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wonder why you can’t hear your music as clearly as before? well, you probably need to clean your headphones. In case you didn’t know, your headphones pick up a lot of dirt, dust, and grime, and don’t forget, earwax too! don’t know how to clean earphones at home? don’t worry; we’re here to help!

Research shows that the average person buys 2-4 pairs of headphones every 4 years. Furthermore, the most common reason behind repeat purchases is decreased sound quality. however, changing the device is not always the solution. Just because you’ve noticed a slight difference in sound quality doesn’t mean you should buy a new pair of headphones every now and then.

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Dirt and dust can get trapped in the ear cushions and can muffle and wrap the sound coming out of the drivers. If the dirt keeps accumulating, there are chances that your ears and headphones will be damaged. You must have noticed that sometimes some spots can appear on the pads. these are the result of sweat and oil on the skin and, of course, the environment.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to clean your headphones to ensure maximum sound clarity and leave them squeaky clean.

Keep reading to find out more.

what can I use to clean the headphones?

The first question that comes to your mind when you think about cleaning your headphones is “what can I use to clean the headphones?” No; We’re not going to talk about fancy chemicals and cleaning solutions here. all the things you need to clean your headphones are right there on your kitchen counter.

here is a list of things you will need to clean your headphones:

  • a small piece of cloth/paper towel
  • hand sanitizer/rubbing alcohol
  • q-tips/cotton swabs
  • soap</li
  • water
  • clips
  • double-sided tape

is isopropyl alcohol good for cleaning headphones?

It is safe to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the earphones. it is okay to clean metal and plastic parts with isopropyl alcohol; however, you can alter the painting a bit (if that concerns you).

We recommend that you use it with caution, as it may seep into the glued parts of the earphones or enter the speaker compartment and loosen the speaker or reshape its diaphragm. therefore, we suggest that you dip a cotton swab lightly into the isopropyl alcohol and use it to clean only after wiping off the excess.

how to clean over-ear headphones?

cleaning over-the-ear headphones is an easy task; however, you should proceed with caution.

There are two types of over-the-ear headphones on the market. some include earmuffs that can be easily removed and cleaned, while others include earmuffs that connect to headphones and cannot be removed. therefore, it can be a daunting task to clean them to perfection.

Disclaimer: If you received your headphones with special instructions on how to clean them, we recommend that you follow them strictly.

You can clean your over-the-ear headphones with the supplies listed above. Also, to iterate, using isopropyl alcohol is completely safe as it does not cause permanent damage to leather, synthetic leather, plastic, or metal.

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Once you have everything you need to clean your headphones, follow these simple steps:

  • first remove the headphones (if possible). it will help you clean the bottom mesh properly.
  • Next, moisten a soft cloth and make sure to wring out any excess water. now start cleaning the headphone and headphone main unit. take your time to complete this step to remove all dirt and bacteria from your headphones. you can use a paper towel or rubbing alcohol. we suggest the latter. using either to clean the headphones and the rest of the body of the headphones.
  • then take a swab (preferably) or a cotton ball and dip it in rubbing alcohol and clean all the corners. again, take your time to do this and clean all the folds and the earphone unit.
  • now expand the earphones to the maximum and start cleaning them thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol. make sure to clean all the buttons as well.
  • finally, proceed to clean the mesh. be very careful when doing this. use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and clean the mesh well.

Everything is ready! you have a clean pair of headphones that almost feel like new. Also, don’t forget to clean all the cables with a paper towel or cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

how to clean the headphones?

Cleaning a headset is a bit more difficult than cleaning an over-the-ear headset, since the latter does not include a microphone. Before we dive into the step-by-step process of cleaning a headset, let’s go through a quick list of what you’ll need:

  • a drop or two of mild dish soap mixed with warm water. make sure not to make it too foamy.
  • a toothbrush (preferably a children’s toothbrush with soft bristles)
  • microfiber cloth
  • q-tips

Once you’ve collected all these things, it’s time to start the cleanup process.

  • Before starting the cleaning process, remove the earphones and microphone if they can be removed from the headset. if not, be careful when cleaning them.
  • now, dip the microfiber cloth in soapy water. Be sure to squeeze out excess soapy water to prevent soapy water from dripping into the earpiece.
  • Use this cloth to gently clean the ear cups, headband and microphone.
  • If your headphones have an adjustable headband, you can wash them separately. again, make sure all the water has dried before placing the band on the headset.

After following these steps, clean the headset gently with a soft cloth. once it’s down, we’ll move on to cleaning the headphones.

The cleaning method of removable earphones depends on their material. this is how you can do it.

  • If the earphones are made of leather, you can clean them with a soft, damp microfiber cloth. check if all the water has dried properly before putting it back on the headset.
  • if the headphones are made of velvet, all you need is duct tape to clean them. Gently rub the ear cups to remove any fluff present in them. now use the tape to get the remaining lint out of the earmuffs.
  • if the earbuds are sweaty, you can soak them in the dish soap solution we talked about earlier.
  • lastly, if the earbuds have air fabric or mesh, you can wash them with soapy water. water after removing the foam. After washing, let them air dry until the water evaporates completely, and then put the foam back on.

you are solved. By following these simple steps, you can easily clean your headset, even the most expensive gaming headset.

how to clean the headphone pads?

