How to add a sound equalizer for Windows 10

best sound equalizer for PC

If you are a movie lover, music lover, or gamer, chances are you’ve wanted a system-wide sound equalizer for Windows 10. There are many ways to add a sound equalizer for Windows 10.

however, adding an equalizer to your pc can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, the steps below will show you how to add a sound equalizer for windows 10.

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how do i add a sound equalizer for windows 10?

1. choose a sound equalizer compatible with windows 10

Once you’ve made sure your sound drivers are up to date and working properly, you’ll need to find a sound equalizer that works well for you.

The internet has numerous equalizer applications, so it can be intimidating to choose one. so the 3 best equalizers below will help make your search for an equalizer easier.

Each of the three equalizers in this list will have a short introduction. If you want more information on how to install each equalizer, you can continue to step 3.

1.1. boom 3d (recommended)

this is the windows version of the famous 3d boom from global delight applications. allows you to choose the presets and you can manipulate with various frequencies from these presets.

if you’re more advanced in all things sound, you should be able to create your own presets.

A powerful intelligent engine allows your hearing senses to adapt to the environment/sound combination. you can also choose the type of headphones you are using for a better audio experience.

boom 3d equalizer is available for free on the official website and is perfectly suited for a windows 10 machine, making it our recommended choice. many users have tried this software and all were satisfied with the results. the program can also allow you to bypass normal volume limits on your laptop or desktop.

improving audio has never been easier thanks to boom 3d. moreover, the software has frequent sales, so you can get it for a pretty decent price!

reimagine your games, refine your favorite music, and redefine cinematic experiences, because you can use this tool to enhance every sound on your device.

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The multi-channel 3D surround sound feature will create an immersive experience that will draw you into the movie or game you are playing, making you feel like you are a part of it.

1.2. realtek hd audio manager

this is the default equalizer found on many windows 10 computers. some users will have this automatically installed on their computers if they have the correct type of hardware.

If a user does not have this equalizer for some reason, he can easily download realtek hd drivers from internet and use his equalizer.

Realtek originated in Taiwan’s Silicon Valley and has provided high-end software since 1987. Fortunately, Realtek HD Audio Manager is easy to use, attractive and powerful.

Users looking for a basic equalizer that has been tried and tested by time should give this software from realtek a try.

some users don’t even have to download it because they already have it on their computers. To find out how to download and use this equalizer, visit its official website.

download realtek hd audio manager

1.3. windows 10 default equalizer

Unknown to many, there is actually a default equalizer in windows 10. However, the equalizer is somewhat hidden and is simply a settings window. in other words, there are no special graphics, functions, etc.

however, if you don’t feel like downloading anything, then the default equalizer is for you. this is how you can find the default equalizer in windows 10.

2. how do i add a sound equalizer for windows 10?

This section will show detailed instructions on how to download, install or use each equalizer on your windows 10 pc.

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2.1. how to download and install boom 3d

  1. download the setup from the official site.
    • Alternatively, you can download the software from the microsoft store.

  2. That’s it. You can now use the software.

2.2. how do i download and access realtek hd?

  1. download the equalizer from its official website.
    • if you already have it on your pc, continue to step two.
    • locate the realtek hd audio manager also on the bottom right of the screen on the taskbar.
    • should have an icon similar to your sound icon.

  2. After you find the icon, right-click on it and selectSound manager.
  3. Once you are inside the sound manager menu, select the sound effect tab.
    • Here you will have a number of preset equalizers as well as a graphic EQ.
    • The image below shows you where to access the graphic equalizer.

    2.3. how to find the default equalizer in windows 10

    1. Locate the speaker or sound icon on your pc.
    2. right click on it and select the playback device option .
    3. A dialog box called sound should appear.
    4. Locate your default speakers or headphones in the playback tab.
    5. right-click on the default speakers, then select properties.
    6. there will be an enhancements tab in this properties window.
    7. select it and you will find equalizer options.

    3. update your drivers

    1. locate the sound icon, which is usually located on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen on the taskbar.
    2. Right-click on the icon and a number of options should pop up.
    3. Click on the playback option.
    4. A window like the one below should appear.
      • Once it appears you will need to select the default speaker or headset device that you use for your PC.
      • In the sample image, the device I use is called sample headphones.

    5. Click on the change settings option in the general tab.
    6. Go to the Driver tab and click on update driver.

    updating your drivers will ensure they are compatible with windows 10. updating is also crucial for your pc to work properly.

    You can choose to automatically update your drivers or manually download the driver and install it.

    Either way works fine, but we highly recommend updating them automatically to avoid permanent system damage from downloading and installing the wrong driver version.

    A much faster, safer, and more efficient method of updating your drivers is to use dedicated driver update software.

    Whenever you use these tools, all you need is a stable internet connection to have the latest available drivers at your fingertips. Of course, if your problems are caused by broken or missing drivers, the software is still effective as it can fix those too.

    This is all thanks to the dedicated libraries used, which are updated every time a device manufacturer releases a new version of the driver.

    All things considered, if you want to get rid of drivers as a possible cause of problems, what you need is a professional tool like driverfix.

    There you have it, now you know how to add a sound equalizer for windows 10. It’s quite easy and can be done using various methods.

    Audio equalizer software can be a good option if you are picky about audio settings. On top of that, they can help improve the functionality of low-end audio equipment.

    Feel free to give us your feedback on the theme, or your experience with it, in the comments section below.

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