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Alarms are good for waking up in the morning, keeping to schedule, and making sure you’re not late for work. It’s important that your alarm is loud enough to wake you up, but what if your phone is too far away? Or what if you don’t want to disturb anyone else in the room? that’s where headphones come in.

By default, your iPhone will not play alarms through headphones only. The alarm sound will sound on the iPhone itself, as well as other wired or wireless devices that connect to it. but you can manually mute the iphone sound or use third-party apps to channel the alarm through headphones only.

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can an alarm be played through the headphones?

With modern smartphones, you can play the alarm through almost any pair of headphones, wired or wireless. and there are several ways to achieve it.

many smartphones are advanced enough to play alarm audio through connected headphones by default. For example, iPhones come with their own alarm clock app. and if you set an alarm with it and have a earphone connected to the iphone at the designated time, the sound will come out from the earphones automatically.

many android phones will also have this feature. you can test this by setting an alarm within a minute and connecting any headset to the phone.

Another way to do this would be through third-party applications. There are multiple apps available for android and ios platforms that can perform this task. With the help of some of these apps, you can even set the alarm to headphone only. which means that when the time comes, the sound will only go through the headphones and not the speakers.

This way, you get the benefit of an early morning call that won’t bother anyone else. maybe you have a meeting or an exam in the morning and you need to get up early. But instead of waking up the whole house with a loud alarm, you can set a soft ringtone that only your ears pick up.

You’ll need some comfortable headphones for this. otherwise, sleeping with the headphones on may affect the overall quality of your sleep or may end up damaging the headphones. airpods or other headphones also work for this purpose. just make sure the device stays in your ear even when you move around in your sleep.

how to set iphone alarms only through earphones?

now, there are no settings inside an iphone that allow it to play sound only through headphones or airpods. the factory setting is such that you get sound from both the speaker and any connected audio devices simultaneously.

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However, there are a few options you can use to get around this setting. Let’s see some of them.

use of third-party applications

Third party applications exist to set alarms or even multiple alarms. you can go to apple’s own app store and find quite a few options.

and many of these options will allow you to set the alarm through the headset only.

manually lower the volume

another option is to manually adjust the volume levels on your iphone. First, turn the volume down to zero without plugging in or pairing any wired or wireless headphones. this will ensure that no sound comes out of the speakers.

now, you need to connect your headphones or airpods to the iphone. once you connect them, adjust the volume levels once more. this will only affect the volume of the connected audio device and not the iphone’s built-in speakers.

so when the alarm sounds, the sound will still be piped through all available options. but since the volume is low for the speakers, the sound will not be audible. but your headphone volume will still come out at the level you set it to.

This is how you can bypass the default iphone settings and play your alarms only through headphones or airpods.

will my iphone alarm go off if i have headphones on?

yes, apple clearly states that the alarm sound will play on both the speaker and any additional audio devices still connected when the alarm sounds.

wireless headphones and air buds are becoming more and more popular. They offer so much versatility and flexibility to their users. you may find some people with an air button in their ears throughout the day. Apple AirPods are especially popular with iPhone and Mac users.

As such, the feature to play alarms through these headsets is potentially very useful. If you rely on reminders and alarms to keep you on track throughout the day but don’t want to disturb the peace of others, this feature is the best option for you.

why can’t I hear the alarms through my headphones?

Alarms that don’t sound when they’re supposed to can have potentially disastrous consequences. the alarm sound may be too low to hear or may not sound at all. If you ever face this problem, you can follow these steps to find the solution:

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first, check the volume settings on your iphone. you may have turned the volume down for one reason or another and forgot to turn it back up. you can do it simply by pressing the volume button on the side. or you can go to “settings” and enter the “sound and haptics” option. from here, simply manually drag the slider below “ringer & alerts”.

if you want to use headphones or airpods with iphone, make sure the volume of those devices is also at an audible level. To do this, you need to connect the device to your iPhone beforehand. otherwise, the adjustments you make will not affect the audio level of the headphones.

sometimes the alarm will sound without any sound and just vibrate. if this happens, make sure the alarm tone is not set to “none”. open the clock app, tap the alarm tab, then tap edit. tap the alarm, then tap the sound and choose a sound.

If the sound is still not playing through the earphones or pods, please try restarting your iPhone. then unpair the pods from the iphone and pair them again.

To do this, go to “settings” and then “bluetooth”. you will see a list containing your airpods name there. click the icon next to that name and an information panel will load. from here, select the “forget this device” option and you will successfully unpair the pods. now just connect them with bluetooth one more time and see if the sound is present.

To test the sound, you must set an alarm within one minute. Make sure the headphone or airpod is properly connected to the iphone. you will normally see an icon at the top of the screen indicating that the headphones have connected successfully. Now put the headphones over your ears and wait for the alarm to sound.

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will i hear alarms if my iphone is on do not disturb?

do not disturb is a feature built into iphones that allows you to silence any calls, messages and any other notifications. you can set this for a particular period or have it indefinitely.

however, “do not disturb” mode does not turn off the alarm or silence it. which means that if you have active alarms while the phone is in this mode, you will still hear the alarms ring without change.

The same thing happens if you press the “ring/silent” switch on your iphone. all other sounds will be muted. but it will not affect the alarms in any way. if you have headphones plugged in at the time, the sound will still come out of the headphones as usual.


playing alarms through headphones or earphones can be very useful, especially if you use them constantly. Hopefully now you understand how the alarm works on the iPhone a little better.

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