How to connect beats solo 2 wireless to iphone

  • you can connect beats wireless headphones to your iphone with a few simple steps.
  • beats by dre is owned by apple, and if you’re a student who buys a mac or ipad, you might be able to get beats headphones for free.
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airpods aren’t the only headphones you can get from apple.

If you buy educationally priced apple products, like a mac or ipad for college, you can even get a free pair of beats headphones.

Reading: How to connect beats solo 2 wireless to iphone

beats by dre is a subsidiary of apple and it’s easy to pair these wireless hi-fi earphones with your iphone and other apple devices.

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get free beats when you buy an ipad or mac for college

how to connect beats wireless headphones to your iphone

When you get new beats headphones, it’s easy to connect them to your iphone.

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1. turn on the power. On the Beats, the over-ear headphones, the power button is on the cord below the right earcup. on powerbeats – the earbuds – the power button is on the left earbud.

2. the power light should go on and off. this indicates that it is in pairing mode. if it doesn’t flash, it may have connected to another nearby device. You may need to disable bluetooth on other devices to connect to your iPhone.

3. If you don’t see a flashing light at first, press and hold the power button for several seconds to enter pairing mode.

4. open settings > bluetooth on your iphone. make sure bluetooth is on.

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5. select your new beats or powerbeats headphones from the list of other devices.

6. Your wireless beats will be added to my devices list and it should say connected.

once you’ve paired your beats device with your iphone, it will automatically connect in the future. beats and powerbeats connect, by default, to the last device they were paired with.

If you use your headset with multiple devices, you may need to enter settings again to connect to your iPhone.

how to troubleshoot if your beats won’t connect to an iphone

If you’re having trouble connecting your beats wireless device to your iPhone, here are a few things you can try.

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  • Make sure your beats or powerbeats headphones are close to your iphone and other bluetooth devices not. other electronic devices, such as wireless routers and microwaves, can also interfere with the beats connection.
  • go to settings > bluetooth menu and make sure your heartbeat is selected.
  • Tap the lowercase “i” icon next to your device in the bluetooth menu. On the next screen, choose to forget this device. then pair your beats with your iphone again.
  • make sure both your beats and iphone are charged and turned on, and the volume is loud enough to hear.

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