14 Best Headsets for Call Center and Conference Calls in 2022

Headsets used in call centers should be selected with great care. employees have to wear them for long hours, day in and day out, to answer calls. plus, with many people working in the same room, noise cancellation is a necessary feature.

At the same time, what one call center agent prefers may not be appropriate for others. Every call center employee has their own comfort level and requirements to be productive at work. Whether it’s a padded headband and wireless connectivity, or a cleaner microphone for HD voice clarity, call center headsets should tick all the boxes.

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In this guide, we will talk in detail about headsets for call centers and conference calls. We will also take a look at the 14 best headsets for call centers and conference calls and review them one by one. Our experts thoroughly reviewed and tested over 25 different call center and conference call headsets on the market to select the following.

summary of the best call center headsets

what headsets do call centers use?

The main job of a call center agent is to make and answer as many calls as possible. simultaneously, they have to close pending tickets and help customers solve different problems. therefore, having quality hardware is a must for call centers to maintain their reputation and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

With so many options to choose from, choosing the best headset for call center agents can be difficult. Wired and wireless headphones have their advantages and disadvantages. the price of the headphones is another aspect. When it comes to buying headphones in bulk, you need to know how much your store can spend, right?

things to consider when buying call center headsets

While there are many things to consider when purchasing call center headsets, the following are the most important.

1. noise cancellation

Noise canceling headsets are a must for call centers. active noise cancellation (anc) models are quite expensive. however, you can opt for noise-canceling headphones that can be combined with third-party apps to mute background noise and increase voice clarity.

2. comfort

When call center employees wear their headsets all day, they need to feel comfortable wearing them for an extended period of time. heavy, bulky and awkward models will give the opposite results. lightweight, wireless headphones are a good option. And don’t forget the padding to protect your ears.

3. durability

This is an obvious point, isn’t it? when you spend a substantial amount to buy headsets for your computer, you want the units to last a decent amount of time. The last thing any call center agent wants is a headset that breaks in the middle of a customer conversation.

4. design and style

Headphones that are easy to set up and use are a preferred choice, right? you can choose between behind-the-ear or supra-aural hearing aids. single earpiece and dual earpiece are other options, although most call centers opt for a dual earpiece as it improves audio quality.

5. technology

Headphones with additional innovative features would be a plus. integration with other applications, stable connectivity (for wireless headsets), clear audio, and a quality microphone are some of the features call center headsets must have to answer calls quickly and effectively.

top 14 call center headsets for office work and client calls

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The following are some of the best call center headsets available on the market:

1. plantronics voyager focus uc b825 headset

the best headsets for call centers in general

  • excellent sound quality
  • crisp and clear microphone quality
  • intuitive controls
  • strong and durable construction
  • provides up to 12 hours of talk time on a single charge
  • reliable bluetooth connectivity
  • rich bass and well-defined mids
  • small drop in sound quality when using bluetooth instead of dongle

the plantronics voyager focus uc b825 headset is the best call center headset you can own. call quality is excellent and the microphone is excellent. The best part is that the earphones alert you to unmute, thanks to smart sensor technology, in case you forget and start talking.

first, the controls are easy to use. battery life is decent, which is a plus for call center agents.

Secondly, the noise cancellation is subtle and works well. it’s not so much that you don’t feel suffocated with time. noise cancellation is not as powerful as noise canceling headphones.

In conclusion, the plantronics voyager focus uc b825 headset has a decent build quality and is comfortable for continuous use. It also feels very comfortable when you wear glasses. however, once you get your headphones, be sure to update the firmware. USB component and headphone firmware improves performance and sound quality. microphone quality is excellent. the mute function is well placed and comfortable to use.

see on amazon: plantronics voyager focus uc b825 headset

2. sennheiser consumer audio sc 60 usb ml headphones

best headsets for conference calls

  • adjustable boom arm
  • decent noise canceling microphone
  • connects instantly with windows 10
  • great for conference calls
  • comfortable ear pads
  • We had no problems with this headset

sennheiser headsets are ideal for conference calls and customer service meetings. The flexible boom arm of the Sennheiser Consumer Audio SC 60 USB ML headset allows you to adjust the microphone to a comfortable position so your voice sounds open and therefore ensures clear calls.

first, the sennheiser consumer audio sc 60 usb ml headset is available at an affordable price for call center establishments.

