How to Get a Beats Headphones Repair Through Apple Support

  • apple will replace or repair beats headphones that have been accidentally damaged, have battery issues, or are missing certain parts.
  • service costs depend on what better product you have, your problem, and whether or not you have applecare plus or another warranty.
  • to make a service request, you will first need to call or chat online with an apple support representative.

It’s a shame your beats headphones broke. However, depending on the issue you’re having and your warranty or applecare plus coverage, you can have your headphones repaired or replaced in just a week or two.

how to repair beats headphones

here’s what you can send in for a repair with apple, how to make a service request and how much it will cost.

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what you can send in for repair

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apple will repair a variety of problems and parts related to beats headphones. this includes accidental damage, lost or missing items (such as a powerbeats pro earphone or charging case), and battery failure (due to defects or wear and tear from regular use).

To find out if your particular Beats issue qualifies for repair, you can follow the steps and directions below to schedule an appointment or service request through Apple Support.

how to make an appointment or service request with apple for the repair of beats headphones

  1. go to the apple support page.
  2. click the “plus” icon with the apple logo.
    click the “more” option to find support for your beats.
  3. select “beats by dre”.
    select “beats by dre” from the list of devices.
  4. click the box that best describes the problem you are having.
    choose the topic of your problem.
  5. click “call to schedule a repair” or “chat to schedule a repair”. Alternatively, you can make an appointment at Apple Genius Bar to receive technical support in person.
    choose whether to call or message for repair.
  6. if you selected the call option, enter your information to have apple support call you and click “continue”. if you selected the chat option, enter your information to start a chat session with an apple support representative and click “continue”.

costs and time needed to repair heartbeats

if you ship your beats to apple, the company estimates that the service will take 3-10 business days from the day you ship your product. For service through a local Apple Authorized Service Provider, you’ll need to request an approximate timeline.

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If you have applecare plus, you can request express replacement service to have a replacement pair of beats shipped to you while you return your beats to apple.

Repair costs will depend on the beats product you have, your problem, and whether or not it’s covered by applecare plus or another warranty such as apple’s one year limited warranty or consumer law. For manufacturing defects covered by Apple’s one-year limited warranty or consumer law, repair is free. applecare plus coverage includes service for up to two incidents of accidental damage. each incident is subject to a service fee, which is $29 for eligible beats earphones and headphones (beats ep, beats pro, beats solo pro, beats solo3 wireless, beats studio3 wireless, beatsx, powerbeats pro, and powerbeats3 wireless).

For out-of-warranty repairs, Apple has a support page that outlines their fees, which range from $49 to $199 depending on your device. Notes that Apple reserves the right to determine if your product is eligible for out-of-warranty repair or replacement. beats headphones that have broken into multiple pieces, for example, are not eligible for any out-of-warranty service.

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