Chord Hugo 2 DAC Headphone Amp

chord electronics introduces the revolutionary hugo digital-to-analog converter (dac) and portable headphone amp with the next generation chord hugo 2. conventional audio, chord’s hugo 2 rocks.

add the 2go

With the arrival of Chord 2Go, you can now turn your Chord Hugo 2 into a high performance transmitter and server via a Wi-Fi or Ethernet enabled device. the 2go is very similar to what the poly chord is to the mojo chord but supercharged!

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In addition to its wireless music streaming capabilities, the 2Go offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth WLAN, as well as wired LAN for a much more stable connection. let’s face it, no wireless connection is perfect and can have dropouts and outages. we always recommend a wired connection if possible.

With up to 4TB of SD card music storage, 2Go also doubles as a high-capacity digital music server via MPD. the cord poly only has 1 micro sd card slot so this is a nice upgrade. When powered only by its battery, the hugo/2go offers the ultimate in purist audio.

the 2go is controlled by the same go figure app that is used to control the cop. 2go contains highly advanced miniaturized electronic engineering and is the most technically and sonically advanced compact music transmitter available today. 2go combines wireless convenience (2.4ghz wi-fi and bluetooth a2dp) and plug-and-play operation with the stability and performance of wired (gigabit) ethernet connectivity.

2go also benefits from a full audio interface and offers playback of internet radio, tides and qobuz with spotify and other services. Designed for the future, 2go is also roon ready, offering gapless audio and seamless dop/bit support, as well as being fully dlna (server/processor) compliant and ready to stream over the air.

adding the 2yu

chord 2yu is a digital interface that plugs into chord 2go, effectively turning 2go/2yu into a fully functional stand-alone music server and streamer. it is only a direct interface to the 2go, however the digital outputs can be used to provide a wlan or lan connection when combined with other dacs from chord electronics or from other manufacturers.

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The Cord 2yu offers four digital outputs so you can connect to Chord’s own Hugo M Scaler / Hugo TT2 to create a state-of-the-art transmission system. We recommend the Black Dragon 75 ohm mini coaxial cable for connecting the 2GO-2YU together with the Hugo 2, as it allows you to connect the 2GO-2YU to multiple DACs in a 2 channel setup. For example, you can use the Hugo 2 as your main headphone amplifier and send another digital output to your 2-channel or home theater system.

Chord’s Hugo 2 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and headphone amplifier continues to inspire revolutionary high-fidelity in portable music listening from the innovative makers of Chord Electronics in Kent, England. Time accuracy, noise reduction, and dynamic range are just a few of the headphone sonic performance improvements, and stereo listeners will feel as much as they hear with the Hugo 2 Chord DAC and Amplifier.

The most advanced Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and highly advanced Transient Aligned Watts (WTA) filters deliver vast improvements to the sound of the Hugo Chord 2 through headphones, in-ear monitors (IEM) or stereo equipment. .

the portable dac that can also stay at home

The Hugo 2 Cord features a new precision-machined, aircraft-inspired aluminum case. A sharper bottom profile with four now larger but still round control knobs makes the Hugo 2 a more portable DAC and headphone amp than its predecessor. Clearly, the Hugo 2’s new design speaks to the success of the portable DAC achieved by the Chord Mojo DAC. the company also anticipates more “indoor” use by including a full-featured remote.

Chord Hugo 2 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Battery Life

Battery life makes a significant contribution to any portable dac or headphone amp. The Chord Hugo 2’s battery life is around seven hours with two “auto charge” modes via the dedicated Micro USB charging port: fast or 1.8 amps and slow at less than one amp. the hugo 2 includes a battery charge indicator and a status indicator.

moore’s law

“it is very impressive how moore’s law is giving chords to more powerful and less power hungry fpgas year after year and they are taking great advantage of it. the technology in normal dac chips, like ess, is not progressing in such a fast pace i listened to the audio recording that chris put on of john franks and rob watts talking about the new kit it was amazing to hear rob watts dreamed of a million tap filter in the early 80’s and never believed that it would happen possible, and now, 35 years later, you can advertise a product with something like that.”

chord hugo 2, dragon audio smartphones and cables

Now that Chord Mojo isn’t the only hi-fi portable digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and headphone amp buyers and listeners will be pleased to know that Chord Hugo 2 adds a new depth, sound and intimacy to music. via iphone. , ipads or android smartphones and tablets. Apple iPhones and iPads will require a Camera Adapter (CCK) via USB, as Chord Electronics continues to refuse to pay Apple’s license fees.

we recommend our apple cck + silver dragon usb for customers who love precision and detail when listening to their music and apple cck + black dragon for music lovers who want more warmth and better low and mid tones in their experience portable hearing dac .

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Android phones and pads can be connected directly to the new Hugo 2 cord. We recommend the Silver Dragon USB for Android smartphone listeners looking for precision and detail, and the Black Dragon USB for those looking for warmth and low tones. robust means.

the power of improvement

To upgrade your hugo2 chord to the next level, we recommend adding the hugo m chord scaler.

the m-scaler is an instant upgrade to any existing dac you have. It has the ability to upgrade your standard definition digital input signals and send them to your DAC at a maximum resolution of 352.8 or 384khz via a single bnc spdif output or via 176.4 or 192khz via an optical spdif output. If you have a chord electronics dac that uses dual digital data inputs, such as the qutest, hugo2, hugo tt2 or dave chord, then you can increase this output resolution to 705.6 or 768khz via the m scaler dual bnc spdif outputs. The Hugo2 requires a special 3.5mm dual data input cable, so we have developed a Mini Black Dragon coaxial cable to connect to the M Scaler.

keith howard wrote an excellent profile on rob watts’s theories about why upsampling filters are so important for great digital audio reproduction. read the hifi review article here.

hugo chord 2 drone

“there’s no other dac anywhere near this kind of price capable of communicating so torrentially, so unambiguously, or so effortlessly. It’s expensive, but the increase in performance is worth every penny.”

“the best dac I’ve ever seen/heard/used.”

“if I sound deeply impressed by the hugo2 chord, that’s because I am. at this point I really can’t think of any other transportable headphone amp/dac that can directly compete with hugo2, or even come close.”

hugo chord characteristics

hugo 2 includes the latest fpgas and wta (watt transient aligned) filters with new features:

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  • 7 hour battery life
  • 49,152 touches
  • 768khz micro usb input
  • 384khz coaxial jack input
  • 192khz optical input
  • bluetooth apt x input
  • 1 1/4″ headphone output
  • 1 headphone output 3.5mm jack
  • unbalanced rca outputs
  • native dsd512 (8x)
  • native dsd support
  • 4x playback filters
  • 3x cross feed function

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