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many users enjoy using headphones to listen to their favorite music and watch their favorite shows. it helps us focus more on what we are listening to, especially if we are in a crowded area and there are many distractions. This is why many people have invested in the best high-end headphones of 2020. But sometimes one side of our headphones sounds louder than the other. Knowing how to fix unbalanced headphones can help you solve this problem.

Unbalanced headphones have many causes. it may be due to a physical problem such as a broken cable. it can also be due to a system problem. Despite all of these possible causes, there are also tons of quick fixes and system settings to help resolve this issue.

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Before we discuss the different ways to fix unbalanced headphones, let’s first define what headphone imbalance is. Let’s get started!


  1. what is headphone unbalance?
  2. how to fix unbalanced headphones: physical solutions
    1. clean headphones
    2. check headphone wiring headphones
    3. clean the device’s headphone slot
    4. reset your device
    5. test your device
    1. check headphone balance
    2. turn off sound effects

    what is headphone imbalance?

    headphone unbalance is a condition where the headphones tend to emit uneven sound on each side. one side can be stronger or softer than the other side.

    This can tire your hearing nerves if one side is louder than the other. it can also be confusing and annoying while listening to your favorite music.

    how to fix unbalanced headphones – physical fixes

    These are quick fixes for your headset or device. try these solutions before moving on to the more technical ones to save time and resources.

    1. clean your headphones

    One of the reasons some headphones tend to sound uneven is because there’s dirt stuck inside them. this happens more often with headphones that have been used for a long time.

    To clean the mesh, first dry it with a brush. this will loosen any dust, dirt, or earwax. it is not advisable to inject air into it because this can only push the debris further into the mesh.

    then you can continue cleaning it with a cotton swab. just soak the cotton swab in warm water and squeeze out the excess water. pass a cotton swab to remove any remaining dirt and earwax. Using alcohol in this process can damage the paint on the headphones, so be careful when using it.

    2. check the wiring of your headphones

    One of the main causes of unbalanced headphones is the wiring. many users bend and bend the cables too much when they store the earphones. in turn, this causes power outages and other wiring problems.

    To find out if the problem is the headphones, try inserting them into another device. if the problem persists, then it must be your headphones.

    proceed to look for any signs of wiring damage. this can be in the form of cracks or tears. if you find any, secure them by covering them with electrical tape.

    If this does not resolve the issue, there may be kinked cables inside. to find where the problem is, bend the cable section by section and see if anything changes. when you find the problem, turning it a few times can sometimes fix the problem. but if the inner cable is really damaged, you may not be able to solve it by yourself.

    3. clean the device’s headphone jack slot

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    Another reason some headphones don’t sound balanced is that they’re not fully inserted. this is because there can be a buildup of dirt and dust inside the slot. this will prevent the cat from going all the way in.

    First, check the connector slot for debris with a flashlight. if it’s dry debris, consider carefully poking it with a thin, blunt object. make sure it’s not sharp so that when it moves it won’t damage anything. loosen the dirt and try to get it out of the slot.

    If dirt and debris remain, try cleaning with a damp cotton swab. make sure to squeeze out excess water because it can damage your device. proceed to sharpen the point so that it can fit into the jack slot. move it as if you were cleaning your ear.

    Once you’re done, follow up with a dry conical cotton swab. this will absorb any excess moisture left behind by the first cotton swab.

    don’t try to blow air into the slot because it can push debris in.

    4. reboot your device

    If your phone is crashing or an app is crashing, it may be the cause of the problem. As one of the most popular tech troubleshooting steps, try restarting your device and see if it works.

    just unplug your headphones and reboot your device. Once this is done, check if the problem still occurs.

    5. test your device

    If your headphones are out of balance, they may not be the problem at all to begin with.

    Please check the device you are connecting the headphones to. it could be the fault of the device. To do this, simply connect another headset to the device and see if the problem persists.

    If you encounter the same problem, you need to correct your device settings.

    how to fix unbalanced headphones – windows pc

    1. check the balance of the headphones

    One of the possible causes of your unbalanced headphones is your computer programming. due to configuration, one side may sound louder than the other. here are the steps to fix this:

    1. on your taskbar, find control panel and click it.

    2. look for the sound option. it usually has a speaker logo right next to it. if you can’t find it, you can always use the search bar which is usually located at the top right of the control panel. once you find it, click on it.

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    3. For the next step, you need to make sure that your headphones are connected to your device. find your device and right click on it. this will open up more options for you.

    4. in the options, select properties.

    5. once you are in the properties of your headphones, go to the levels tab. is at the top of its properties.

    6. click the balance button to the right of your device.

    7. to restore balance to your headphones, adjust the bars until your headphones sound the same.

    This is a simple but highly effective solution. if, for example, the problem is with your headphones, this solution can at least fix it. making the system fit the spans of your headphones is a great cost effective solution instead of buying new headphones.

    2. turn off sound effects

    many modern computers and laptops come with sound enhancement features. Naturally, these features affect the playback of your headphones. this may be one of the reasons why you have unbalanced headphones.

    This is how you can fix it:

    1. on your taskbar, find control panel and click it.
    1. look for the sound option. it usually has a speaker logo right next to it. if you can’t find it, you can always use the search bar which is usually located at the top right of the control panel. once you find it, click on it.
    1. For the next step, you need to make sure your headset is connected to your device. find your device and right click on it. this will open up more options for you.
    1. In the options, select properties.
    1. Once you’re in your headset properties, go to the enhancements tab.
    1. click the checkbox labeled disable all sound effects. is the checkbox at the top of the list of other checkboxes.

    how to fix unbalanced headphones – android phones

    If your headphones work fine on other devices but are unbalanced on your android phone, then your accessibility settings are responsible. These are similar to the sound features on Windows PCs, assigning audio through mono or stereo channels for better listening.

    This is what you can do to check if this setting has been enabled or not:

    1. Go to your phone settings.
    1. look for accessibility. if you can’t find it, sometimes it’s inside the more settings section.
    1. scroll down until you find the audio and font/screen text section. In this section, you can find a slider that allows you to customize which side should be louder.
    1. some phones do not have this slider. if this is the case, just tap the mono audio switch. this will remove the stereo effect but still allow playback.

    unbalanced headphone balance

    Unbalanced headphones can be really annoying, especially if you’re an audiophile who enjoys listening to music. It can be confusing and disorienting when one side of the headset is louder than the other.

    but don’t worry because there are tons of quick fixes and system tweaks you can do to resolve this. so before you throw away your headphones, make sure you first learn how to fix unbalanced headphones. It will help you solve your problems and save you from spending money on a new pair of headphones.

    Good luck fixing your headphones!

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