13 Best Headphone Brands for a High Quality Audio Experience

Headphones have only been around since 1910, but it can be easy to lose perspective on how drastically they changed the nature of music.

top brands for headphones

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The opportunity for anyone to listen to their own private music streamed directly into their head sounds like an act of science fiction, but it’s a pretty practical invention that’s functionally not that different from loudspeakers.

That hasn’t stopped sound engineers from doing their best to make the sound experienced as authentic as possible.

Nearly 500 million headphone units are sold worldwide each year, ranging from cheap, shoddy knockoffs to pristine audiophile headphones that can cost thousands of dollars alone.

This vast market means there is something for virtually every taste and budget, but it can also be intimidating for new consumers.

fortunately, it is not necessary. Let us help you navigate the story behind the biggest headphone brands and decipher the value each offers.

In the following article, we’ll take a look at some of the most trusted and well-known headphone brands available today, so whichever you choose, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

1) sennheiser


sennheiser’s reputation is highly respected in the film industry. Ella’s MKH 416 has been the industry standard shotgun microphone since the 1970s, but their noise-canceling technology has also earned them praise from DJs and audiophiles.

sennheiser is a brand that enthusiastically demonstrates the German reputation for engineering.

Despite having a huge catalog of names that are mostly inscrutable combinations of letters and numbers, sennheiser headphones deliver quality performance across the board while offering styles and specializations for virtually any listener.

The “momentum” series breaks away from traditional sennheiser naming conventions, but also offers a wide variety of headphones designed for active users.

The HD 820, meanwhile, is priced close to two thousand dollars, but you can count on it to deliver a tight listening experience that helps even the most meticulously tuned hi-fi system really sing.

2) sony headphones

sony wh-1000 model

You can’t walk into an electronics store without seeing Sony’s fingerprints all over it.

But despite having his fingers in everything from movie production to video game consoles to semiconductors, his headphones are consistently pretty solid.

Their catalog is one of the largest and most diverse in the headphone industry, but their quality standards fluctuate a bit more than a brand like Sennheiser.

But as long as you’re willing to do a little research, you can find Sony headphones that work with the best names on the market, often taking advantage of exciting new technologies.

unfortunately, they seem to have taken a liking to sennheiser’s cryptic naming conventions.

the wh-1000 series continues to be one of the best options for noise-cancelling headphones and includes a number of specific models at different price points.

3) bose headphones

bose over ear headphone

While audio enthusiasts are likely to debate whether or not Bose headphones are expensive until the end of time, there’s no question that they provide the aural equivalent of driving a luxury car.

because no matter how much you pay, you can count on them to fit you with the greatest comfort imaginable.

The quietcomfort 35 series is their most popular pair and flagship headphone product, highlighting both their luxurious over-the-ear cup design and their trademarked, class-leading active noise cancellation technology.


These are the types of headphones you can wear for hours at a time, although Bose is a bit behind when it comes to integrating its models with the latest app integration.

and despite feeling great, its materials seem a bit cheaper than the competition. that’s a small price to pay for people who prioritize sound quality.

4) jbl


Unlike Bose, JBL headphones are almost always ahead of the curve in terms of employing new technology features that help users experience and share music more organically.

The mobile app is particularly robust, giving listeners significantly more control over the sound experience with tools like an equalizer and increased switches for active noise cancellation.

Whatever features are included, jbl does an impressive job of making the controls intuitive.

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jbl’s sound engineering tends to be well-balanced and more or less neutral, with its models ranging from budget, sporty headphones to more serious cans.

That said, they don’t offer much to satisfy the high-end market, but that’s a niche that’s already well filled by established brands.

In another stark contrast to Bose, JBL headphones are often not as comfortable to wear as comparable models from other brands.


philips fidelio

With a history stretching back over a century and a broad portfolio of consumer electronics comparable to Sony’s, Philips could ditch its entire headphone business and still be perfectly fine.

its catalog is relatively modest but broad enough to cover all major use cases.

For the most part, Philips headphones fly under the radar in the general consumer market: they never strike gold in any particular category, but they deliver consistent performance across the board.

one area where philips excels is in its ergonomics. Its over-the-ear headphones are soft and comfortable without getting hot or stuffy, and most headphones emphasize a bass sound.

but people looking for a reference headphone or a clean and neutral sound should look at the most professional line of philips: the “fidelio“.

Combine impressive sound reproduction with heavenly memory foam ear cups.

6) kiss

koss stereophone

koss’s claim to fame is that it was the first company to manufacture stereo headphones, allowing different channels to be played on different drivers in each headphone.

Their current production is sometimes inconsistent, but they have some models that really excel within specialized niches.

The “koss porta pro” may be the best headphones on the market if you want an affordable pair of headphones for listening to reviews, and the quality they offer for the price is truly one of the best deals around. around.

its open design creates a rich soundstage, though the complete lack of sound isolation means it’s best suited for dedicated listening rooms.

They also sport some original and inexpensive headphone designs with the plug and plug models.

