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You don’t park a Porsche on your lawn, you don’t pack a Tom Ford suit in a gym bag, and you don’t put your headphones on your desk like a half-empty bag of doritos. The best headphone stands not only give your hi-fi cans a secure place to comfortably rest, they also add instant style and luxury to even the most ordinary desks. some stalls are beautiful wooden statues. Some headphone hooks are designed for tight spaces, and others are equipped with USB ports and audio jacks, making them a convenient hub for all of your office equipment. Whether you use a headset for gaming, conference calls, live streaming, home studio recording, or just to unplug from the world while you work, the best headphone stand makes life easier. Of all the cool desk accessories, it’s a must-have for modern workspaces.

  • ideal for gamers: razer v2 chroma base station
  • ideal for creatives: lamicall desktop headset stand
  • best for kids: havit rgb dual gaming headset support
  • best for workers: brainwavz desktop headset support hengja
  • best design: grovemade wood headphone stand

what to consider when buying the best headphone stand

No matter what kind of desk or headset you use, there’s a stand designed to fit your space. materials vary from hardwood to plastic with every type of finish and color imaginable. prices can skyrocket to over $100 if you’re looking for a stylish desk accessory. but you can also find stylish headphone stands and hooks for under $15. think about your workspace and explore your options to find the best fit.

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Do you have room for a headphone stand?

Looking at pictures of headphone stands, you might think they’re all big, sturdy blocks eating up your workspace. But the best headphone stands are designed to keep things neat and organized, just like any good office equipment should. while some may look imposing, they can actually give you even more room to work. Lifting your headphones up and out of the way clears up space, and some cable organizers and USB hubs from stands add even more ways to manage your work area.

If you have zero square inches of free desk space, consider a headphone hook. These handy stands easily attach to the sides of any desk or flat surface, and the headset hangs off the desk and out of the way. this is a great solution for shared desks and open offices.

Are you worried about damaging your headphones?

If you’ve spent a lot of money on some great headphones, you don’t want anything hitting or damaging your beloved gear. over time, hard hooks made of metal can create dents and wrinkles in the padding of headphones with a padded or leather head strap. you will need a more delicate model made of a softer material – a well-designed holder with a smooth curved hook will help remove unwanted marks. avoid anything with sharp angles and square corners. the headphone stand should look organic, sturdy, and smooth, not like a flimsy wire hanger. and make sure the mount has a non-slip base with a low center of gravity to prevent potential falls.

want usb and auxiliary ports?

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Most mounts are simple, stand-alone units that don’t need to be plugged in. But if you like your stand to be feature-rich, get one with USB ports and audio jacks to help tame a jungle of cables. plugging your headphones directly into the stand is easier than plugging the cable directly into your computer every time you want to listen to music. And USB ports turn the headphone stand into a charging hub for other devices. the extra features don’t add much to the price of the mount, so choosing a mount with many options isn’t about cost, it’s about personal taste.

What style catches your eye?

every stand makes a statement. The elegant wooden stands show the world that you are an audiophile who is serious about the art of sound. RGB stands equipped with color-changing LED lights shout to the world, “FUN!” and they’re great for gamers and streamers who love the electric style. If you’re not sure how to define your style, a classic metal headphone stand is the perfect all-round desk accessory. Keep an eye on the price tag, as stylish designer stalls can quickly fall into the luxury price category. But these more expensive mounts not only look sharp, they’re also constructed of high-quality material that’s sure to last for decades. If you need a practical stand for the crowded shared office, you may not want to spend a lot. Whether the mount is for your home office or gaming equipment, it may be worth the extra money to get a top-notch mount that makes a bold statement.

How many headphone stands do you need?

A dual headphone holder can safely handle two sets of headphones. why would you have two headphones? First, these are great office equipment for shared workspaces. second, they are ideal for families. and third, they are useful for audiophiles and home studio engineers who use headphones on a daily basis. double holders save space and prevent headphones from being lost. and often cost no more than a single bracket. Plus, there’s no law that says you can’t use the extra hook for watches, ID lanyards, sunglasses or felt hats, or even as a perch for a well-trained parrot.

choosing the best headphone stand

Start with style, then shop around for the best headphone stand for your budget. Do you want to go big and bold with an impressive wooden stand, or do you just need a plastic hook on the side of your desk? Or maybe you need the safest of safe spaces for home study equipment. explore your options and find the best mount for your headphones.

best for gamers: razer v2 chroma base station

Gaming stands can be bulky and intimidating, but the Razer Stand has a simple design that hides all the features you need. Dual USB 3.1 ports, 3.5mm audio jack with 7.1 surround sound, and RGB lighting are all built into this deceptively simple stand. Programmable light show syncs with most games for breathtaking immersion. For gamers who want all the bells and whistles in one stylish stand, the Razer Base Station is the answer.

best for creatives: lamicall desktop headphone stand

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the unusual design of the lamicall stand bike seat is a talking point when meeting new customers. Despite its slim look, it can securely support all headphone models, including large gaming headsets. there are no additional functions; what you see is what you get, but that can be a good thing. If you want to add inspiration and whimsy to the desktop, the Lamicall stand is the spark of originality we can all use.

best for kids: havit rgb dual game support

Keep competitive kids happy with a dual headphone stand. The stand has impressive RGB lights to make it feel like a high-end gaming rig, but it won’t break the bank. Two USB ports keep phones and tablets charged. and the rope hook holds all the threads…until the kids unravel it. The stand can safely support two pairs of headphones and stands up well to normal wear and tear. For anyone with kids, or a noisy desk mate, this double stand is a solid organizer.

Best for Temporary Workers: brainwavz hengja desk hanger

If you’re going from office to office and project to project, you need a quick and secure way to store your headset in all kinds of environments. The BrainWavz Hengja Metal Headphone Hook can be quickly attached to the edge of a desk or table up to 1.5 inches thick. the clamp can hold any type of headset you use. however, there are recessed screws where the headband rests and they could scratch the earcups. this is great for people on the go, and not ideal as a permanent support solution for those with very expensive headsets. best of all, for less than $15, it doesn’t matter if you forget and leave the stand in an old workplace.

best design: grovemade wood headphone stand

wood and leather come together to create this ingenious stand. Weighing in at 2.25 pounds, the Grovemade Wood Stand is sturdy and impressive. The concave leather exterior gives your earphones and earpads a safe and cozy place to sleep, and the cork feet keep them from tipping over. the style works with any office environment, from relaxed startups to strict corporate spaces.

frequently asked questions

the final word to find the best headphone stand

Keep a clean work area and show your headset some respect with the best headset stand. A sturdy, non-slip stand keeps your gear ready when you need it. and as an office decoration, a unique holder becomes a cool desk accessory. You need a good pair of headphones if you’re livestreaming a Zelda speedrun or trying to pick out the flute on your favorite prog rock albums. and the right mount supports all your audio adventures. From high-tech stands with USB ports to basic headphone stands that only do one thing, but do it well, the right stand transforms your desk into a bona fide workstation.

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