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buying guide for the best audiophile headphones: welcome to the summary of what hi-fi? of the best audiophile headphones you can buy in 2022.

There is a wide variety of high-end headphones on the market and many are equipped with a myriad of high-tech bells and whistles. but what if you just want the purest listening experience possible?

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With a firm emphasis on sound quality, the best audiophile headphones are an ode to exceptional sounds, rather than sensors or transmission technology.

We’ve rounded up our favorite pairs below. And they don’t have to be prohibitively expensive—there’s great value to sound quality, so don’t discount cheaper options.

how to choose the best headphones for audiophiles

If you want to focus on the music, you may want a pair of wired over-the-ear headphones that strike the perfect balance between musicality and precision. If you want to add technology, not to mention clearer sound, to the mix, you can opt for audiophile cans that combine state-of-the-art noise-canceling technology with state-of-the-art sound.

So what else should you consider when shopping for the best audiophile headphones? to extract the best performance, some models will benefit from a high quality source or headphone amplifier. Also, keep in mind that audiophile headphones tend to be made for home listening; neither a 3 m cable nor an open design is ideal for the train or the office.

Are you ready to rediscover your favorite song or breathe new life into a carefully curated playlist? Our pick of the best high-end audiophile headphones will enhance your love of music.

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these are a small improvement over the sr325e, but considering the ones that previously topped this list of best audiophile headphones, any improvement is an achievement in itself. what is also an achievement is that these picked up a 2021 what hi-fi? award.

what’s new? on the surface, not much. there are flatter foam pads, an updated cable, and lighter colored stitching on the firmly padded headband. but the real work has been done under the hood.

The 44mm drive unit has a revised motor system, new diaphragm and improved voice coil, all to improve efficiency and reduce distortion. and the new 8-conductor cable uses ‘super’ annealed copper for a purer sound.

The result is a smoother listen and more authoritative bass, and an overall cleaner, clearer sound. They take precision and insight to another level, while delivering rhythms with zest and plenty of punch. the best audiophile headphones just got a little better.

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Closed-back headphones can suffer from distortion issues, but that’s not the case with the brilliant Sennheiser HD 820. Sennheiser cleverly solved that problem by using a combination of Gorilla Glass and sound-absorbing chambers to prevent sound waves from bouncing around. in drivers.

The result is an astonishing level of agility and precision, impressive low-frequency authority, and expertly controlled bass. Of course, these audiophile headphones are a serious investment. but if you’re serious about music, they’ll transform your listening experience at home.

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the sennheiser ie 900 will appeal to audiophiles who want the best possible audio from a high-quality source. the package is suitably premium with six eartip options and three cables with a choice of regular 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm and 4.4mm plugs. the only thing they don’t have is an online remote.

sennheiser engineers have opted for a single driver, rather than the more modern multi-drive approach taken by many rivals, and it’s made with rigidity and low resonance in mind. the results are fantastic. they have an impressively clear and open sound, capable of deepening the production of a recording. they also sound confident and insightful, revealing layers of low-level information and organizing each clue they come across into a structured and cohesive whole.

Combine these audiophile headphones with a high quality external dac like chord mojo and use good quality files and you’ll hear why the ie 900 justifies its huge price tag.

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beyerdynamic refers to the dt 900 pro x as premium studio headphones. that had us scratching our collective heads. after spending considerable time with them, we still can’t figure out what makes these over-ear headphones less suitable for home use. they’re well made, comfortable, and sound great, so whether they’re meant for the studio or not, we really like them.

Ultimately, these beyerdynamics meet their “studio” goal by providing all the resolution, stability, and control needed to dissect a recording, yet still manage to convey the emotional impact of the music, as well as any what we have heard. at this level. If you’re looking for a quality pair of headphones at this price, put them at the top of your shopping list. once you hear it, you’ll be glad you did.

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