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what is customization? our customization service personalizes your jetpack bag with your own dj/company is this customization done? your logo is Attaches to the jetpack bag by using high quality embroidery thread. we chose to use embroidery for its eye-catching appearance and also for its durability and longevity.where is the logo placed and what size is it? your logo is usually placed on the front of your jetpack , slightly above center, as big as we can make it stand out. the size of the logo is usually 5-7 inches for the longest dimension, depending on the product you have ordered and the shape of the logo. if you have any other requests, please email us at [email protected]what if I order 2 logos?our main two options are both logos adjacent to each other in the center of the jetpack, or one centered, and one in the bottom corner. the most common scenario for this option is an individualized logo and an accompanying company or crew logo. we would place them accordingly. email [email protected] if you have any specific questions.

I ordered a drop bag or a drop bag system, can I put a logo on the drop roller bag? unfortunately this is not an option, so that our bags are customizable through embroidery, the bag has to be made in a specific way that makes it embroiderable. this just wasn’t possible with gout. if ordering a drop system, customization is placed on the snap bag only, and if ordering only the roller bag, customization is not a viable do I submit my logo for customization? on the product page, once you select 1 or 2 logos from the customization dropdown, a file upload option will appear for you to submit before adding to cart. upload your primary logo as “logo #1” and your secondary logo as “logo #2”what file types do you accept? any standard image file is accepted including jpg, png , pdf and vector files, etc. however our preferred format would be pdf and vector you have any guidelines for submitting a logo?this is thread embroidery – we are recreating your logo by stitching it with colored threads. it is not an impression. whereas with a print or screen, you can achieve virtually any color with an ink combination…here we are limited to the availability of the actual color of the threads. while we have a wide selection, please be aware that this means some colors will not be exact…although at worst we should get very close.

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This also means that certain design elements will not fully translate, such as color gradients, shadows, glow effects, etc. it’s best to keep it simple, mostly text-based, and avoid complex images. it just won’t look good. so please try to avoid faded colors, sparkles, shiny metallic effects, etc.

If you’re unsure, please submit your logo in advance to [email protected] and we’ll address any specific issues as needed.

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With the exception of thin/gray camo, when submitting your logo please note that it will be printed on a black surface, so solid black images or lettering should be avoided or surrounded by a border.

So, can I send any image?In a nutshell, no. the vast majority of our logos are simple text based logos with solid colors. do not submit complex images with backgrounds included, they will be ignored. don’t include extra images such as intricately detailed faces, profiles and scenes, or unnecessary social media icons or handles (instagram, facebook, etc.)… they will also be omitted. this is not a printing service, we are just placing your name or symbol and that’s it. If your logo is too large or too complex, we may need to contact you about an additional charge for the logo. How long does the customization process take? We ask for up to a maximum of 3 weeks from the date of purchase for the entire process, although this is only the maximum amount, we generally complete the process much faster than that.why does it take so long?again, this is not a simple print, we can’t just input an image and the machine automatically embroiders the file. An expert embroiderer has to take your image and digitize it into a ready-to-embroider file that they will direct to the machine to properly create your logo. this includes details including stitch order, which stitch pattern to use to recreate the proper look, and when to change colors. this cannot be done automatically and takes time. Other factors include the complexity of the logo and the volume of custom orders at the time. How will I know the logo will look good? Once we receive your design, we create a virtual rendering that will simulate what it will look like your logo. will look embroidered. we’ll send it to you with a side-by-side comparison to the original artwork for your approval, and we’ll only complete the process once we get your explicit approval.

Is there a difference I can expect, since it’s embroidered? The final product will vary from being an exact logo to very similar. again, personalization is done by embroidery, not printing, so some translation will need to be done as every detail is executed through sewn threads. your logo will be, at a minimum, a faithful representation, and this generally depends on the complexity of the artwork provided. the simplest logos will be exact. however, with certain design elements, some translation to threads will have to occur. gradients will be converted to a solid color, shiny or glowing effects will be omitted, and borders or outlines may not be exact. also, since we need to find an exact thread to achieve each color, the thread used will potentially not be exact, but it will be as close as we can get based on available threads. it is impossible to have all the colors of the thread… but we have a good variety. rest assured it will look good. can I tell you to “do what looks good?” due to liability factors no. You may think it’s okay for us to do what we want, but that doesn’t guarantee your satisfaction with the end product. that creates a compromising situation, so we’ll need the explicit approval of the client before executing any customizations. it’s just better that way. At most, you can provide us with your name and a specific desired font. but other than that, you will need to provide all artwork. we do not offer design services. what we do is provide an accurate digitization of whatever you provide us. color choices, alterations, all must be done before you send us your logo.can I change my logo after I send it?generally no, unless you contact us immediately after ordering. The reason is that digitizing the logo alone already costs us, even before any stitching is done. Please keep this in mind when submitting your logo.I approved the rendering, but now that I’ve got it I’ve changed my mind. can I return this bag?barring any manufacturing defects, all sales of personalized bags are final.I already ordered and received a non-customized jetpack, can I customize it?once I submit your order, we can no longer offer customization. but please understand that the cost to get it shipped to us and to have it returned to you would not make this a reasonable decision anyway. Should I really ask for customization? Everyone is different, but we highly recommend it. Branding is extremely important to DJs and this is an excellent opportunity to have a unique and personalized branded product with your own logo at a reasonable price. The satisfaction rate of personalized bags is extremely high, we definitely recommend that you experience the experience of owning your own personalized jetpack bag.

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