Secondly, the headset is lightweight and can be connected to a windows pc with ease. the company offers a 2-year warranty on the headphones.

in conclusion, the sennheiser consumer audio sc 60 usb ml headphone has two earphones with noise reduction function. the headset is designed for business use and offers good clarity on calls. We hardly encountered any issues using this headset. it’s one of the best-sounding headphones on our list. Microsoft Lync/Skype’s built-in mute button works great during calls. the cable is too long but convenient.

see on amazon: sennheiser consumer audio sc 60 usb ml headphones

3. jabra evolution 65 uc wireless bluetooth stereo headset

the best wireless headsets for call centers

  • connectivity up to 100 feet
  • works with windows, mac/ios and android
  • clear audio quality
  • decent battery life (14 hours of conversation)
  • problems with fit for smaller head sizes

The jabra evolution 65 uc cordless headset is a great choice for call center agents who like to stay mobile when answering customer calls. This wireless model allows you to stand and walk up to 100 feet from the device it’s paired with.

First of all, we try to pair the popular earphones with different devices and we are happy to see that the function works well with android, ios/mac and windows devices.

Secondly, the reflective noise cancellation does a satisfactory job of reducing unwanted background sounds for listening and speaking. however, we were hoping that activating the sound would not take as long.

To conclude, the Jabra Evolution 65 UC Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset can be paired with multiple devices and is ideal for call center agents looking for a wireless experience. you can use it as a wired or wireless headset. We did not experience any battery issues with this headset. both the sound quality of the call and the music are good. noise isolating pads are ideal for noisy spaces. This headset is comfortable for continuous use; however, my experience is a slight warming of the ear during summers. includes buttons for answering calls and adjusting the volume; they are convenient to use.

see on amazon: jabra evolution 65 uc stereo wireless bluetooth headset

4. jabra evolution 40 professional wired headset

best usb skype headset

  • offers passive noise cancellation
  • provides reliable usb connectivity
  • lightweight and durable
  • long cord for free movement
  • comfortable during prolonged use
  • microphone picks up breath

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jabra evolution 40 professional has been designed for professional use and can be connected to multiple communication platforms, including skype, the preferred choice for call centers.

First of all, the earphones come with a 3.5mm jack and can be easily connected to windows or mac devices, making it one of the most reliable earphones.

Secondly, the passive noise cancellation works well, although the microphone tends to even catch your breath when you speak. moving it a bit lower (near the chin) might solve the problem.

to conclude, the jabra evolution 40 professional corded headset offers the best usb connection for skype and is a cost-effective option for call center agents, whether they work from the office or from home. call quality is excellent. honestly this headset is better than we thought. It is comfortable for continuous use. the microphone is flexible and can be attached to the headband using a magnetic system. it offers excellent quality and the people on the other end of voip and broadcasts often complement the clear sound.

view on amazon: jabra evolution 40 professional wired headset

5. plantronics – savi 8220 office – cordless dect dual-ear headset (stereo)

The best noise canceling headsets for call centers

  • provides a talk time of up to 13 hours
  • works with multiple devices
  • premium quality construction
  • comes with active noise cancellation
  • can provide wireless connectivity up to 590 feet
  • we experience minor issues with bluetooth connectivity at times

plantronics wireless headsets – savi 8220 office have the best active noise cancellation, allowing clear audio conversations between you and the client. Since the unit is wireless, you can move around without worrying about losing connectivity.

first of all, if you prefer to use different devices at work (mobile, tablet and pc), this call center headset is perfect for you, since it works with most of them.

