacitors and it won’t fully reset unless you run it down.

Holding down the power button discharges the electricity stored in the remote’s capacitor. Although it seems like a simple step, it is very important and many people overlook it.

It may also seem a bit strange at first, but pressing all the buttons on your toshiba fire tv remote can help get it working again.

Often, a button on the remote control gets stuck. If one or more of the buttons on your remote are stuck, the other buttons won’t work. it’s like when you hold down multiple keys on a keyboard, it stops responding to key presses.

There are many different ways a remote button can get stuck. maybe it fell into a crack between the sofa cushions and some dirt got stuck under the rubber. either way, it’s a pretty common problem and easy to fix.

Mashing all the buttons and slapping the remote against your palm several times, however primitive, can make the buttons pop back out.

Turn it with the knobs facing down and tap the back to make it easier for dirt to fall out. Don’t worry, Toshiba Fire TV remotes are very durable.

If all that doesn’t work, leave the batteries in the remote this time and hold the power button for another 60 seconds.

This simple reset will most likely fix your remote.

re-pair the remote

If turning the remote on and off didn’t work, your remote may have become disconnected from your toshiba fire tv.

How to re-pair your remote will depend on the type of remote you have. If you have the Toshiba Fire TV Enhanced, you will find a pairing button on the back of the remote when you remove it. battery cover.

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simply press and hold this pairing button for 15 seconds until it connects.

If you don’t have the pairing button on your remote, press and hold the home button for 30 seconds while pointing the remote directly at the TV.

After 30 seconds, you should see the remote begin to blink. if it doesn’t flash, try stopping and restarting this process until it does.

once the remote flashes, wait another 30 seconds or so before trying to use the remote.

This should restore the remote’s bluetooth connectivity to your TV.

If that didn’t work, try holding the back button, left button, and menu button at the same time for 30 seconds, while pointing the remote directly at the TV.

this should completely reset your toshiba fire tv remote.

replace remote control batteries

While this step sounds incredibly obvious, it’s possible that the batteries in your remote are old and need to be replaced. putting a new set of batteries in the remote could very well solve your problem.

You’d be surprised how often this is the cause of the problem!

and worst case scenario, if the remote still won’t work with new batteries, at least now you know the batteries weren’t the problem.

confirm that the infrared sensor on the remote control is working

Both the remote control and the TV use an infrared beam to send and receive signals.

If this beam is not working properly on your remote, it may be the direct cause of a non-working remote.

One of the easiest ways to check that the IR on your remote is working is using your phone’s camera:

  • open the camera app on your phone and look at your remote through the screen.
  • press any button or series of buttons on the remote.
  • an operation the remote will have a red light flashing across the camera screen each time you press a button.
  • if you don’t see a red light, the remote may be faulty or the batteries are dead.

check IR sensor on remote using smart phone camera

Remove obstacles that could be blocking IR signals from remote

blockages between the remote and the television are another common problem.

since your remote uses an infrared beam and your TV has an infrared sensor, they should be able to send and receive this beam without having to deal with obstructions.

obstructions can include walls, other electronic signals including bluetooth, and large objects like furniture or speakers.

if you notice a blockage between your toshiba fire tv remote control and the tv, try changing locations or point the remote control directly at the tv’s sensor.

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Sometimes the problem can be as simple as sitting in a different seat in your house or moving a decorative piece of furniture.

turn the TV off and on

If you’ve tried all the steps above and no luck, the problem might be with your TV and not your remote.

try unplugging your toshiba fire tv from the power outlet for one minute. the key here is to wait the full 60 seconds. be a little patient and make sure at least a minute has passed before you plug it back in.

While the TV is unplugged, find andpress and hold the power button on your toshiba fire tv for 30 seconds. make sure you’re holding down the power button on your TV and not the remote!

This will help drain any residual power left in the TV and allow the TV to restart automatically. this is different than just turning the remote on and off!

once you plug the TV back in after 60 seconds, you should try the remote again.

hopefully it works now!

try the toshiba fire tv app as a temporary remote

this next fix is ​​something you should do no matter what, regardless of whether or not you have your toshiba fire tv remote working again.

Download the free Amazon Fire TV app!

This app comes with a remote that you can use with your Toshiba Fire TV. That way, if your remote stops working, you can simply open the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone and continue using your TV.

Not only that, the app remote is a huge improvement over the physical toshiba fire tv remote.

the toshiba fire tv remote control is small and lacks a keyboard, while the application allows you to type and navigate easily. The app even has voice enabled search! if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself using the app instead of the remote in the future.

To download the app, please search “amazon fire tv” in google playstore or app store.

Once it’s downloaded, you’ll be prompted to go through several setup steps. 4 digits will be displayed on your TV. you’ll need to enter those same digits in the app to connect.

fire stick remote won't work app

Make sure your phone and your Toshiba Fire TV are both on the same WiFi network, otherwise you won’t be able to connect the two!


These are the key solutions you can try when your Toshiba Fire TV remote control is not working:

  • turn the remote on and off with and without the batteries inserted
  • re-pair the remote with your TV
  • replace the old batteries in the remote with new ones new</li
  • confirm that the remote’s infrared sensor is working
  • remove any obstacles that may be blocking your remote’s infrared signals to your TV
  • turn your tv off and on
  • try using the amazon fire tv app as a temporary remote replacement

When all else fails, it may be time to buy a replacement remote. were you able to fix your toshiba fire tv remote that is not working? if so, let me know how in the comments section below.

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