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You’ll want the best workout headphones in your ears when you hit the gym. Everyone knows the motivating benefits of listening to music while working out, but these headphones tick all the boxes for design and functionality to make them particularly well-suited. for those with active lifestyles.

For example, all of the best wireless earbuds and best wireless headphones sound great, but few have such a tight fit in your ears that you can run, jump, squat, and do sit-ups without them loosening. We’ve tested every earphone on this list to see how resistant they are to falling out while running and exercising, and several models that perform well in these conditions aren’t designed specifically for exercise. As you read through our top picks for the best headphones for exercise, all models are waterproof to some degree and can handle at least the breakouts of sweat during exercise.

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Also: If you’re looking for an inexpensive extra pair of headphones to toss in your gym bag as a spare, then don’t forget to check out the best wireless headphones under $100.

what are the best headphones for exercising?

According to our extensive testing, our top training headset goes to Jabra’s Elite Active 75t. The model provides incredible comfort and outperforms most competitors in several key categories, including battery life, durability, sound, and special features.

beats fit pro comes in second, packing most of the features of airpods pro into an updated yet familiar design. Improvements in audio quality are welcome, backed by a new proprietary transducer that balances the sound while maintaining a bass presence. additions like spatial audio are huge for exercisers who want more immersive sound during workouts. More importantly, the integrated wing tips keep buds securely in place while you work out or run.

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Budget-conscious fitness fanatics who want quality performance at a low cost should try the Amazfit PowerBuds Pro, a model that somehow manages to pack a heart rate sensor and plenty of other features into a set of wireless earbuds. relatively affordable. The lower-priced Amazfit PowerBuds are another solid option if you’re looking for similar features at a lower price.

iphone owners should try beats powerbeats pro which is a great sporty alternative to airpods pro, another model that can serve ios users well.

the best fitness headphones you can buy today

We wondered what the Beats would do for an encore after releasing two critically acclaimed true wireless models in the Powerbeats Pro and Studio Buds. the answer: launch their best workout headphones to date. enter fit pro.

This sporty variation of the studio headphone maintains the beats aesthetic with a clean, waterproof design, while receiving much of the same functionality found on the AirPods Pro. You get strong active noise cancellation and spatial audio to enjoy 3D-like sound when vibrating to compatible tracks on Apple Music. adding wingtips was a simple and effective upgrade that benefits wearers, producing a secure fit that won’t cause buds to fall out when running or performing floor exercises. battery life is also respectable at 6 hours with anc on.

as with all apple products, ios users get access to more functionality as fit pro runs on the proprietary h1 chip. we also found the ear tips fit test to be unreliable and not as good as when using the same technology on the airpods pro, but the universal wing tips and multi tips complement all ear sizes.

read our full beats fit pro review.

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While the original powerbuds are a fantastic deal for budget-conscious athletes who want wireless earbuds with smart fitness features, the powerbuds pro are a more attractive upgrade that adds adaptive noise cancellation. Four modes are available: Adaptive, Travel, Training and Indoor, each effective enough to minimize distractions in the gym or outdoors. The sound is rich with bass to energize your workouts, though you can customize it in the companion app by selecting from 10 different presets. however, you’ll want these headphones for their added features, many of which are useful for working out, such as built-in heart rate monitoring, neck brace to analyze and calibrate your posture, and motion pacing to automatically boost bass for a more vivid presence.

You’ll want to be aware of the activity tracking recorded by the earbuds, as not all performance stats are as accurate as those offered by the Apple Watch or Fitbit. Also, be sure to tighten the buttons before use, as the tips are not the most secure and tend to loosen.

read our full amazfit power buds pro review.

beats powerbeats pro is the closest thing to sports airpods you’ll get from apple, at least for now. Many hallmarks of the series remain intact, including the secure ear hook design, the energetic sound, which is more balanced this time, and the signature B logo that doubles as a multifunctional button. Speaking of buttons, this was one of the first models in the category to introduce integrated volume controls via rocker arms on top of each button. You also get some of the same performance benefits as AirPods Pro, thanks to the H1 chip, which gives you 50% more talk time, audio sharing capabilities with other Apple/Beats earphones, activation of the wake word “hey siri”, and much more. IPX4 certification for water resistance is also part of the package.

If there’s any real complaint, it’s the big, heavy charging case. Will it throw you completely off track or will it weigh you down as you run? No. is it uncomfortable to wear? sometimes yes.

read our full beats powerbeats pro review.

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