SOLVED! – Headphone Mic Not Working Android

Regarding the headphone microphone not working on android, it is possible that your microphone is too dirty and you need to clean it. In addition, it is advisable to clear the cache, restart the device, change the headphones and microphone, change the audio settings, contact customer support, etc. Continue reading to get your headset microphone working again.

why is my headphone microphone not working?

Android users and other smartphone owners prefer hands-free calling. when we make calls, we usually plug in our headsets so we can continue working on other things while talking to the person on the other line. Most people who have problems with their microphone encounter this when they receive calls from someone and answer them with a headset. the other line won’t hear them unless they take off the headset or put the phone on speakerphone, which is inconvenient.

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There are a few possible reasons why the headset microphone is not working. the most common ones are dirty headset microphone, software incompatibility, broken microphone and audio settings. We will go through each of these issues and resolve them!

easy ways to fix headphone microphone problem

Although the problem may seem threatening, the solution is surprisingly easy. Always remember, with android phones, if something isn’t working right, it doesn’t mean it’s broken. sometimes it just takes a few tweaks to get things working. You don’t want to rush to call support just to be advised to restart your phone, do you? therefore, this article will walk you through some simple things you can do to resolve the issue.

clear cache and reboot device

Because you use your phone every day, it always accumulates data, some of which is no longer as useful. clear cache! Some phones are smart enough to let you know that you are running low on space or have too much cache on your phone. get rid of unnecessary storage occupants and then reboot your device. if this solves your problem, be sure to regularly clear your cache; it will also solve other problems with your android phone.

check if your microphone needs cleaning

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With frequent use of your microphone, especially those with grilles and holes, it may become dirty over time. you need to clean your microphone with a pin or just check if some things are blocked in the way. if yours is wrapped with foam and no way small things will get in the way, then move on to the next possible solution.

make sure your headphones have a microphone and that they work

since there are so many headphones in the world, they come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes you may think that the microphone on your headset is the problem, but you don’t have a microphone on your headset in the first place. then, it is in the microphone of the phone itself. if this is the case, you better go back to the first solution about cleaning the microphone on your phone.

If you obviously have a microphone on your headset and it’s working fine before this problem occurs, it could be a problem with the headset itself. check for some apparent clues: a broken headphone jack, cracks in the cable (some headphone cables break easily), loose contact in the headphone jack, etc. If you can still hear music and it’s just the microphone that’s not working, try plugging the headset into another phone or into your computer.

does the microphone work? If the headset mic works on other devices, but not only on your phone, you may have missed some settings in settings or it may be a contact issue with your phone port and headphone jack.

try connecting a headset with a working microphone

These seem like small steps, but they are important. you can borrow a headset with a working microphone from a friend and just try it out on your phone. if it works, there is a problem with the contact between your headphones and your phone. If it doesn’t work, check the microphone settings on your phone.

check audio settings

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open the audio settings and check the volume level settings. or, probably, that your microphone is muted by default. Although there are no complicated settings when it comes to headphones and microphones on a smartphone, it’s still good to check.

perhaps, if you are not on the system, you may be using third party applications. or it could be that the app that is using your microphone doesn’t have permission. Different android phones have different permission settings, but most third-party apps require you to grant permission to access your phone’s microphone and other peripherals.

time to ask for help

If none of these solutions work for you, it could be a serious problem. Call customer service or have your unit checked by a trusted technician. If your android phone is still under warranty, you should only consult reputable repair shops. otherwise your warranty will be void.

the last word

In general, android phones work with any headset. Many android users prefer to use headphones because it will make it easier for them to move around and do some things while making phone calls or listening to podcasts and music. you can only have a problem if you find the headphone microphone not working on android when you make phone calls.

Usually this is just a minor issue, just an unreliable headset or a quick tweaking of settings. and we present everything we know about this topic based on our years of experience. however, if none of these proven solutions work for you, you should call technical support. In most cases, our established solutions to this problem have helped many and have proven useful to many people.

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