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Since they became popular in 2016, true wireless earphones have quickly become the favorite choice of many. we were all very happy to say goodbye to the extra cables. But with the prevalence of true wireless earphones, concerns have grown about how well they fit and how likely they are to fall out.

Let’s look at why a secure fit is so important for wireless earbuds, what you can do to keep them in your ears, and how to find a pair that’s right for you.

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with wireless headphones, a secure fit is more important

While you’d expect any pair of headphones to stay in your ears, the issue of secure fit takes on added urgency with wireless headphones.

First of all, wireless headphones are often used for running and other exercises due to their discreet form factor. this means they are subject to more bumps and shocks than the average music headphone.

Secondly, by definition, there are no wires or headbands holding the wireless earbuds together or keeping them connected to your phone. as such, having them fly out of your ears runs a real risk of losing them entirely.

Finally, true wireless earbuds don’t come cheap. the last thing you want is to see them fall off and disappear down a storm drain while you’re out for a run. ouch.

so why do wireless earphones fall off?

While they’re typically specifically designed to fit securely inside your ears, wireless earbuds can certainly fall out. some classic reasons for this include…

accumulation of cerumen

This can cause an otherwise well-fitting earbud to no longer sit properly in your ear. Fortunately, there are ways to remove excess earwax (hint: cotton swabs are a bad idea!).

closeness of the ear to the jaw

The jaw hinges that allow you to chew and talk can sometimes drop an earpiece, depending on how close it is.

bad fit

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This is the most common reason and, fortunately, the easiest to fix. Everyone’s ears are different, and a one-size-fits-all headset may simply not be right for certain people. Fortunately, headphone manufacturers offer solutions to this, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

  • How to find wireless earbuds that don’t fall out · Jabra Blog

how to prevent wireless headphones from damaging your ears?

In addition to falling out, ill-fitting wireless headphones can also be very painful to wear. please don’t try to stoically survive by wearing a pair of headphones that don’t fit you. instead, pick a pair that fits well and won’t hurt your ears. this boils down to…

choose the right size

This may be the most critical factor. an earpiece that is too large will put pressure on the walls of your inner ear. that doesn’t make it a comfortable wearing experience.

on the other hand, an earpiece that is too small could penetrate deeper into your ear than intended. your ear is also more likely to be bothered by constant movement due to a lack of a proper seal.

choosing the right wearing style

The form factor and style of the headset also play a role. some come with ear flaps or ear hooks that slide into the ridges of the outer ear. this helps relieve pressure on the ear canal and also provides a more secure fit.

Similarly, there are many styles of ear gels, from standard single-flanged to double or even triple-flanged. these seal your ear more completely but can also be more unpleasant to wear. you’ll have to experiment with the style that’s right for you.

choose the right material

Finally, the material itself plays an important role. Most eargels are made of rubber or silicone, but you can find some that use foam. these may offer a more comfortable fit if the alternatives don’t do it for you.

For runners or gym goers, sweat- and water-resistant earphones can offer an extra level of comfort. Because they wick away moisture, they’re less likely to loosen during strenuous exercise.

tips to prevent wireless earphones from falling off

The good news is that choosing wireless earbuds that don’t hurt often will also make them stay in your ears thanks to their better fit. but there are a few extra things you can do to prevent your wireless earbuds from falling out.

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put them correctly

“obviously!” you could say Sure this sounds like a no-brainer, but wireless earbuds often come with specific instructions for a secure fit. it could be things like the exact location of the wings or the rotation of the headset itself.

following the manufacturer’s advice rather than improvising is the best way to eliminate the most common fit problems.

stretch the earlobe

Sure, you can try forcing an earphone into your ear. but there is a better way. first try to open the ear canal by gently stretching the earlobe with a finger. once you put the eargel in and release it, the ear canal will form a tighter seal around the earpiece. this often improves both sound quality and fit.

wear an ear warmer or sweatband

This one is decidedly low-tech, but it works. Depending on the weather, try wearing an ear warmer or sweatband over your ears. this works especially well for true wireless earbuds, as there are no wires sticking out of your ears to make things awkward.

How to find wireless earbuds that don’t fall out · Jabra Blog

What are the best wireless earbuds that don’t fall out?

There is no shortage of wireless headphones on the market. manufacturers offer many ways to mitigate the problem of poor fit. things like:

  • selling earbuds in different wearing styles
  • including various sizes of earbuds
  • providing earhooks, earmuffs, etc.

Finding the best pair of wireless earbuds that fit securely comes down to things like your individual needs and brand preferences.

a good place to start is professional roundups of the best running headphones, like this one from cnet or this one from headphonesfans. They review a variety of options and give you advice on choosing the right pair for you.

jabra elite active 75t: proven comfort and secure fit

We’re especially proud of our latest pair of truly wireless earbuds, the jabra elite active 75t. were developed with comfort and a secure fit in mind, based on scans of literally thousands of ears.

These are just some of the things that keep the jabra elite active 75t from falling out of your ears:

  • three different sizes of silicone eargelstm
  • fully waterproof and sweatproof thanks to an ip57 rating
  • treated with a special grip coating

for more information on the jabra elite active 75t, please visit the product page. Want to see Jabra’s full range of true wireless headsets? just follow this link.

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