Top 10 Best Studio Headphones For Home Recording 2022 Reviews

for those who like us, have a studio at home. I wonder how many, like us, initially paid little attention to the quality of our headphones. we raise our hands and plead guilty.

They’re needed at all stages, especially in the later stages when you start editing, mixing, and mastering, when a good part of what you’re doing is checking things out on phones.

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We never really thought about it until one day someone said to try this. he was polite enough not to be rude, just let us hear for ourselves. point made, case proven, now we better get some better ones.

The question, of course, is what to buy and how much to spend.

so, let’s take a look at the best headphones for recording at home and find the best pair for you…

best studio headphones for home recording

reviews of the 10 best home recording studio headphones of 2022

1 beyerdynamic dt 990 pro supraaural studio headphone

beyer is proud of its dt 990 headphones with its three dimensional sound feature. In short, that means it reproduces all the frequencies of the instruments in the unit. for this it needs a wide response range, and it certainly has it. in fact, it’s quite a unique listening experience, with powerful, yet very clear sound.

They reproduce powerful bass and treble, making them ideal for studio work. they have a “v” curve in sound balance with the tops and bottoms prominent and the mids slightly dimmer.

The design is what is known as open over-ears, making them ideal for studio work, eliminating some background noise and allowing you to focus on what you’re listening to. they are durable and highly durable with soft pads made of velvet that make them comfortable to wear.

Velvet pads are replaceable if needed. and come with a single cable with a 3.5mm stereo jack plug. the strap is extendable if necessary.

They are made of plastic, which makes them very light, except for the headband, which has a metal base but is covered with a leather-like material, and the arms that hold the headphones, which are made of metal base material and again covered.


don’t be intimidated by the plastic tag. it is a high quality polymeric plastic and therefore quite strong and durable. these feel quite light and not being heavy to wear is something of a comfort issue, and most people don’t like headphones that are heavy, no matter how substantial they feel.

these are good headphones that produce great sound. the top end can be a bit overwhelming at higher volumes, which could cause ear fatigue if used that way for a long time.

made in germany and a quality purchase.

2 audio-technica ath-r70x professional open reference headphones

audio-technica is a Japanese company created in the 1960s that has now expanded its manufacturing base into musical areas, with headphones being something they are especially known for.

In a relatively short time, they have become a respected force in the production of recording studio headphones, producing everything from the basic but very acceptable m20x to the m50x, recognized as one of the best headphones in studios. .

before the ath-r70 range, they had always developed closed back headphones and this is their first open back headset. the design is interesting and totally different from anything they have produced before.

The headphones aren’t connected by a headband, but by a semi-circular metal frame that doesn’t actually touch your head. however, there is a headband that goes over your head to give the unit stability.

They have a soft, breathable ear cushion material for added comfort and are made of a durable material. They are made from a carbon composite resin and the ear cups have an aluminum mesh to give the open back sound.

some sound changes have been added to the ‘r’ range, which were not previously included in the lower priced ‘m’ versions.

They are known for their high treble boost, but this headphone has a softer top end and is much more pronounced at lower frequencies. this redefined balance allows the mids to project more, though still not prominent enough for some, creating a better all-around sound.

A notable plus point with these headphones is the weight. they’re so light you could call them featherweights, weighing in at just 210 grams. they are a good option, although not particularly cheap, and certainly in the frame to be the best headphones for home recording studios.

3 professional sennheiser hd 650 open headphones

one thing we all learn when we start recording and mixing at home is that a lot of the work is done through headphones. You also have to take into account the budget. Not many of us can buy exactly what we want.

a difficult choice.

if you go for headphones then these sennheiser hd 650 are an excellent piece of kit. in fact, after you buy them, you may not need to upgrade them, they are that good. they’re not new, of course, and have been around for a while, and many will already be familiar with them.

a gray metal finish and plastic are the main ingredients. the inner headband is made of spring steel and there is a metal mesh that forms a grid on the earcups. we think that sennheiser, when he designed them, was more interested in how they would sound than how they would look.

And it’s in sound quality where these headphones score points. at the top end, there’s very little in the way of extra boost. there is a presence to the sound, but not much more than that. the bass is well defined. not as brash as some, but clean sound where you can hear everything that’s playing.

mids are excellent and really shine. they are not lost as they are with a headset and quite prominent. these phones are well built and have excellent quality. made in germany.

They are an excellent option but they are not cheap.

4 sennheiser hd 800 s reference headphone system

sennheiser’s product line is full of great headphones. whatever price you want to pay, you know you’re buying quality. the sennheiser 800 range, however, goes a little further.

some would say they are.

These phones could be the benchmark by which all others are judged. and sennheiser, who aren’t necessarily known for being extravagant with their designs and prefer their gear to be understated, have gone to great lengths to make it not only sound better, but also look extra special.

the design is as you would expect, but they have a certain style, well, panache.

there is a lot of silver and black in the makeup which gives the feeling of superiority over similar products. certain technological superiority. they are constructed primarily of plastic, although it is a high quality plastic polymer, but it is quality construction.

enough about what they look like and what they’re made of. they look good, but how do they sound?