Secondly, we found the battery life to be decent, although some users complained. the fault could be in the individual piece.

In conclusion, the plantronics dect savi 8220 office cordless two-ear (stereo) headset is a comfortable model and offers promising results if you’re not on a tight budget. It is easy to use and pair with PC and cell phone. Not only this, but it also provides impressive wireless range. you can use the microphone on the right or on the left. microphone isolation technology is excellent. we tested with people talking within a few feet of someone on a call with this headset and no noise was detected. active noise cancellation is decent; eliminates ambient noises but not all noises such as conversations.

see on amazon: plantronics – savi 8220 office- wireless dect dual-ear headset (stereo)

6. logitech zone wireless bluetooth headset certified for microsoft teams

best headsets for microsoft teams

  • provides a wireless range of up to 100 feet
  • works with multiple communication platforms
  • offers up to 14 hours of battery backup
  • comprises intuitive call controls
  • comfortable and durable
  • comes with active noise cancellation
  • We had no problems with this headset

logitech zone may be the best wireless headset for you if your call center uses microsoft teams for communication and work outlook. the wireless model is perfectly suited for team meetings and allows you to turn the sound on and off by moving the microphone boom up and down.

First of all, the wireless headphones come with dynamic noise cancellation and are suitable for both the workplace and the home office.

Second, the 14-hour battery backup matches the average talk time offered by other headsets on our list.

To wrap it up, the logitech zone wireless bluetooth headset certified for microsoft teams features simple on-ear controls. This call center headset comes with wireless bluetooth connectivity and can be paired with different devices. you can’t imagine how easy it is to mute the microphone. all you need to do is pick up the mic and you’ll hear a “mic off” notification. turn it down and you will hear “mic on”. Also, the easiest way to charge this headset is to place it on a wireless charger; we use qi charger. we use the headphones all day, so comfort is not an issue. We’ve also listed this headset as one of the best headsets for remote work.

see on amazon: logitech zone wireless certified for microsoft teams bluetooth headset

7. plantronics cs540 wireless headset system with lift

best office headsets for phones

  • convertible earphones
  • up to 350ft wireless range
  • single, lightweight earphone design
  • high quality sound
  • one touch control
  • 2 years global warranty
  • It can take some time to get used to convertible headphones if you haven’t used one before

The Plantronics CS540 Wireless Call Center Headset is great for office use. You can wear the headset over the ear, over the head, or behind the head, whichever makes you comfortable at work.

First of all, the noise cancellation works well and improves the sound quality. With just one touch, you can mute, unmute or adjust the volume as per your requirement.

Secondly, the cordless model is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. Since the wireless connectivity works up to 350 feet, you can move and stretch when you’re on the job.

To conclude, the Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset System with Riser lets you connect desk phones to the wireless headset so you can answer calls even when you’re not at your desk. This headset is extremely lightweight and sounds great. it took us less than 10 minutes to connect the headset and start using it. you can also watch some quick youtube videos to connect the headset to your desk phone quickly. you will get several earphones that will allow you to find a precise fit. the battery lasts between 7-8 hours on a single charge. you can adjust the microphone and sound quality according to your requirements.

view on amazon: plantronics cs540 wireless headset system with lift

8. agptek corded phone with headset and keyboard

best headset with keyboard

  • comfortable fit
  • easy to set up and use
  • small and compact dial pad
  • affordable and economical
  • no battery backup
  • no keyboard backlight

The Agptek Corded Telephone with Handset and Keypad is an economical model for home and office use. the dial pad allows you to make calls directly using the headset instead of the phone.

First of all, the dialpad is compact and doesn’t take up much space. If you have a small desk to work on, you know how important every inch is, right?

Secondly, the fit is quite comfortable and the audio is clear. we did not experience any audio issues during calls.

