5 Best Ski Helmet Headphones in 2022

Listening to music while skiing can really enhance the experience. while regular headphones may work, ski helmet headphones are a much better decision for anyone who wants to be safe while listening to their favorite tunes on the mountain.

I’ve been skiing for decades and I like to listen to music when I’m alone on the slopes. I’m a big fan of using ski helmet headphones and I know what to look for in the best options available that provide good audio quality and a secure fit.

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Outdoor tech 2.0 chips are my pick for the season’s best ski helmet headset. These are a quality pair of disc headphones that will give you great audio in a durable design.

I’ll show you some other great options to help you listen to music on your headphones in this post. If you wear a ski helmet and want to listen to music, it’s a good idea to get any of the models listed here.

Let’s turn up the volume on the tunes and move on.

who should get this

The headphones in this guide are ideal for skiers looking for music or audio when on the mountain.

It doesn’t matter if you want to rock out while you do a long run or if you like to listen to some relaxing sounds while you explore the countryside, the options listed below offer exceptional audio quality on each and every trip.

These headphones also work well for skiers who like to stay connected while gliding down the snow. This feature won’t apply to everyone, but being able to easily make or answer calls no matter where your travels take you means you’re never too far away.

Best Ski Helmet Headphones: Top Picks

These are my top picks for the season’s best ski helmet headsets. all the models you see here will give you excellent audio quality and fit easily inside your ski helmet.

1. exterior 2.0 technology chips

  • ideal for:
  • general key features: durable design, good audio quality, controls friendly, 10 hours of playback
  • style: wireless
  • microphone: yes
  • cost: $$$

Outdoor tech 2.0 chips are my top pick for the season’s best ski helmet headset. these are a very effective and easy to use option that should work for most skiers.

They come with a two-button control system that can be used with gloves and can be used outside the helmet.

also, the battery lasts 10 hours, the headphones work with any bluetooth device and the exterior is resistant to sweat.

The only real drawback to these solid earphones is that they are a bit pricey compared to other models, although I still think they are quite affordable.

2. nuclear digital pulse built-in speakers

  • best for: wired option
  • key features: durable construction, versatile, good audio quality, light weight
  • style: wired
  • microphone: yes
  • cost: $ $

If you want the reliability of a wired pair of over-ear headphones, the uclear digital pulse direct speakers are highly recommended.

These speakers will give you stellar hi-fi audio quality and crystal clear sound, so they’re also a good choice for skiers who want great sound quality.

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They also work with almost any electronic device, making them very versatile in their application. and a corded option means you don’t have to worry about the batteries running low.

These aren’t as durable as some cordless options, so you’ll need to be careful to keep them dry.

3. dreamruns direct connect audio kit

  • ideal for: budget option
  • key features: affordable, 40mm drivers, built-in microphone, lightweight, 2 year warranty
  • style: wired
  • microphone: yes
  • cost: $

The Dreamruns Direct Connect Audio Kit is a solid choice for any skier who wants to listen to music without breaking the bank.

This is another wired option that will give you decent audio quality, thanks to 40mm drivers and a frequency range of 20hz to 20khz.

As well as being very affordable, they’re also thin and light, so they easily fit into any type of helmet.

They don’t have the best low-end audio, which means you’ll sacrifice some bass if you’re on a budget.

4. high wireless headphones

  • ideal for: audio
  • key features: premium balanced sound, 40mm drivers, bluetooth 5.0, easy controls
  • style: wireless
  • microphone: yes
  • cost: $$ $

alta wireless headphones have some of the best audio quality you can find in the world of ski helmet headphones.

These feature premium balanced sound that uses 40mm drivers to deliver good bass and an authentic audio experience.

They also have bluetooth 5.0 technology for very effective wireless performance, which also helps their high audio quality.

This is another somewhat expensive option, but it’s an easy price to pay if you want great audio.

5. outdoormaster wireless headphones

  • best for: performance
  • key features: great sound, glove-friendly controls, bluetooth 5.0 technology, universal compatibility with helmet
  • style: wireless
  • microphone: yes
  • cost: $$

Outdoormaster Wireless Insert Headphones are packed with features that make them some of the best performance-focused drives around.

They have a wireless design and are equipped with bluetooth 5.0 technology to provide exceptional reliability. you also get good audio quality and bass response.

I also like the glove-friendly controls that this option comes with. it is very easy to adjust the volume or receive a call while skiing. universal helmet compatibility means they will work for almost everyone.

The only drawback to mention with these is that they are a bit bulky, as the discs are not very thin.

how to choose headphones for ski helmet

Here are some essential things to consider when choosing ski helmet headsets. If you want to find a good option that meets your needs in the mountains, this section will help you.


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A good ski helmet headset should be easy to use. there are many interesting options packed with a range of modern features. however, those attributes don’t matter if you can’t use them.

Always prioritize optimized models that are easy to set up and operate. Hands-free options are also crucial as they keep your fingers from freezing. If you buy earphones, it is best to opt for ones that allow you to use them with gloves.


Just like the rest of your gear, your headphones need to stand the test of time. the elements are harsh on the mountain, which means he wants accessories that can take the beating without worry.

Consider both a good build and a well-made headset. Remember, you don’t just need headphones that can handle shocks or quick movements; you need a pair that can withstand any bumps or falls you might take too. water resistance is also important.

wired or wireless

headphone speakers are available in wired and wireless options. Wireless options are more common these days and give you added convenience, thanks to Bluetooth technology. however, they are battery-powered and can wear out.

Wired headphones are a bit old fashioned and you will have to connect the cable to your phone or audio device to listen to music. The advantage of these is that they are not battery-powered, so they can run as long as your music player.

security features

Listening to music in the mountains can be fun, but you always want to be in tune with your surroundings. As such, don’t buy noise-canceling headphones that completely block out all sound.

Also, opt for models that fit your helmet. those that wrap over your head can easily become entangled and injure you in an accident. avoid bulky options for that reason too.

helpful tips & resources

Listening to music while skiing is fun, but it can also be dangerous. you always need to hear the world around you, so listening to noise-cancelling headphones or turning up the music volume can cause problems.

For a better breakdown on how to stay safe while listening to your favorite songs, check out this guide.

Headphones are a great way to enhance the time you spend cruising through the snow. however, if you want other ways to make your outings that much more epic, look no further than some of the different elements outlined in this handy video below.

final verdict

Outdoor tech 2.0 chips are my pick for the best ski helmet headset of the year. This is a great set of wireless earphones that will give you good audio quality, long battery life, and also allow you to make calls.

Listening to music while skiing is always fun, but at the same time you want to make sure you’re safe. wearing a helmet helps to achieve this, and all of the headphones here will easily work with your helmet.

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