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well, for the price you pay, you’d expect them to be good, but not as good as this one. they just jump at you. it’s quite a surprise. it’s hard to find a word to describe the sound, but the awe comes close. it feels like you’re sitting in the middle of it all while it’s playing.

It’s all there, the crisp, clear highs and booming lows, the fluid mids that hold it all together. nothing over the top or hype, just perfect.

By the standards of some of today’s headphones, they can be considered heavy at 330 grams, but they’re not heavy, just substantial.

everything from the ergonomically designed ear cups to the plush ear cushions to the headband, which is covered in multiple layers of polymer to reduce vibration, has been included to make them exceptional.

made in germany.

5 samson sr850 semi-open studio reference headphones

Not everyone can afford to pay a small fortune for something, let alone a pair of headphones. Therefore, we are grateful for companies like Samson that produce quality equipment at a budget level.

Somewhat of a newcomer to the business, Samson produces some cost effective equipment that, despite its attractive price, is well built and well designed.

one of those items is the sr850 studio reference headphones. They feature an over-ear design that allows for a wider soundstage with an adjustable headband to ensure comfort. the ear cups are well padded and have a mesh grille.

while not uncomfortable, we think this is where samson has made some cutbacks to keep the price as low as possible.

It’s a very traditional design, but it works, and they’re put together well. the sound is surprisingly good and we’re not afraid to say that it will compete with other brands with a much higher price tag.

at both ends of the frequency scale, they work quite well. the top end may not be as bright as some, but the mids are decent and the bass actually sounds quite nice and warm. They may have cut some shortcuts in materials and construction, but they’ve done well in the sound department.

some would argue that those priorities are correct.

For this price, these headphones are an exceptional value, as long as you’re not expecting the top end, and they produce good results. Of course, there are one or two issues that we’ve mentioned, but like we said, for the money, they’re great value.

akg k701 open reference class 6 stereo headphones

the akg 701 is a set of headphones that have been produced for over ten years. I guess that in itself says something about how good they are and how popular they’ve become.

At first glance, they look big but are surprisingly light when you pick them up. in fact, visually it has to be said that they’re not particularly appealing with a leather headband, adjusters that arch over the top like a monument, and fairly large earcups. they resemble a set of phones you may have seen a long time ago.

They look metallic, but are actually made of plastic. the plastic is lightweight and you don’t want heavy headphones for a long session. most of the comments so far feel negative. they are not, just observations.

akg know what they’re doing and that these phones are popular is a testament to how good they are. One area that makes them so popular is that they are very comfortable to wear. the ear cups are made of a soft velvet-covered foam and do not fit the head at all. built for a long, hard day.

These are open-back headphones, which means they’re not suitable for all environments, but they certainly are for the studio.

They have a wide frequency range with a very good mid section. below that, the low end is warm and clear, with no muddiness and a top end that’s impressive. the clarity is plenty, and if you’re looking for a set of phones that catches every little nuance and error in the recording, these are the ones.

Price is on the high end, but to be expected.

If you’re looking for the best headphones for recording at home, these should be on your list.

7 sony mdr7506 large diaphragm professional headphones

sony isn’t necessarily the first name we think of when it comes to recording and studios, although they obviously have a pretty extensive track record in just about every other aspect of sound reproduction. however, that is an unfair statement because in many studios, home and professional, you may find a set of mdr 7506.

because they are good in many ways.

The closed design provides sound isolation and a stable listening environment. they enclose the sound and exclude the outside. the padded ear cups fit well and are ultra comfortable. they provide studio quality sound in that closed environment with no possible sound leakage to the microphones if you are recording.

They have a frequency range of 10hz to 20khz, which will cover just about anything you can throw at them. and they are not expensive at all. In the manufacture, oxygen-free copper cable and gold-plated fittings ensure sound transmission is uncompromised and at its best.

folds up for travel and comes with a soft case as well as a 1⁄4-inch plug adapter.

In terms of practical use covering the basics, there is another matter to look at…

sony knows how to build rugged yet good looking gear, they’ve been doing it for years and they apply that knowledge to making these headphones.

They are very well put together and are obviously a contender for the best home recording studio headphones.

8 shure srh1540 premium closed-back headphones

we guess if someone should be able to design great headphones, given the quality of their microphones, it would be safe. The 1540 is a closed-back headphone that is designed to deliver a precise frequency response that is wide and produces amazing sound.

It has a wide stereo image and depth of field, and the closed-back design ensures sound doesn’t fade, and you get crystal-clear highs and warm bass. it’s a very open and dynamic sound and will show exactly what each instrument is doing.

Continuing Shure’s reputation for quality manufacturing, these are well-constructed with quality materials. made in china, the construction is exceptional.

An aircraft-grade aluminum yoke, carbon fiber end cap, and premium padded adjustable headband with over-the-ear padded earcups make this a highly durable and lightweight piece of equipment.

what shure has achieved with these headphones is to design and build them to a very high standard. the sounds are exceptional and make using them for mixing similar to listening to studio monitors.