In conclusion, the Agptek Corded Phone with Headset and Keypad is easy to set up and use. It is compact and does not take up much space on the desktop. you can adjust the volume and turn off the ringer at your convenience. we loved the convenience that the hands-free function offers. This product does not require external batteries and can be directly powered by your telephone line with the RJ15 jack. the headphones are comfortable, reversible and you can use them from any side. In addition, it is adjustable and fits very well.

view on amazon: agptek corded phone with headset and keypad

9. voicejoy telephone headset with rj9 cable

best headset for cisco phone

  • inexpensive model
  • easy to plug and play
  • noise-canceling microphone
  • flexible boom microphone
  • comprises an acoustic shock protection circuit
  • not compatible with cisco spa models

The voicejoy rj9 corded headset has been designed to work specifically with cisco voip phones. the list can be found along with the product details.

First of all, the headphones are extremely affordable. noise cancellation is good enough, although you can hear some background noise. however, it will not affect the audio quality.

Second, you can use this headset when you work from home or office, no problem. just plug it in and you’re ready to go. however, one of our team members has a larger head and felt the fit was a bit tight (even after sizing).

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In conclusion, Voicejoy rj9 corded phone headset is suitable for those who want a cost effective model to pair with cisco phones. Even though this headset feels a bit flimsy, it’s still great for its affordable price. the sound quality is excellent and it is easy to install. connects directly to your phone and your phone controls the volume; otherwise, it has a static volume.

see on amazon: rj9 voicejoy wired headphones

10. plantronics cs540 wireless voip headset compatible with avaya

best avaya compatible headsets

  • comfortable and lightweight
  • easy to plug and play
  • detailed instruction manual
  • can be used in multiple ways
  • comes with an interface cable
  • mic boom could have been longer

The Avaya Compatible Plantronics CS540 Wireless VoIP Headset has been specifically designed to work with Avaya phones.

first, the wireless headset comes with an avaya compatible ringer alert interface cable. you just need to plug it in and start using the earphones. super easy, right?

Secondly, the unit is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. you can wear it in the ear or over the head, depending on how you like your headset to sit in your ears.

to conclude, the avaya compatible plantronics cs540 wireless voip headset has good audio clarity even though the microphone boom is a bit short. Make sure you position it properly close to your lips so customers can hear you clearly. the overall audio quality is clear and the volume is loud enough for clear conversations.

view on amazon: plantronics cs540 wireless voip headset compatible with avaya

11. jabra pro 930 ms mono lync wireless headset optimized for softphone

best softphone headsets

  • digital signal processing to eliminate echo and background noise
  • peak stop function to prevent harmful sounds from reaching your ears
  • microphone with noise cancellation
  • remote call control function
  • customization allowed via jabra app
  • does not connect with mac os

jabra pro 930 is another wireless headset that can be used by call center agents and this model has been developed to be compatible with softphone software used for voip calls.

First of all, the HD audio voice function ensures that the sound clarity is excellent for speaking and listening. digital signal processing reduces background noise as well as echo. that’s great, right?

Secondly, the peak stop function eliminates loud noises that could damage your hearing and reduces them to a safe listening range. you don’t have to worry about unexpected outbursts from customers hurting your ears. plus, the control buttons on the headset are easy to use.

In conclusion, the Jabra Pro 930 MS Mono Lync Wireless Headset Optimized for Softphone is the best for VoIP calls. wireless connectivity works quite well, although there can be a random drop in connection at times. It doesn’t happen often, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. battery performance is fantastic. Plus, they’re the most comfortable call center headset on our list. The audio delivered by this headset is clear and crisp, and has a long range. The mute button is conveniently located on the earpiece, so you can easily use it during calls. you’ll also find the volume controls on the headphones.

view on amazon: jabra pro 930 ms mono lync wireless headset optimized for softphone

12. sennheiser sc 165 usb (508317) – double-sided (binaural) headset

best headsets for video conferencing

  • double padding; foam and synthetic leather
  • long cable for comfort
  • compatible with phone and computer
  • no audio distortion during calls
  • microphone reliable
  • slightly heavier than the other call center headsets on our list

the sennheiser sc 165 usb (508317) is one of the best video conferencing headsets you can find for a low price. offers decent noise cancellation that prevents sound distortion.

