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If you’re one of the many people who experience discomfort, or even pain, when wearing headphones for long periods of time, it’s not your imagination.

Headphones can hurt the top of your head if the clamping force on them is too low. loose ear cups cause the headband to rest firmly on top of the head and therefore cause pain. also, when the padding of the headphones is insufficient, it causes pain on the top of the head.

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why are headphones so uncomfortable?

if your pair of headphones is great, then you can enjoy a lot with them without any problems. A comfortable headset is something you won’t need to adjust every time you’re wearing it and won’t hurt your ears or the top of your head. however, you will most likely come across the uncomfortable ones that hurt your ears and give you a headache.

The type of discomfort you’ll feel will depend on the type of headphones you’re using. some headsets tend to be heavy on the head, and others can put too much pressure on them, which in turn causes discomfort. on other headphones, even light ones, you’ll still experience discomfort, so it’s safe to say that the level of comfort you’ll get will depend on the type of headphones.

Your headphones may be uncomfortable because they are too tight. When the clamping force between your ears and the earphones is too strong, you should expect to feel uncomfortable when wearing them. Typically, this clamping force helps ensure the earphones stay intact when in use.

however, when this force is too much, it increases the tension on the head, which is quite uncomfortable. usually when the pressure the headphones put on the head is too much it can result in one having external compression. headaches if you want to reduce them, it’s important to work with headphones that fit well, or you can try stretching the ones you have.

Usually the headset will also apply clamping force on the ears to make sure they are intact. so many headphones apply so much pressure against your ears, and you may not notice this until after a few minutes or hours of using the headphones. you will have a soft feeling around your ears, and this can persist for a long time, forcing you to remove your headphones.

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some headsets will also be uncomfortable due to the padding on them. some padding can be too hard, not giving you the comfort you need when wearing your headphones for hours on end. when the padding is hard, the headphones will rest on your head and ears with little pressure to cause discomfort.

also, if the headphones are not breathable, they will automatically be uncomfortable. the pads should be soft, breathable and sufficient. when the padding is thick and well distributed on all parts of the headset, it will be stable enough and in a better position to evenly distribute pressure on your head.

why do my headphones hurt on top of my head?

When wearing headphones for a long period of time, some can be very uncomfortable and some can’t. others will even start to hurt the top of their head, which is quite a sensitive spot. There are several reasons why headphones can damage the top of your head.

Most of the time, headphones will hurt the top of your head due to their weight. most headsets are generally not that heavy, but their weight may be too heavy for your head to support. therefore, the muscles of the head and neck may not bear weight, causing the top of the head to ache.

Also, the headset hurts on the top of the head due to the low clamping force. usually some are tight; when they sit on their head or ears, the clamping force becomes too much and thus they get hurt. Also, when the clamping force is too small, it causes the headband to rest firmly on the head, causing pain.

there may be some headphone brands that have done well in mitigating clamping pressure. however, some fail with the size of the earphones, so most of them tend not to fit properly on the head. For this reason, most companies make their headsets with excellent head cushions for pain relief.

Also, if the headphones are not suitable for use, they will cause pain. some may be too tight for your size. when they’re tight, they add extra pressure to the top of your head, which causes pain. the best thing to do in such a case is to loosen the sides of the earphones, and you can do this by adjusting the ear cups.

In addition, when the cushioning of the earphones is not enough, you will still feel hurt. Some headphones cover the headband with a good amount of foam that is thick and soft. others will cover the hard plastic part with some thin cloth.

It is essential to add some extra cushioning around the earcups. you can weave the headband to use the one you like the most or buy a unique and more comfortable cushion. make sure the cushion you use is thick and stable and evenly distributes pressure around your head.

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Also, wearing headphones for too long is likely to cause pain. Of course, if the headphones cause you pain on the top of your head, it means there must be something wrong with them, but the period of time you use them also matters. wearing them for too long can cause them to block the pores on the top of your head, which in turn inflames the hair follicles here, which becomes painful.

how do i keep my headphones from hurting the top of my head?

While headphones are an important device for most people, some tend to be too uncomfortable. others will hurt the top of your head, which is a delicate part, and maybe give you headaches. This is how you can prevent headphones from hurting the top of your head!

avoid tight headphones

Snug-fitting earbuds are great as they ensure they stay intact when you wear them. however, if your earphones are tight, they put a lot of pressure on the top of your head. Usually, most of the headphones are tight due to the clamping force on the head.

You can adjust the headphones by placing them against a stack of several books. the stack should be bigger than the size of your head. make sure to leave them there for about 24 hours so they can slowly loosen up.

add padding on the headphones

When you wear headphones, the pain you feel on the top of your head may be due to insufficient padding. some cushions around the ear cups may be made of hard plastic with a touch of leather around it. wearing these headphones can compress your skull, which can be quite uncomfortable.

so you need to add some extra padding on the ear cups. make sure the padding is soft and thick, and chances are you’ll find the right head pads on an e-market.

add a cushion on top of your head

Even when the headphones have extra padding, it’s also great to put a little cushion on top of your head when wearing alone for extra comfort. you can also add the cushion inside the earphones. you just need to make sure it’s the right size and shape.

wear headphones that fit you well

be sure to try them before you buy the headphones. the headphones you choose should not be too tight or too loose on your head. some headphones also allow you to adjust the size to change them to the size that fits you best.


Headphones tend to hurt the top of the head when the clamping force is too small. they will also do it when they are too tight or when the padding is not enough. you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing good quality ones and that they fit well.

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