How to Connect Phone to Projector Using USB: 5 Methods Considered

Android phones are amazing, but they have one big drawback; its small limiting screen. yes, you can use them to watch a movie, but your eyes will get tired, which is why most people prefer to connect their device to a projector. there are several ways to make this connection, and this mainly depends on the type of connections your projector is compatible with.

for example, there are projector models that only come with an hdmi port, while others are more versatile and have different types of outputs, including built-in bluetooth, vga and usb. so there is no direct method on how to connect phone to projector via usb. It mainly depends on how the projector should be set up.

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know your connection options

According to a study by the trusted source ncbi, the evolution of technology in teaching: blackboard and beyond in medical education, the passing of knowledge from one generation to another, has been around since the early days of human civilization. The idea of ​​projectors was first highlighted in 1420 by Johannes de Fontana. he drew a picture of a monk with a lantern whose side had a small translucent window that could be projected onto the walls. this idea inspired the modern projectors we know today and are more technically advanced.

if you are looking for a quality projector on the market, the viewsonic m1 is one of the best options, according to several reviews. It’s compact and portable, so you can use it in any room and ensures up to 100-inch big-screen projection from 8’9″. This model has built-in harman kardon speakers to deliver premium audio, and setting it up is as easy as plug and play. It also has a built-in battery that offers up to 6 hours of use, and if you add a dongle, you can stream live sporting events and watch shows from Netflix and Disney.

How to Connect Phone to Projector Using USB: Easy-to-Follow Instructions

The first step in connecting your phone to the projector via USB is to determine the capabilities of your phone and projector.

phone capabilities

The capabilities and connections of your phone greatly influence your ability to connect your device to the projector. Newer phone models, for example Samsung phones, come with a feature that supports adapters and allows you to connect your device using a USB port and the projector’s HDMI port. Some other phone models only support Mobile High Definition Link (MHL). For such phones, you just need to buy a MHL to HDMI adapter which can be plugged into your phone’s USB port. however, we recommend that you pay close attention to the specific version of mhl that your phone’s manufacturer recommends, and then get an adapter that is compatible.

projector capabilities

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there are models of projectors that come with a usb port, although they are relatively uncommon. You’re also more likely to find this feature on document projectors compared to home theater models. however, if you are lucky enough to have a projector with this feature, you can easily connect your phone to the projector because this is the easiest way to make the connection. just set your projector to the correct input channel and then connect a usb cable to both devices.

if your projector doesn’t have a usb port, evaluate your input options and then find a solution that works.

If you want to upgrade your projector, we’ve compiled several reviews based on price. Check out our complete guides to the best projectors under $400, the best projectors under $1,000, and the best projectors under $2,000.

connect android phone to projector via usb

There have been significant technological advances, and according to a study by research gate, Trusted Source Use of Projector Phones: Practices and Social Implications, phones with built-in pico projectors are beginning to be marketed as business presentation and media viewing devices. media, and researchers are beginning to design specific applications of projection and interaction techniques to explore a broader range of possible uses. , Currently, there are phones that have built-in pico projectors that are marketed primarily for their media display capabilities and business presentations.

Before connecting your android device to your projector, you need to identify the type of ports both devices have. this will come in handy when choosing the correct cables. While most modern projectors come with HDMI ports, there are some with USB Type-C ports.

type c phone charging point

How to Connect Phone to Projector Using USB: Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Most smartphones now have Type-C charging ports, most prominently USB-C is an alternate mode that allows the port to output video signals directly to a display or HDMI port.


type c projector connection

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If your projector has a Type-C connection, simply connect one end of the USB-C cable to your projector and the other end to your smartphone. Change your projector’s input channel to USB-C and you’re ready to start mirroring your phone’s screen.

type c to hdmi

Most older projectors come with an hdmi port, but there are some that are equipped with a display port. If you have a smartphone with a USB-C port and a projector with an HDMI port, you’ll need to get a cable or adapter. then you need to plug the usb c connector into your android phone and the displayport or hdmi connector into the projector.

According to multiple expert opinions, the uni usb c to hdmi cable is one of the best models on the market. is compact & lightweight and has wide compatibility. This cable is also made of nylon braided for durability and allows you to enjoy 4k images.


If your projector only has vga ports, you can still connect it to your android phone. You simply need a USB to VGA MHL adapter to connect it to your phone’s USB port. the other end of the adapter should be connected to the projector’s vga cable.

connecting the iphone to the projector via usb

if you have an iphone, you can still connect it to your projector as long as you have the proper adapters.


The most challenging part of connecting your iPhone to your projector is making sure you have the correct cables. this means finding an adapter that has been designed specifically for your device model or made by your phone manufacturer. Most of the time, you may need to spend a few extra bucks, but this is the only way to make sure the cable works reliably with your devices.

According to several reviews, the lightning to hdmi adapter is the best option. Supports [email protected] and allows you to connect your iOS devices to a projector or monitor that has an HDMI input. This adapter is perfect for expanding your work area, gaming, settings, video calling, and watching TV shows. ensures stable signal transmission and is compatible with ios 14/13 as well as other operating systems.

final thoughts

Thanks to advances in technology, you don’t need a big screen to watch your favorite games and movies. As long as you have a mobile device and a projector, you’re good to go. This, however, means looking into how to connect your phone to the projector via USB, and the guide above highlights everything you need to know. In a nutshell, you must first assess the capabilities of your projector and phone. then you need to get the correct adapter or cable and then connect them. If you’re having trouble establishing a reliable connection, we recommend that you reboot your devices or get a new cable if yours is generic, as it mostly comes down to getting the right tools.

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