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The best ps5 headsets can immediately enhance your new console setup. the latest drivers can pack quite a punch, while also offering the comfort and build quality to help you through long sessions to boot. However, with so many PS5 headsets on the market, it can be difficult to find the right set of ear cups for your ears. Every headset on this list has been tested by us and our reviewers, and we care about every inclusion and placement, making sure to bring you the best options we’ve found, all from each end of the price spectrum.

As much as we love the viewing experience that the best TVs provide, sometimes we really want to feel the noise, and the best PS5 headsets can add an incredibly immersive gaming experience. After all, gaming headsets aren’t just designed for online multiplayer communications today, and they can increase the single-player experience exponentially. The best gaming headsets put so much emphasis on immersive, high-quality audio these days, it’s only fair that your PS5 gets the same treatment.

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This page is packed with the best ps5 headsets to give you the best options and you are in good hands as we have been testing headsets for years. You’ll also want to be aware of the best ps5 wireless headsets if you’re just interested in cutting the cord.

the best ps5 headsets in 2022

best ps5 headsets – top 10

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for those familiar with the steelseries arctis 7p, the 7p+ will look basically identical. the former is still a great headset for ps5 but in our opinion the 7p+ should be the new default headset in the range and steelseries has breathed some new life and improvements into the headset and the results are fantastic.

These valuable enhancements don’t interfere too much with the actual sound, but offer a better way to enjoy already great audio. this comes in the form of improved connectivity, a longer battery life of 30 hours, and a fast charging feature on the battery as well. while this won’t bother anyone who already owns an arctis 7p, if you’re looking for a superior ps5 headset, these factors could be the deciding factor…

but sound quality is paramount to us, and it proved so again in our tests with the 7p+. the sound is clear, distinct, detailed, rich and well rounded; the lack of bass is a small gripe, but that’s our only real complaint. To round out the experience, we’re still big fans of the excellent construction that remains: there’s a sleek design, the construction makes the headphones strong and solid while retaining great comfort, and the goggle headband skiing is still as great as ever. , as well as the retractable microphone and integrated controls.

a wonderful headset and one of the best ps5 headsets out there, and for what it’s worth also one of the best ps4 headsets in our eyes.

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razer’s first ps5 headset is solid. launching with an ‘x’ variant like the barracuda means it’s not the full premium kaira for playstation that we get first, but the kaira x for playstation is still a worthy contender for those looking for great sound for the $60 mark / £60 – which is exceptional value in our eyes.

and this point is a key factor in what makes this headset great: the value is really great and the value for money is excellent. In our tests, we found the sound quality provided by Razer’s 50mm TriForce drivers inside the earcups to be predictably excellent and uncompromising: full bass, rich mids, and tight, luscious highs. what’s more, mixing and surround sound also turned out to be quite good for us at this price. the mic is solid but lacks the overall warmth and richness of more premium headsets.

yes the kaira x for playstation is a wired headset and this is a big reason why it’s a budget option but it’s a braided cable it has a strong right angle connection and it’s just the right length to have enough slack but not too long.

For the price and as a simple wired headset, we can’t recommend this excellent Razer PS5 headset enough.

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