The 12 Best Wireless Headphones of 2023 | Tested by Travel Leisure

other wireless headphones we tested

While we were impressed with many of the earbuds and on-ear headphones we tested, there were a few on our list that we still liked, but they fell a bit short during testing due to issues like comfort, connectivity, and sound quality. .

bowlers & Wilkins PX8: The on-ear headphones feel very premium and have crisp sound quality, but they’re a bit hard to pair and heavy on the head. As the most expensive pair of headphones we’ve tested, we think these are the best for audiophiles.

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hyperx cloud alpha wireless: excellent noise cancellation and a comfortable fit make these headphones ideal for gaming and everyday use. they were very easy to set up and the battery life was long, but they did feel a bit heavy to use.

bose quietcomfort 35 ii: we love that these headphones are lightweight, come with a carry case for travel, and cancel most noise, but we wish the sound quality was a little better.

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Microsoft Surface Headphones 2: It took a bit of work to connect to an Apple MacBook, so we think these on-ear headphones are great for non-Apple users looking for sound from high quality and adjustable noise cancellation

our testing process

Our team of t+l audiophiles, frequent travelers, and editors and writers tested 26 pairs of wireless over-ear headphones and headphones from top brands like apple, bose, and sony to find field-proven tech accessories For commuters, travelers and athletes alike. We also took notes from our tested list of noise canceling headphones to compare the results.

Over a two-week period, we asked our testers to test the headphones in a variety of settings for listening to music, podcasts, or video. We paid close attention to ease of use, comfort, battery life, Bluetooth range, and sound quality to determine the category winners for this article. Whether we used headphones with ANC or not, the best headphones and earphones we tested were comfortable to wear for hours, delivered exceptionally clear sound quality, and had a battery that met or exceeded its advertised lifespan on a single charge.

We use the headphones for a variety of activities, including high-intensity workouts, air travel, working from home, and taking phone calls. Without knowing the price during the test, we only revealed the cost of the headphones after the test was completed so that our testers could compare and share detailed notes on the performance of the headphones without being influenced by the price.

tips for buying wireless headphones

opt for a pair that fits the intended use

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Be sure to consider factors like earbuds vs. over-ear headphones, noise canceling capabilities with phone calls vs. music, and price when investing in wireless headphones. If you plan to use a pair of wireless headphones for work, prioritize noise-blocking headphones specifically during phone calls. For travelers, a lightweight pair of headphones will be better for portability, as well as long battery life and general comfort on long trips. keep an eye out for headphones with multiple ear tips so you can customize the fit for better anc and comfort.

weighing over-the-ear versus in-ear headphones

On-ear and in-ear headphones have advantages and disadvantages depending on their style, intended use, and price range. frequent travelers will likely find the headphones easier to pack in a carry-on bag, as they’re small and unobtrusive. Over-the-ear headphones have gotten pretty stylish in recent years and may end up being more comfortable for long-haul flights (although they might get in the way when you’re sleeping on your side or exercising).

consider active noise cancellation features

active noise cancellation, or anc as it is often called, neutralizes external sounds through built-in microphones that bypass a sound wave to counter ambient noise like car horns, crying babies, or annoying aircraft noise. It’s important to note that not all headphones have this feature, so if you’re looking for a pair of headphones to block out sounds, you’ll want to consider getting a pair of headphones with great remote control features. For audiophiles or those looking for more technical features in a set of headphones, keep an eye out for features that let you adjust transparency, use preset equalizers, or have other customization features for spatial awareness and sound quality.

why trust travel + leisure

anna popp is a trade writer at travel + leisure, where she writes and reviews travel products. She has been writing about travel since 2018 and began testing products in 2021. Anna participated in this test and worked with travel editors to determine the results for the best wireless headphones based on extensive research and detailed notes from our expert product testers.

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