How to get an ipad out of headphone mode

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Below are the most efficient methods to help get your ipad headphones working properly again.

1. force restart ipad

forcing your ipad to restart is the first trick to try almost any ios problem. it basically shuts down all ongoing processes on your ipad and lets your ipad rest for a while. improves the performance of your ipad by removing extra load on the device and fixing minor glitches and bugs.

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This method is a temporary solution but it works most of the time, so it’s okay to try it. you can follow these steps to force restart your ipad:

  • with home button: keep pressing the home button and the top button until you see the apple logo on the screen.
  • without home button: press the volume up button and then the volume down button. hold down the power button until you see the apple logo on the screen.

2. enable airplane mode

if you don’t want to turn off your ipad, enabling airplane mode could save you. this mode makes your ipad go offline without being turned off. turning on airplane mode resets the connectivity settings and helps resolve any network-related issues. go to settings and toggle the airplane mode button.

3. adjust call audio routing

call audio recording allows you to choose a setting where you can adjust the option of listening to a call, such as a headset or speakerphone. You can adjust your ipad settings and set it to speakerphone to get out of headphone mode. Here are the steps to adjust call audio recording:

  • go to ipad settings
  • search for accessibility.
  • select tap
  • click call audio recording and switch to speakerphone.

4. start a new audio recording

Another way to check if your ipad is back to normal is to record something, be it an audio or video recording, and check the health of the ipad speaker. see if the audio or video file can be played with full sound. If so, congratulations, you have solved the problem. otherwise, go to the next method.

5. use a bluetooth speaker

If your ipad still thinks the headphone is connected, connecting it with an external device like a bluetooth speaker can help you get out of headphone mode. the bluetooth device usually resets the headphone mode to normal.

6. update ios

Your ipad system or software may be corrupted for some reason, tricking your ipad into headphone mode when not connected. a simple solution is to update your ios.

Go to settings on your ipad, locate general settings and open system update. If you see a new iOS version available, quickly download and install the update packages. This will most likely fix the bugs in your current iphone software and thus the headphone mode stuck issue will be resolved.

7. fix your ipad with perfix

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If nothing seems to work so far, using a professional ios system repair tool like mobitrix perfix is ​​the ideal option.

mobitrix perfix helps you solve various software problems with 99% success rate, including frozen ipad, stuck in boot loops, etc. it does not delete your data and comes with very easy to follow steps. this is how it’s done:

  • Install and run mobitrix perfix on your computer.
  • connect your ipad to your computer and wait for mobitrix perfix to detect your ipad.
  • click start, select standard repair and click repair now.

The whole process takes about 20 minutes and you can fix your ipad.

8. factory reset your ipad

Another way to get ipad out of headphone mode is to do a factory reset. This method resets all settings, data, and content on your iPad back to default, which fixes possible software bugs on your device. In case you lose any important data, make sure to create a backup before proceeding.

  • Go to settings on your ipad.
  • open general settings and click reset.
  • now select delete all content and settings.

9. update/restore ipad with itunes/finder via recovery mode

Recovery mode is a built-in ios mode that can be helpful in resolving system crashes on your ipad. This method requires you to use iTunes, which fixes your iPad stuck in headphone mode by restoring the locked iOS software to a previous version or updating to a new one.

what to do before using itunes/finder to repair your iphone via recovery mode?

  1. back up your ipad data, as mentioned in method 8.
  2. to ensure maximum success, you should make sure your browser or itunes is up to date. the latest version before continuing. If you’re using a Mac running MacOS Catalina, go to the Apple menu, choose System Preferences, Software Update tab, and then Update Now. If there is no update file available, it means your mac is already up to date.

If you are using a mac with macos mojave or earlier, or a windows pc, install the latest version of itunes.

what to do when using itunes/finder to repair your iphone via recovery mode?

  • connect your ipad to your computer and start itunes or finder.
  • follow the steps below to put your ipad into recovery mode.
    • ipad with home button: keep holding the power and home buttons until your ipad enters recovery mode.
    • ipad without home button: press the volume up button and then the volume down button. hold the top button until the recovery screen appears.

    Once you see the ipad recovery mode menu with restore and update options, please select the update option first as it will not delete your data and itunes will reinstall the ipad ios. If the update doesn’t work, go back one step and select restore.

    how to know if your ipad has entered recovery mode?

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    When your ipad has successfully entered recovery mode, it will display a black screen with a white computer icon and a line of words that says

    what to do if you see an error code when updating or restoring your ipad through recovery mode?

    you can connect your ipad to a different usb port on your computer or swap a usb cable. If necessary, you can also uninstall security software on your computer in case it hinders the connections between your computer, iTunes, and iPad.

    what to do after trying to repair your ipad via recovery mode?

    If your ipad is now fixed but all your data is lost, you should immediately restore the backed up data on your ipad. If your ipad is still not fixed, go back to method 7 to use mobitrix perfix or skip to the next method.

    10. restore dfu with itunes/finder

    dfu restore is your last resort if recovery mode doesn’t work for you. rewrites your ipad’s system code and reloads both its firmware and software. apple technicians often use this method to repair devices with severely corrupted systems. Along with the possible crashes and crashes, your ipad data is also erased.

    the steps are listed below:

    • connect your ipad to a computer and start the latest version of itunes.
    • put your ipad into dfu mode by holding down the power button and home button for about 10 seconds. then release the power button and hold the home button until the screen turns black.
    • now choose the ipad option in itunes and click on the restore option.

    note: if you haven’t backed up your data, go back to method 7, as mobitrix perfix will fix the problem without deleting your ipad data.

    how to know if your ipad has entered dfu mode?

    while holding down the buttons, if your ipad turns black but lights up, then you have entered dfu mode. itunes will recognize your device and you are good to go. However, if the iTunes logo or computer icon appears on the iPad screen, it means your iPad has entered recovery mode and you will need to repeat the procedures.

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