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Earbuds are one of the most popular types of headphones on the market. This is because they are small, light and easy to transport without taking up much space. They’re also affordable, making them a good option for people who don’t want to spend too much money on headphones but still want an audio experience comparable to more expensive options.

They were originally designed for listening to music, but have now been expanded to include many other uses. We’ll explore all the different types of headphones in this article so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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what are headphones and why are they so popular?

Earbuds are small speakers that are placed in the outer ear. the speaker part is called a “driver” and it makes sound when an electrical current is passed through its voice coil, which vibrates against the magnet inside it to produce sounds.

many people like headphones because they are portable. you can store them in your bag or pocket very easily! they also often come with cables, so if someone isn’t wearing headphones at a given time, one person can share their music with another. however, there are many wireless headphones available for those who prefer to use them today.

types of headphones by connectivity

There are a couple of different ways to connect your headphones to other devices. let’s see them.

wired headphones

Wired headphones connect to other devices using a cable. They usually come with an audio jack that you can plug your headphone cable into, like your phone or computer speakers. you can also get cables for things like game consoles and headphones if you want more than one person listening at once! wired keyboards don’t require batteries because the wire connects to your computer to provide power.

types of earbuds - wired

However, wired earbuds do have some downsides: they’re not very portable (since something is connecting them) and sometimes their connections break over time due to wear and tear on the wire itself.

many companies include free wired headphones with their devices to attract customers, like apple and samsung used to do.

wireless headphones

Wireless headphones connect to other devices via bluetooth. Instead of a cable, there’s usually some sort of wireless receiver that can be plugged into your device or something like Google’s Home Speakers. Wireless headphones don’t require any cables as they rely on radio frequencies!

the main advantage of using wireless headphones over wired ones is their portability: you are not limited by the distance of your listening device, which makes them ideal for working out at the gym or traveling by transport public. You also won’t have to worry about cables getting tangled in everything while you’re on the go, which makes things that much more convenient! however, it’s important not to lose track of your wireless headset’s receivers because you could lose one or both headsets and you won’t have a backup.

Wireless headphones require battery power, so you’ll want to make sure it’s fully charged before using. You can usually charge them with a USB cable that plugs into your computer or through the headphone receiver if it has built-in charging capabilities. some of them even support wireless charging.

headset types by setting

Another way to classify headphones is by the type of fit they have. some earphones are designed to be worn around the ear, while others fit directly into the outer and/or inner ears! let’s see them.

standard headphones

Standard headphones are the type of headphones you’re probably most familiar with. they have a speaker on each side and connect to your device via a cable, or wirelessly.

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the main advantage of standard headphones over other types is that there is no guessing how they will fit: everyone knows what type of headphones they are! if they’re comfortable, they won’t fall off your ears.

however, since this style doesn’t actually go into the ears, some people find them uncomfortable for long periods of time. Also, music quality may not be the best as they don’t block out sound and let in a lot of ambient noise.

in-ear headphones

In-ear headphones typically come with silicone or foam tips that are placed inside your ears to create a seal. they need to be held in place by the shape of your ear canal and won’t fit everyone, which can make finding one that works for you tricky!

The benefit of having an in-ear headphone is that it will generally provide better sound quality (better bass) than standard headphones because the speakers are closer together and isolated from outside noise. if you’re trying to block out ambient noise completely, this type of earphone is what you need!

even if there is no active noise cancellation, they will drown out most sounds. just be careful when you are walking because you will not hear the cars coming! don’t abuse the volume knob and definitely don’t sleep with them on.

The downside to this type is that they can be uncomfortable and fall out of your ears, making them less practical than standard earphones. this style is not comfortable for everyone, so if possible, try to borrow them before you buy to make sure they fit your ears correctly.

headphones around the ear

Around-the-ear headphones are similar to in-ear headphones, but they don’t sit directly on your ears. instead, the speaker sits on top of them and goes around the ear.

the advantage of this type is that they are also comfortable for long periods of time and provide good sound quality, and you won’t have to worry about them falling off!

types of earbuds - around ear

They’re definitely more comfortable than in-ears for most people since there isn’t anything going inside their ears which makes wearing these for long periods much easier!

however, as with smaller speakers, you won’t get as much sound isolation with these, so outside noise will be easier to hear. if you want to be aware of your surroundings, this is a better option than in-ears.

Lastly, these types of headphones can sometimes cause problems because they may not fit everyone’s ears properly. be sure to try them on before you buy to see if they fit you.

bone conduction headphones

If other types of headphones don’t work or are uncomfortable for your ears, you might want to consider bone conduction headphones! these have speakers that rest on top of both sides of your skull and use vibrations to send sound waves through them directly to your inner ear.

sound creepy? It may be, but listen to us!

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the advantage of this type of headphones is that they will not block out the sound around you or let in ambient noise like standard headphones. so if you’re trying to stay alert while wearing them, bone conduction ones are a good option. They also don’t sit directly on your ears, which means they can fit more types of people than other styles, as everyone’s head size and shape vary greatly.

This way, it doesn’t matter what kind of outer ear shape you have, because there’s no direct contact with the speaker at all! there’s also less chance of them falling off, since there’s nothing on the front to keep them from staying firmly attached to your head.

some models can even come in the form of a headband or glasses, which means you can wear them while you work out and not worry about them falling off.

The disadvantage of these is that they do not provide as good a musical quality as the sound is not sealed. external sounds will be easier to hear, so you may want to turn the volume up higher than usual. .

This type would definitely not work well if you’re trying to cancel or block out ambient noise while listening to something or want a quiet moment with just your favorite tunes. some bone conduction headphones have assistants that will allow you to take calls and use voice assistants like siri, alexa or google now!

They are still not as popular or as common as regular headphones because there have been some concerns about how safe it is for your inner ear to constantly receive vibrations through them. however, not enough research has been done on these types of headphones compared to others, so we don’t have all the answers yet.

types of headphones by technology

We may also filter headsets by the technology they use, which may affect your safety and comfort.

noise canceling headphones

We mentioned that noise canceling headphones can be great at canceling out background sounds, and headphones now have this same technology too!

These use small microphones to pick up any outside noise and then reproduce those frequencies with the opposite polarity. this results in those sound waves canceling out, so they will no longer reach your ears and whatever is on your playlist will only be heard by you.

samsung and apple, among many other headphone brands, have launched wireless headphones with this technology so you can enjoy your music without distractions. apple airpods pro are a clear example of this.

types of earbuds - in ear

Ambient sound technology earbuds

Another type of headset that has recently become very popular is surround sound technology. Like noise-cancelling headphones, these are specifically made to let you hear what’s going on around you while listening to something else via wired or Bluetooth connections. In this way, users can be part of the conversation while listening to music through them or they can be aware of their surroundings while listening to a podcast or audio book. the well-known apple airpods pro also have this technology.

headphone types: the bottom line

We hope this blog post has helped answer any questions about the different types of headphones available today! It’s best to try each style yourself until you find one that works well for your needs and preferences.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with the headphones, please leave us a comment below!

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