More than that, they have such an all-in-one design built for comfort. they are lightweight and fully adjustable and won’t cause any problems when you work a long day wearing them.

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Finally, the build quality is very clear. Like their rugged SM57 and 58 microphones, these headsets are built to last. once again, they are not cheap. they sit at the top of the mid-range cost of headphones without going into the super expensive area.

They are a quality product and for the level of sound they produce, they are worth considering.

9 focus supra-aural headphones (h5006)

focal makes headphones at the higher end of the scale, and some of their headphone products will cost you many thousands. They also make some serious speaker systems, so they’ll know what they’re doing.

the sound quality of the high-end headphones they produce is second to none, so what can we expect from the cheaper h5006 range?

They describe them as having general listening as their primary function and studio monitoring as a secondary function.

This is interesting in itself, as they may not consider the sound reproduction to be good enough. or maybe they’re just comparing the sound through these headphones to their high-end, sell your house to pay for the products.

We can only say that they sound pretty amazing, so we can only imagine what their older brothers and sisters are like.

The soundstage with these is wide and just brilliant, and you find yourself listening to music you know and hearing little new things you may have missed before.

Most headphones in this price range struggle to have great sound at both ends of the frequency spectrum. they will have excellent top end or powerful bass sounds. these definitely have both ends covered. excellent warm and deep bass frequencies that are simply delicious, and a top end that is simply exciting to listen to.

mids are low, but when cranked up they fill out sounds and provide that warm mid-force that is the trademark of good playback.

well actually there is. the construction is a bit suspect in our opinion. they just aren’t comfortable and to be totally honest the plastic used seems a bit cheap and not what you could call sturdy. yes, the important thing is the sound, but if you have to wear headphones for a long time, you want them to be comfortable.

and, if you’re paying good money, you’ll want them to last a good amount of time before things start to wear out or fall off.

great sound, but treat them with care.

10 sennheiser hd280pro headphones (old model)

The old model, replaced on the shelves lately by the newer 280, is still a quality unit. they are a popular model, and there are many reasons why they are one of the best headphones for a home recording studio, or any studio.

Like all sennheiser products, they are well made, but they have more than just build quality and good materials to be proud of. they’re comfortable to wear, in fact, it’s not a bad thing to say that after a while you might forget you’re wearing them, something important to consider if you have long days.

Because they’re closed backs, nothing goes in or out, and there’s this splendid isolation that allows you to get on with your work without distraction. of course, they are reliable. made and designed in germany, what are you waiting for?

and the sound is exceptional with a fairly flat frequency response that allows you to make EQ changes when necessary without receiving a slightly false sound image.

And don’t worry about a lack of bass or treble if you try them out. are configured like this. these are monitors that tell you exactly how the music sounds, not headphones that make everything sound great!

They have a total of 32 db of sound isolation which is very important for musicians, especially drummers, allowing you to hear the mix no matter how hard or loud you play.

a great set of phones at a great price.

is it time to buy the best studio headphones to record at home?

We always start these sections for other products by making the point that it depends on what you’re buying for. in this case, we know. you want some new headphones for your home recording studio and you want the best you can get. well, we’ve reviewed a few that cover a pretty broad spectrum. not only facilities, but also cost.

There are some decisions to be made as there are with any purchase. the first possibly being will these be your headphones for mixing and mastering? if so, then they have to be better than the ones you already have.

studio headphones for home recording

and the second decision to make, how much do you want to spend? because in the world of headphones, the gap between bottom and top is huge. there is, of course, a reason for that. once you’ve decided on your budget, things get a little easier.

There’s a case for both, of course, but for studio recording work we prefer the isolation that closed-back headphones provide. but make sure they really isolate the sound, not just halfway.

however, for blending and general use, we prefer open layouts.

so if you only need them for tracking, you’ll want to go with a closed back design. but, if you already have a closed pair or pairs for that purpose, choosing an open pair to check mixes with is a great idea.

Appearance is not that important as they mostly all look very similar. it would be hard to be different since we all have two ears, but some use interesting materials that give an interesting style.

However, appearance should not be a criterion when deciding. the build quality however is. They will get a lot of use. taking them off and putting them on, maybe turning for an ear, etc, you want them to be fairly strong and sturdy, but also light in weight. build quality is important.

Finding the best headphones for your home recording studio will be up to you. however, we’ve looked at some of the old favourites: the classics and some newer brands. therefore, the choice should now be much easier.

so what are the best studio headphones for recording at home?

As always, a tough choice but answering our own questions. we will use it for mixing and mastering in long sessions, so they have to be comfortable to wear. They also need to be built sturdy, but not too heavy, and of course they need to sound great.

We’re not too concerned about price, because in terms of producing a great finished product, which we all want after all, then you should spend what you can.

Whatever the cost, they’re probably not the most expensive item in your studio, but they could be one of the most important.

therefore, we have chosen as the best studio headphones to record at home the…

Possibly the best home recording studio headphones for the price you’ll find.

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