Spend thousands of dollars on skin care products and still have problems? the pads on your headphones may be the cause. We cannot stress enough the importance of cleaning the ear pads for hygiene reasons. Headphone ear pads sit directly on your skin and if not cleaned properly can cause skin breakouts and other allergies.

Therefore, it is also important to clean the headphones for maintenance purposes. cleaning and caring for them will help them retain their good shape, keeping their quality high, like a new pair. thus, saving you a few bucks.

but isn’t it a hectic job to clean the ear pads? no problem. in fact, it’s easier than you think.

These are some simple ways to help you keep your headphone pads clean for a long time.

  • It is best to clean them immediately after use. this way, sweat and bacteria won’t have time to build up. always use a soft cloth, if not a microfiber cloth, to clean the ear cushions.
  • Another way is to clean them from time to time with a damp cloth. Make a mixture of mild dishwashing detergent and warm water and use it to dampen the cloth. Gently clean the pads using a rubbing and pressing motion.
  • For a deep clean, which you should do only twice a year, you’ll need a special leather conditioner. this process is only for pads that have a protein foam liner.
  • scoop a small amount of foam onto a soft cloth and massage into leather. Let the pads fully soak in the conditioner and start using it once it has completely dried.

how to clean the headphones?

experts say that headphones are dirtier than the kitchen counter. they almost have 2,700 times more bacteria and honestly, that’s gross. If this data doesn’t get you cleaning your headphones, we don’t know what will.

Here’s how you can clean your headphones really fast:

  • With the covid-19 outbreak, it has become very important to disinfect everything correctly. you can easily clean your headphones by rubbing them with alcohol wipes which are available in the first aid section.
  • When you are cleaning your headphones, it is better to clean them thoroughly. check all the nooks and corners. use a toothpick to clean out any earwax that is stuck inside them. Also, use an alcohol wipe to clean them thoroughly.

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These are the two simple steps you need to follow to clean your headphones completely. With just two simple things sitting on the counter by your couch, you can easily clean your headphones without moving an inch.

how to clean the tips of the ears?

cleaning the eartips is just as important as cleaning the earphones. The reason for the sudden decrease in the sound quality of the headphones may be dirt and wax buildup on the tips of the ears.

Follow these steps to easily clean the eartips:

  • First, separate the tips of the earphones. then wipe them gently with a soft, dry cloth. You can also use a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Make sure the ear tips are completely dry before putting them back on.
  • if using swabs, avoid using alcohol-based cleaning solutions. just use water to gently clean them with a damp cloth.

how to disinfect the earphones?

when you’re disinfecting everything to keep the deadly covid-19 virus away, why avoid disinfecting your headphones? yes, cleaning your headphones is no longer enough. remember that they sit directly in your ear canals. therefore, your headphones cannot afford to be nooks and crannies that have thousands of bacteria. you must disinfect them to protect your ears from infections.

We have outlined a few simple steps to help you easily disinfect your headphones.

  • Initially, clean the headset thoroughly with a cloth dampened in soapy water. be sure to remove any excess water, as you don’t want water dripping onto the earphones.
  • The next step is to apply hydrogen peroxide to the earphones with a cotton swab.
  • Wait a few minutes for the hydrogen peroxide to bubble up and remove any dirt and wax.
  • now, using a soft toothbrush, gently brush the earphones to remove any remaining debris.
  • finally, wipe the earphones with a clean towel or soft cloth and wait for dry completely before use.

how to clean airpods and airpods pro?

We don’t need to remind you that your airpods or airpods pro are expensive. Now, wouldn’t you mind spending the same amount every two years? well you should. However, if you want to avoid investing in a new pair of AirPods or AirPods Pro every year, you should take proper care of them to improve their durability. In fact, many AirPods and AirPods Pro users consider cleaning their AirPods and AirPods Pro to make them louder.

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Although apple has already listed the steps on how to clean airpods and airpods pro on its official website, we have listed them below for your convenience:

  • never use your airpods or airpods pro under water.
  • always use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to clean them.
  • clean your airpods or airpods pro with a damp cloth dipped in fresh water if they have been exposed to anything acidic or stain-causing substances such as soaps, solvents, detergents, oil, hair dye, etc.
  • While cleaning, take care not to drip liquid onto the airpods through the openings.
  • To clean the microphone or speaker mesh, always use a dry cotton swab.
  • never use sharp objects to clean your airpods or airpods pro.

how to clean airpods and airpods pro case inside?

The thing about airpods is that cleaning them isn’t enough. to make sure they are always clean, you should also clean the casing.

Again, Apple has already provided a set of instructions that you can use to clean the AirPods case yourself, without any damage. we have listed them below for you:

  • always clean your airpods or airpods pro charging case with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
  • you can lightly dampen the cloth with isopropyl alcohol, but be sure to wring out the excess.
  • be careful not to allow any liquid to seep through the charging port openings .
  • Use a dry toothbrush with soft bristles to remove dirt from the lightning connector.
  • Refrain from using abrasive materials to clean the case.
  • Do not put anything into the charging ports to avoid damaging the metal contacts.

and voila!

cleaning your headphones is not a difficult job. in fact, we recommend that you do it regularly. It is important to maintain good hygiene of the devices you use, especially electronic ones.

We hope you found our post on how to clean your headphones useful. remember; you should be polite and avoid exaggerating anything.

If you have any questions, concerns or queries, feel free to leave a comment in our comments section below, and our experts will get back to you with a response in no time.

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