Artificial Christmas Tree Assembly Instruction | Balsam Hill

before we start

We recommend asking family and friends for help with tree setup, as it can take around two hours to assemble and shape a tree for the first time. taking your time to set up your tree will ensure that it looks complete and realistic during the holiday season.

what’s in the box?

  • assembly instructions
  • tree support with eyebolt (for non-flip™ trees)
  • numbered tree sections (section 1 is the base of the tree)
  • spare bulbs/fuses for pre-lit trees
  • bulb removal tool
  • cotton gloves
  • storage bag
  • control box & remote control (for select color + clear™ and flip™ trees)

configuring and shaping your tree

Setup instructions vary depending on the model of your balsam hill tree. our flip tree™ models feature patented technology for faster and easier setup, and our instant evergreen™ models require minimal lint. select here for assembly instructions for traditional (non-flip™) trees, and here for assembly instructions for the flip™ tree.

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traditional trees (non-flip™)

step 1 | build tree stand

The base of the included Balsam Hill tree unfolds into an X shape made up of four legs. turn the eyebolt on the bracket just enough to make sure the legs cannot be folded back.

step 2 | secure the tree

Insert the lower section of the tree into the base, then fully tighten the eyebolt. the center post should extend straight up and should not wobble. all balsam hill™ trees use hinged branches that are already attached to the center post, so there is no need to individually attach the pieces to the trunk.

step 3 | shape the branches

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Open the hinged branches at the bottom section and start shaping them.

Please see our detailed modeling instructions here for the most complete and realistic look. insert and shape the middle section(s) of the tree in the same way. To reduce the need for fluffing, consider our instant evergreen™ models.

flipping trees™

step 1 | prepare the tree

flip trees™ come out of the box in the storage position, with the base section face down on the stand. roll the tree to your chosen viewing location, making sure there is enough room to flip it over. then remove the storage bag, lock the wheels and plug in the lights to make sure they all work.

step 2 | identify turn path

Locate the turn path indicator arrow on top of the turn post to find out which way the tree turns and clear the turn path by pushing branches to the left or right of the tree trunk all the way around. tree base length.

step 3 | flip the tree

Flip the tree by placing one or both hands on top of the pole and pulling in the direction of the arrow toward you. place one foot on the horizontal bar of the stand to stabilize the tree while turning it. lock the tree in place using the safety strap at the base and place it on top of the tree.

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step 4 | shape the branches

Open the hinged branches at the bottom section and start shaping them. Check out our detailed modeling instructions here to achieve the most complete and realistic look. shape the middle section(s) of the tree in the same way.

connecting your lights

balsam hill pre-lit trees are available in 2 types of light sets: easy plug™ trees (including flip™ and instant evergreen™) and traditionally lit trees. the lights on our easy plug™ models connect automatically inside the trunk, while traditional pre-lit trees have string lights that connect manually end to end outside the tree.

step 1 | mount the lights

please note: if you ordered an easy connect tree, you can skip this step as the lights connect automatically.

  • identify the color-coded plugs and sockets in each section of the tree. insert each plug into its corresponding socket with the corresponding label.
  • if you have a color + clear™ tree, the red stickers mark the sockets, sockets and the outlet of the clear lights control box, while the yellow stickers mark the lights elements multicolored throughout the tree. Plug the cord running from the receiver box near the base of the tree into a wall outlet. then identify the two different sets of lights that connect to the corresponding color-coded extension cords. Starting with the top section, connect the extension cords to their sockets in the tree section below. Depending on the height of your tree, the cables may connect up or down from a particular section. When you reach the base of the tree, plug the wires into the control box.

To find lighting instructions for a specific tree, find their exclusive pdf here.

step 2 | turn on the lights

  • if your tree has a foot pedal, step on it to turn the lights on and off.
  • if your tree has a remote control, remove the plastic insert from the battery compartment of the remote control and choose “clear”, “multiple” or “both” to light the tree.

If your tree lights aren’t working properly, check out our troubleshooting page or contact us for help.

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