7) audio-technique

audio technica

Audio Technica’s selection of headphones is ideal for people who appreciate high-fidelity sound but don’t have much to spend on a high-end pair.

Whether you’re looking for serious studio headphones, a pair to match your vinyl collection, or something for the dj booth, audio technica can deliver pro-level performance at a very fair price.

The “ath-m50x,” in particular, stands out as an excellent set of entry-level studio headphones that retail for around $150.

audio technica headphones don’t work as well in loud, public places thanks to their poor sound isolation, but the value is truly exceptional for circumstances where you can control ambient noise.

And since their build quality is a bit flimsy, it’s best if a lot of these headphones are kept inside anyway.

8) dre beats

beats by dre

beats by dre opened up a new demographic in the headphone market by emphasizing bold designs and a bass-first approach to sound engineering over the expensive wide-frequency engineering of headphones designed for the headphone market. audiophiles.

Sound quality has improved since the brand’s early days, but beats continues to offer stylish, comfortable and affordable headphones built for people who want to listen to music in their everyday lives and look good doing it.

Now owned by Apple, Beats doesn’t offer an audiophile-approved Hi-Fi option, though it has expanded its lineup significantly.

The “powerbeats” stand out as some of the best wireless earphones for working out, while the “pro only” pack a respectable frequency range and sound. quality neutral in a comfortable and portable pair of wireless earphones.

engineering is more balanced across the board since the earliest beats models, but the popularity of the brand also brings with it a premium price more justified by style and design than sound performance.

9) blast and amp; olufsen headphones

B&O brand

hit & olufsen is positioned alongside names like sennheiser and beyerdynamic in the luxury headphone market.

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While they focus a bit more on design than sound quality, b&o is fun and experimental with their designs.

beoplay e8 sport offers stylish colors and shapes in a pair of true wireless earphones that feel great and do just about everything right.

On-ear models like the h2 and h3 evoke a streamlined, streamlined reflection of the classic era of stereo engineering while offering neutral sound and highly effective noise-canceling technology.

b&o headphones won’t always offer the best value for your money, but you can be sure any model will look great and deliver consistency across all major metrics, from durability to features to sound quality.

10) skull candy


if your first priority is fashion and you’re on a budget, skullcandy has you covered.

Their relatively ambitious catalog of headphones covers everything from sports headphones to over-ear models that let you adjust the bass.

Sound quality isn’t exceptional, but skullcandy headphones tend to prefer a bass-heavy approach that’s ideal for casual listening, working out, and travel.

For many customers, the sound quality should be perfectly satisfactory, especially considering how affordable the skullcandy models are.

But where they really set themselves apart from the competition is through their comprehensive selection of colors, prints, and two-tone designs for their headphones.

And since they’re so cheap, consumers can reasonably choose multiple headphones to coordinate their outfits.

Skullcandy headsets generally don’t come with many advanced features, but you will find anc capabilities on some of their models.

11) better dynamics

beyerdynamic lagoon anc

beyerdynamic is a company known for always putting sound quality above all else, but this meticulous German brand has become the standard for professionals and demanding listeners around the world.

Its flagship is its highly praised and long-running “dt pro series, which consists of three models. The 770, 880, and 990 differentiate themselves by offering closed, semi-open, and open designs, and are some of the most popular studio monitoring headphones for professional music production.

Regardless of the model or design choices in a set of beyerdynamic headphones, you can expect sound quality to come first and structural design to follow closely behind.

These headphones are universally rugged, though that bulky design means they’re often a less comfortable fit for extended periods of listening.

beyerdynamic headphones can be quite expensive, but they also offer a decent range of models for under $200.


akg y400 wireless

A subsidiary of Samsung, akg earned its name as one of the world’s leading microphone designers and manufacturers, but has also developed an impressive selection of headphones for a variety of uses over the years.


The “akg y400” in particular has drawn a lot of attention due to its ability to convey a lush and vibrant soundstage in a surprisingly affordable pair of headphones.

The n700nc also offers great sound and impressive active noise cancellation for just over a hundred bucks.

Overall, this is a brand to look out for if you’re concerned about sound quality but are legitimately working on a tight budget.

but if you’re looking for more high-end gear, akg can also provide options like the reliably neutral and clean 240 mk ii studio headphones.

13) audacity

audeze planar magnetic

With a legacy dating back only to 2009, Audeze doesn’t have the heritage that many of its competitors do, but they have quickly made a name for themselves with their planar magnetic drivers.

The bass and texture of sound quality offered by the planar magnetic drivers is unique, though it may take a little adjustment to get used to.

Although they were not the first to take advantage of this technology, they have shown capable competence in making it affordable and accessible.

The highly portable and streamlined LCD-1 is the finest example of Audeze at its best, but they’ve since successfully applied their basic design in a number of different ways.

which includes budget and high-end gaming headsets, a powerful set of earphones that are perfect for working out but a bit pricey, and a set of reasonably priced reference earphones.

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