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In recent years, there have been some pretty remarkable innovations in both plastic pipe and pressure fittings. These new plumbing products have made it easier than ever for the average hobbyist to install water lines and connect fixtures like a pro. No more calling a plumber or sweating copper with a torch. all it takes is the right products and a few helpful tips from your local independent home improvement retailer.

Today, we will show you how to solvent weld cpvc pipe. We’ll introduce you to a revolutionary plumbing system called Pex and show you the latest push fittings that will bring it all together. so let’s get started.

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cpvc plastic pipes for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. it is the gold standard of plastic pipes due to its durability and reliability under pressure…water pressure. the term used to join cpvc pipe and fittings is called solvent welding, which can be thought of as gluing.

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The first step in solvent welding CPVC pipe is to cut the pipe to the desired length with a hacksaw or PVC cutter. Once cut, remove any burrs and clean any dirt or debris from the area of ​​the pipe that will connect to the fitting. a file is the best tool for this.

Next, apply the purple primer to the end of the tube and to the fitting it will be attached to. this cleans the pipe and fitting and prepares the area for the solvent cement to bond. spread an even coat of solvent cement over the purple primer on both the pipe and fitting, then assemble the end of the pipe to the fitting by pushing the pipe into the fitting and turning it a quarter turn. hold the pipe and fitting in this position for 30 seconds and you’re good to go. the joint is sealed. that was pretty easy.

Although it was first used in Europe in the 1960s, Pex tubing is relatively new when it comes to water tubing. pex stands for high-density cross-linked polyethylene. is known for its ease of compression joining fittings and its flexible nature, providing flexibility on long runs and reducing the number of fittings needed in a run.

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Joining a pex tube to a fitting requires a special pex crimping tool like this one and crimp rings that fit over the tube and fitting. Joining the pipe to a fitting is as easy as inserting the fitting into the pipe, placing a crimp ring over the joint and crimping it with the crimping tool. that’s as easy as it sounds folks.

but wait, I’m corrected. Perhaps the easiest and most versatile accessory in the plumbing universe is the push-in fitting, which is what I’m arguing for here. While it may look like an ordinary elbow or brass tee fitting, it is far from it. These snap-on accessories are as easy to use as the snap-on assembly kit you played with as a kid. all you have to do is push the end of the tube into the fittings until it seats, and that’s it. no solder no solvent solder. no crimping tool needed. And the best part is, you can use these fittings to join copper, cpvc, or even pex pipe…all in the same fitting you see here.

what makes push fittings work is all the tiny teeth inside the fitting that grip the pipe and compress it against a plastic o-ring inside the fitting. And unlike copper or CPVC, you don’t have to dry out the water line before using these fittings. they even allow the accessory to rotate once it is attached, which can be useful in certain applications. And if you need to remove the fitting, just use this removal tool and the pipe will pop right out. They can even be used over and over again, making it ideal for temporary repairs. And while they may cost more than your standard accessory, in certain upgrade or repair applications, they’re well worth it.

well there you have it. With these products, even the novice hobbyist can get a finished result like a pro, and it doesn’t require much of a learning curve.

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