Quiet Headphones? 5 Ways to Make Headphones Louder

How to increase max headphone volume

1. clean your headphones Cleaning your headphones is just as important as cleaning your guitar’s fretboard. If your headphones are quieter than they used to be, sometimes all you need to do is clean them to get them back to their original state. Every time you wear your headphones, heat builds up in your ear … Read more

How to Remove a Broken Headphone Jack – Headphonesty

With a steady pair of hands and a few tools you already have, you can remove a broken headphone jack in a matter of minutes. Your headphone jack broke and now it’s stuck in your smartphone’s audio port? is an annoying problem. It prevents you from receiving calls, listening to music, watching videos and hearing … Read more

How to Use ANY Headphones With PS4 – Headphonesty

Ps4 headphone jack mic

A detailed guide to connecting any type of headset to the PS4. Using a headset with your PS4 can contribute to an immersive gaming experience. but unfortunately some ps4 compatibility issues may make connecting your headset more difficult than expected. The worst part is that sometimes using headphones is your only option. This is especially … Read more

Review: Logitech G29/920 Driving Force – Hardcore Gamer

Logitech g29 headphone jack

Racing fans have recently had the option to compete professionally without having to buy a car and find a track. Thanks to esports racing from Project Cars, Codemasters F1 Series and Gran Turismo, gamers can now purchase highly realistic racing wheels and settings to bring the track into their bedrooms. logitech has been on the … Read more

JDSLabs Cmoy Review

After finishing the batch of portable amps, some people asked me if I could do a review of the most affordable portable amps, as well as see how the cheapest ones compare to the $300 and above flagship amps. I have heard many entry level portable amps and in my opinion the cmoy design is … Read more