First of all, the pads can be used with either padding at your convenience. the pads are quite flat and press the entire ear. if you have a larger head, it might get uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

Second, the on-ear controls are easy to use and work well. the construction is excellent for the very affordable price. however, keep in mind that there could be sizing issues if you have a small head.

to conclude, the sennheiser sc 165 usb (508317) – double sided (binaural) headset is good for call center agents who need to attend video conferences on a regular basis. it is extremely easy to set up and use. the audio delivered by this headset is full and rich. You can switch between 3.5mm jack plug and USB plug instantly. the pads are comfortable; however, they are somewhat flat and stick to the ears. the cable is quite long but excellent from a comfort point of view.

see on amazon: sennheiser sc 165 usb (508317) – double-sided (binaural) headset

13. sennheiser sc 665 usb (507257)-double-sided business headset

best headsets for business

  • ultra noise cancellation technology for clear audio
  • works with skype for business and all uc platforms (avaya, cisco, etc.)
  • comfortable fit< /li
  • inline controls for convenience
  • We had no problems with this headset

sennheiser sc 665 usb (507257) is a mid-range headset, suitable for business use. It can be connected via a 3.5 mm jack or USB connector.

First of all, the ultra noise cancellation function is worth mentioning, although some users were not completely satisfied. we believe it has more to do with a faulty part. our team had no issues with audio quality.

Secondly, the headset works perfectly well with skype and the major unified communications platforms used by businesses. The dual earpiece effectively cancels out background noise and delivers high-definition audio.

In conclusion, the Sennheiser SC 665 USB (507257) Double-Sided Business Headset is comfortable for extended wear and can help call center agents do their jobs effectively. you can wear it all day long and not feel any pain in your ears or head. both the audio quality of the call and the music are excellent. the noise-cancelling microphone filters out noises very well. binaural fit is comfortable for extended wear. So if you are looking for a good quality and reliable call center headset for professional use, without bluetooth sitting on your head all day, we recommend this headset.

see on amazon: sennheiser sc 665 usb (507257)-double sided business headset

14. plantronics hw540 encorepro convertible headset

best convertible headset for call center

  • convertible design
  • comfortable for long hours
  • useful for people with glasses
  • compact design and size
  • you need to buy the connection adapter separately depending on your device

plantronics hw540 is a great option if you like a single model that gives you different ways to use your headset. This can be worn in three ways: behind the head, over the head, and over the ear.

first of all, the headphones can be used for 10-12 hours continuously, even if you have glasses. yes, it is comfortable. we were satisfied with all three configurations, even more so because each of us prefers a different way of using this headset.

Second, the noise-canceling microphone delivers clear audio. overall call quality is excellent.

to conclude, the plantronics hw540 encorepro convertible headset is a cost effective model for call center agents. This headset has been designed for people with intensive telephony work. the end of your cable is known as the “quick disconnect”. therefore, you need to purchase the plug adapter separately. Overall, this headset is compact and stylish. the sound and volume are clear and loud. It is comfortable and fits perfectly in the ears. While we’ve already listed a few convertible headphones above, this is the best yet.

see on amazon: plantronics hw540 encorepro convertible headset

frequently asked questions about headsets for call centers


Our review is based on the experience of our headset experts. We hope you have found our reviews useful. If we had to choose the best call center headset based on our experience, we suggest picking the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825 headset as the best overall model that offers everything you’d want in a call center headset. it’s comfortable, durable and sounds great. overall call and microphone quality is excellent.

That said, it’s up to you to decide which call center headset to buy, based on your requirements. let us know which headphones you have decided to buy.

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