How To Charge Beats Headphones? (2 Easy Methods You Should Try!)

There are plenty of wireless headphones on the market right now, some of which are almost absurdly cheap.

However, buying a pair of off-brand headphones can be risky.

Reading: How to charge a beats headphone

That’s one of the things that makes the new beats flex wireless headphones so appealing.

They provide simple airpod-like capabilities for iphone users for $50, but their usb-c charging makes them important for android users as well.

sometimes you may have trouble charging your beats headphones. That is why we have written this guide to help you with your technical problems.

How To Charge Beats Headphones?

How To Charge Beats Headphones?

Quick Answer, How to Charge Beats Headphones?

To charge the earphones, use the provided micro usb cable to connect to a power source. The fuel gauge LEDs flash while the headphones are charging. When charging is finished, all five lights stay on.

press and release the power button to see the fuel gauge, which shows the battery level and loading status.

After 2 hours of charging, your headphones can play up to 12 hours.

plug in the remote talk cable to use your headset in wired mode to save battery power or to use your headset when the battery is low.

the beats flex is the successor to beatsx, which initially cost $149 when it was released. the flex has a similar configuration to its predecessor, with the headphones connected by a cable that must be hung around the neck.

They don’t charge inside a case like true wireless earbuds because they’re connected with a cable. instead, a usb-c connection on the cable lets you plug them into a charger or computer right out of the box.


here are the steps to charge your beats headphones:

step 1

check the status of your battery. When your headphones are not plugged in, you can monitor the battery life status using the LED fuel gauge lights. On the right earcup, the LED lights are located below the power button. led lights mean the following: [1]

  • A full or near full battery charge is shown by five white lights.
  • The presence of a red light indicates that the battery charge is low.
  • a flashing light the red light indicates that the battery is almost depleted.
  • the absence of lights indicates that the battery is depleted.

step 2

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Plug the charging cable into the right earbud. Connect the charging cable that came with your headphones to the micro-USB connector on the right side of the headphones.

step 3

plug the charging cable into the power adapter. connect the other end of the charging cable to the usb connection of the power adapter. ca that comes with your headphones.

You can also connect the charging connection to a free usb port on your desktop or laptop. this method, however, may take longer to charge the earphones.

step 4

Insert the AC adapter into a wall outlet. connect the charging cable of your headset to the AC adapter and plug it into a power outlet. allow approximately 2 hours for your headset to fully charge.

If your headphones won’t charge, try a new charging cable. If it doesn’t work, you can reset the headset or use a computer to check for firmware changes.

Steps to Charge your Beats Headphone

Steps to Charge your Beats Headphone

Two Ways to Charge your Beats Wireless Headphones

  1. connect the charging cable to the micro usb port on the right earbud.
  2. connect the usb end of the cable to a power source.

Using the AC adaptor, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge a discharged battery. if you’re charging via usb from your laptop or other device, it may take a bit longer.

Any adapter with a female usb connector can be used, as long as the other end of the cable has a male android connector.

Using a headset while charging your phone puts you at risk of brain injury due to radiation emissions and electrical conductivity.

on the other hand, it is recommended to use the headphones for calls while they are not charging because it helps to minimize the amount of radiation that enters the head.

you can also apply this tip if you have a powerbeats pro, beats solo, beats powerbeats, true wireless earbuds, wired headphones, studio3 wireless, bose quietcomfort, beats x, or even your apple airpods, apple watch, android device, and apple device to make sure it won’t hurt your brain, thus let you continue to hear good sound quality, make phone calls without noise, call siri at any time!

how to pair beats headphones

how do i know if my beats are charging?

status of the battery

  1. 5 white lights indicate a full or nearly full charge.
  2. a solid red light indicates a low charge.
  3. a flashing red light indicates the battery is charging. approaching. at the end of its useful life.
  4. no lights indicate that the headset has been turned off or that the battery is not charged.

how long does it take to charge beats & headphones?

have you ever had to leave the house in a hurry only to find that your beats headphones are not charged? we have been there and we know how aggravating it is. this is how long you would have had to charge them to have them fully charged when you needed to go.

charging time for beats headphones is two hours. It takes an hour and a half to charge Beats headphones with a dead battery. It will take two and a half hours to charge the charging case with the dead earbuds inside.

How Long Does it Take to Charge Beats Headphones & Earbuds?

How Long Does it Take to Charge Beats Headphones & Earbuds?

Charging Times

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Those multi-hour load times can be inconvenient when you’re in a hurry. Fortunately, today’s technology is pretty smart.

beats headphones and earphones include a feature known as fast fuel. Quickly charge your device to 80 percent battery before slowing down to avoid damaging battery health. many other devices today have a feature similar to this.

so while it takes two hours to charge the headphones to 100%, you can charge them for five minutes and enjoy three hours of listening time. the same goes for beats headphones, albeit with a different listening time. you can get one hour out of five minutes of charging time with the headphones.

Charging time between 80 and 100 percent, on the other hand, will be slightly longer than the above percentages. If you have time, it is better to fully charge your headphones or earphones. this will allow you to make the most of your listening time.

You don’t have to worry about overloading your devices. Beats devices are powered by lithium-ion batteries that will stop charging when they reach 100% capacity.

load variables

While the charging times listed above are standard, there are a few factors that will influence how long it takes to charge beats devices.

  • cables of the past
  • ignored a dead battery
  • simultaneous charging

When it comes to charging, there is always the possibility that the equipment may not work properly. cables can get temperamental as they age, only charging when seated at precise angles. this could be the case if your devices seem to start and stop charging at random times.

battery life variables

There are other factors that can contribute to decreased battery life on your beats bluetooth device.

  • load cycles
  • temperature
  • many people
  • additional functions
  • calls

Charging cycles have an impact on batteries. a full cycle is when the batteries are depleted to 0% and then recharged to 100%.

Li-ion batteries have a finite number of charge cycles before degrading. when this happens, battery life will be significantly reduced, even when fully charged.

Li-ion batteries typically have between 300 and 500 charge cycles during their lifetime. battery health deteriorates as the number of cycles increases. so if your beats devices are old and have been through many cycles, you won’t get the full listening time.

How Can I Tell Whether My Beats Are Charging?

How Can I Tell Whether My Beats Are Charging?

Conclusion On How to Charge Beats Headphones

It’s worth noting that the beats flex costs $50 and includes a charging cable that works well and provides 90 minutes of playback after just 10 minutes of charging. however, it does not include a charging cable, like the iphone 12 variants.

so if you don’t have a computer with a usb-c output port or a usb-c block, you won’t be able to charge the flex once the battery runs out. if this is the case for you, you’ll need to add the cost of a charger, which brings the price down slightly from $50.

hope we can help you in some way or how to charge your beats headphones!

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frequently asked questions about charging beats headphones

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