How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to PS4 Since You Can’t Wirelessly

  • You can’t connect a bluetooth speaker to your ps4 wirelessly, but you can do it in other ways.
  • Most bluetooth speakers have an auxiliary output, which you can connect to your ps4 using a 3.5mm audio cable.
  • To connect your speaker to the ps4, connect it to the 3.5mm input of the dualshock controller and make sure the settings are set to play audio from the controller.
  • You can also connect a speaker to your TV and it will automatically play audio through the ps4’s hdmi connection.
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Unfortunately, your ps4 won’t connect to bluetooth speakers.

the sony ps4 is not compatible with most bluetooth devices; If you want to connect bluetooth headphones to your ps4, you’ll also need to make sure they’re of a certain type.

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To connect the speakers, however, you will need to use other methods. here’s how to do it.

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You can’t connect a bluetooth speaker to your ps4 wirelessly, but you can connect speakers using these methods

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There are two other options for connecting speakers to your PS4:

  • You can connect speakers directly to your ps4 via an audio cable. Even most bluetooth speakers have a wired output, so this technique should work for pretty much any speaker.
  • you can connect a speaker to the television you are using with your ps4. You can connect the speaker with an audio cable or via bluetooth, depending on the capabilities of the TV. If your PS4 is connected to a TV using HDMI, it should automatically play audio through any speakers connected to the TV.

how to connect a speaker to your ps4 with an audio cable

The easiest way to connect a speaker (bluetooth or otherwise) to your ps4 is by connecting it to your ps4 dualshock controller using a 3.5mm audio cable.

1. Plug a 3.5mm audio cable into the port on your ps4 controller and plug the other end into your speaker output.

2. using the controller, select “settings”.

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3. select “devices”, followed by “audio devices”.

4. select “output device” and set it to “headset connected to controller” if it’s not already set to that option.

5. select “output to headphones” and make sure it’s set to “all audio”.

now when you use the ps4, it should come through the speaker.

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