How to Connect Your Windows Laptop to a Mobile Hotspot

If your internet connection drops and crashes or your service provider is down during the day, don’t worry. it’s easy to connect your laptop to a mobile hotspot and restore the internet so you can get back to work.

this is how you can connect your windows laptop to a mobile hotspot via wi-fi, bluetooth or usb.

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what is a mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot allows your phone to act as a router, sharing your data connection (either your mobile data plan or any Wi-Fi network you’re connected to) with other devices. With this functionality, you can always connect to the internet on your laptop, even if your main internet is down for some reason.

Please note that using a wireless hotspot will drain your phone’s battery, use your mobile data much faster, and expose you to malicious actors if you’re not careful.

start the hotspot

The first step is to start the mobile hotspot connection so your laptop can discover it.

to share your mobile hotspot on android:

  1. open the settings app.
  2. select connections.
  1. scroll down and tap mobile hotspot & tethering.
  1. turn on mobile hotspot settings.
  1. Tap mobile hotspot to view and change your password.

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note: this process may differ slightly depending on the make and version of your android device. If your android hotspot is not working, try these ten solutions.

to share your mobile hotspot on an apple iphone:

  1. open settings.
  2. tap personal hotspot.
  1. turn on allow others to join.

Note: This process may differ slightly depending on your iPhone model or iOS version. If your iphone hotspot is not working for windows, please try to fix the problem.

connect your windows laptop to wifi hotspot

once you’ve shared the hotspot with your mobile device, you can create a network connection with your microsoft laptop just like any other wireless network.

to connect to your mobile hotspot in windows 11:

  1. click the wi-fi symbol in the lower right corner of the taskbar.
  1. click the arrow next to the wifi symbol to enter the wifi settings.
  1. scroll down until you find your mobile hotspot and select it. This should be the name and model of your phone.
  1. When prompted, enter the Wi-Fi hotspot password and click connect.

to connect to your mobile hotspot using windows 10:

  1. click the network settings symbol in the lower right corner of the task bar. This will appear as a Wi-Fi symbol if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, a computer and a cable if you’re connected via Ethernet, or a globe with a disconnect symbol if you’re not connected to a network.
  1. select your access point name.
  1. when prompted, enter the network security key and click next.

how to connect your laptop to mobile hotspot via usb

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It is possible to connect your android phone to your windows laptop via usb cable. to configure the usb connection:

  1. connect your usb cable to both the phone and your laptop.
  2. open settings on your android.
  3. tap connections .
  1. Tap mobile hotspot & tethering.
  1. activate network tethering via usb.

how to connect your laptop to mobile hotspot via bluetooth

The final way to connect your laptop to a mobile hotspot is to enable bluetooth connection. this is possible on ios and android phones.

to enable bluetooth tethering in android:

  1. open settings.
  2. tap connections.
  3. tap mobile hotspot & tethering .
  4. press bluetooth tethering.
  1. activate it.

to enable bluetooth tethering on an iphone:

  1. open settings.
  2. tap bluetooth.
  1. turn on bluetooth and select your laptop from the list of devices to connect.

then connect your windows pc to bluetooth hotspot:

  1. click the up arrow at the bottom right of the taskbar to see the icon tray.
  2. right-click on the bluetooth symbol and click show bluetooth devices.
  1. click add bluetooth or other device.
  1. select bluetooth.
  1. select your phone from the list.
  1. When you click on your phone, you should receive a pairing request. confirm that the passkey is identical on your phone and laptop, and then click pair on your phone.
  1. click connect on your laptop.

happy days

Maintaining access to the internet at all times is becoming more and more necessary with so many people working from home or needing the internet to keep in touch with their families. Fortunately, with the mobile hotspot feature, you can create a Wi-Fi connection using your mobile data, which means you’ll never lose touch.

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